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*remaining seated, he grabs Lavinia's hand and looks up at her*

Fer a second there tonight I thought maybe I'd never see them boys again.

*voice becomes noticeably choked up*

I learned a lot tonight.....I learned how much I really love them youngsters. I've learned what a big job this is gonna be.

*smiles* It's gonna be worth it though.

*still with his soaked clothes on, Jesse stands up and hugs his wife while realizing that this is a defining moment in his life. After all the stress and confusion of accepting the 3 kids, it finally hits him that there's no turning back now. His committment to them will be life-long. The strength of his love for them is now the third most powerful thing he has ever felt in his life...after the love of the Lord and Lavinia*

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*continues to hug his wife*

I never did find out how those boys got lost in the first place. I guess I'll have to git ta the bottom of it in the morning.

*sits back down and stares at the wall in deep thought*

Ya know honey, I wonder if them boys are going to be just like their fathers?....high-spirited and full of the dickens

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La: I have no doubt of it *arms around him* I just hope they stay as close as they are now...

***end flashback***

*glances at Bo as they drive on wondering if he was thinking about that time the same as he was- he wouldn't doubt it. Sometimes, he and Bo could understand each other without words... they used to tease Daisy and call it their secret language but in reality, it was just a reflection of how close they were...Lavinia's prophecy fulfilled*

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*was busy looking out the front window, driving expertly and with ease, but obviously lost in thought with a furrowed brow that had been set on his forehead ever since Jesse had given them the news about the farm. He was remembering the same as Luke but also all the great times they had all had together as well at the only place that had ever been his home*

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