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Well yeah that's true Uncle Jesse but still, why waste time with the postmarks when we can just grab a few of the letters and read fer ourselves what's goin' on? That way we solve this thing quicker an' get the farm back quicker once we know we got evidence...followin' postmarks ain't gonna help us much..

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*looks at Bo with a face that wants to challenge him*

Quicker?! Quicker?! So you think you can pull yer plan off quicker than I can work mine, now do ya? Maybe we don't need to know where all them letters is a comin' from but maybe we do. Besides it ain't gonna do no harm ta git as much information as we can on this thing especially when the farm's at stake. I'm fixin' ta show you kids that yer old Uncle Jesse hasn't lost his touch when it comes to pulling off a scam.

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