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Christmas Party


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Hey here's an idea for a Hazzard County Christmas party. On Friday (Dec 21) we should all watch "The Great Santa Claus Chase" at 8:00 EST. After that, we can get together and chat about Christmas stuff like that episode, old memories and favorite Christmas cartoons etc.

If you don't have that episode you can still join us for the party.

I thought Friday at 8 would be a cool idea since that's when the show was originally on. It would sure bring back that old Hazzard Christmas feeling knowing other people are watching that episode at the exact same time. Even if only 2 or 3 folks can go along with this, I'd still like to do it. Hopefully we can get more than that though. I'll bring the egg nog (woops, maybe that's not a good idea....Lori, Laura and General Grant already think I drink way too much of that stuff)

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Another brilliant idea from Roger!

That sounds good to me! I will certainly try to be there! That sounds like a great time. Roger, if you bring the eggnog, I'll get some frosted mugs!

Y'all, I am sure that Roger will be drinkin' eggnog while he is at the Christmas party! Anyway, for the sake of making this short, I am going to try to be there, hopefully it won't turn out like the last meetin' where I couldn't come!

General Grant

Hope to catch y'all at the party!

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What a neat idea, Roger! Count me in for watching the Dukes of Hazzard. I don't know if I can come and chat, though. I might have other plans after the show. But, if I can't make it, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Christmas.

LoriDavenport-I love that you are thinking Christmas and having "Santa Bo" on as your avatar, great!

And, also, if I'm not here, please have someone watch out for Roger, otherwise he'll be downing WAY to much Eggnog, and then he gets crazier from there!:p

Frosted mugs, General Grant. In the words of Luke Duke, "Are you crazy!" You and your frosted mugs, you've been watching to much Bo Duke, he always orders beer like that!

Alright, I'll talk to ya'll soon! And, have a great Friday Christmas Party-hope I can make it!

Laura Duke

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Hey Y'all!

Oh, was that Santa Bo? I thought that was Luke! But, I've been known to mess up now and again. In the words of Bo, Okay, so I 'aint perfect, just pretty!

I agree with Laura about Roger and the eggnog. We'll have to ask everyone at the meeting to watch him very closely! You know how he gets on that stuff!

I like frosted mugs, but I would not order a beer! I am partial to ice cold juice!

Catch y'all soon!

General Grant

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nahhh Im careful with the eggnog Roger LOL hmmm well, I gotta go back to school on the second...so im gonna shoot for the friday after Christmas, that would be the 28th. Now I dont know what time, so lets get people on here and comrpomise because i can only get on 8:00 or after mommas got ahold of the computer...*grumbles* so, what time works for the good people of Hazzard??

I got to open my DVDs season 3 to be exact, the night the chat was held!!! then the computer went all squirrely on me!

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Does anybody want to have a Hazzard County Christmas party in the chat room sometime this month? If so, post a date and time suggestion up above on "Hazzard County Christmas" and the "Dukes Christmas Party" thread. I put it up there and not down here because more people would notice it.

Hey Rodger i think it sounds great im not sure what date though

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