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Makin my own General Lee Replica

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Thanks again. I will say it every time I really enjoy sharing the photosd of the progress. Its cool to see the replies & suggestions & hear the ideas too.

I went & got the paint for the roof today

Red, White & The Blue & I also bougt the black for the doors & the rear panel. I am starting the roof flag tomm. Pix to follow as always.


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I guess that I should have known that those pictures would turn out as good as they did. Because you can't go wrong when you're takin' the General's picture!!!!!!!

Posted Images

Thank you to all of you tha thave folloed this thread this far.

I am going to keep on going with it til I am satisfied with the car if thats ok with you?" LOL. Comments and questions are always welcome ask away. Tom

Sorry I just cannot stop smiling!

By all means, keep the thread goin'! I'm enjoying seeing the birth of a General Lee. Khee!

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Thanks ya'll. It has been a LONG road but I can see the light with this paint thing!

Here are a few shots of the car with the clear coat applied to the roof flag.

Remember it still will need to be wet sanded & then buffed & then polished so it will really shine!




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Thank you but rest assured it's gonna be driven like crazy. I want to make this lil 318 be a reliable driver. It will be nice but I am not gonna cry over dead bugs on the windshield thats for sure.

The car wont be a replica of a particular Lee either, cause that to me, leaves alot of room for people to start with the "well thats not right" or " That's incorrect" I dont like people like that.

I like the old addage If ya cant say something nice then dont say nuttin at all.

I want to personally thank you all for taking the time to compliment my car & the work that has gone into it. I know that Capt Redneck awaits it like the next issue of Hot Rod LOL & Mary Anne, Roger Julie & Brian have been following it also thanks to you & Meadow mufn and Dukefan too and for anyone else I 4got for keping up with this thread & hanging in there with me as time keeps draggin on with this project!

I am really happy I decided to make this happen. This is NOT the end of the pix & updates no no there is plenty more work to do & there will be plenty more pix to follow that work!


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Love that you are actually painting the flag and numbers instead of decals. This just keeps getting better and better.

I also love that fact that you are making it YOUR own. I am a member of the CGLFC and read the posts over there, so I have an understanding of what you mean about accuracy and such with some people.

Thank God this GL is not going to bea "trailer queen". I say drive it (maybe not too often...lol) and show off your work and let others enjoy what you did. Wouldn't it be great going to the local Dairy Queen on summer night and everybody looking at a hot car? ...

I so do look forward to seeing your GL getting done. you know I am envious big time..lol. I will never stop praising you for documenting your restoration for all of us here at H-Net. just awesome.

I'm gone


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I agree with Capt Redneck about "everybody looking at a hot car". The cool thing about the General Lee is that it ain't just the hottest car here on the Hazzardnet....it's the most famous car in the world.

Thanks again TomBo. It's so awesome seeing this new member of the Hazzardnet family developing.

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How could any of us say anything negative?? LOL.

Lookin' good! And I say again I love that we get to see the photo documentation as the restoration progresses. Khee!

I also concur that the car should be driven and not be a trailer queen. I can't think of a better daily driver than the General! =)

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