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Makin my own General Lee Replica

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Hello everyone, I live in NJ & I have posted here & there on this site but have posted pix & more on a few other Dukes sites. I see alot of people that are on here & not on the other sites so I figured I share some shots of the progress.

Ok just as a background these shots have been over the last 2 yrs and I am gettin closer & closer to painting it, well here goes. (you comments are welcomed).

Here is my 69 yes its a 69 but its got a 70 clip on it as I traded the clip to a guy to restore my 68 Charger b4 I realized I wanted to do a General Lee.


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I guess that I should have known that those pictures would turn out as good as they did. Because you can't go wrong when you're takin' the General's picture!!!!!!!

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woops a lil out of order there but thats the front bumper brackets I had to locate

Found some seats


Then winter hit once again



When spring arrived I still had to locate a hood but also made a deal with a local bodyman to do the car for me so he came to pick it up.

first time I drove it in 2 years!


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Thanks Maryanne.

I have also collected besides the pushbar (small GA) & the rebop rims,

I got a decal kit but then bought a stencil kit thinking I am going to paint instead of decals.

I bought a new headliner

I bought all new emblems

I got new door handles

Got a new front bumper re-chromed

I had my check moldings rechromed as well as my tail light surround bezels!

I also had the chrome rechromed that seperates the orange from the black on the rear of the car (they sometimes all'em the eyebrows)

I got a NICE dash pad (original & factory tan) no cracks

so I have been stocking up on stuff all along!

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