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Springtime Romances and Tragedies


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Valentine's Day was approaching. Luke again thought of giving Robin the ring but felt it would not work. Instead, Luke had the florist deliver a dozen roses and balloon to Robin at school. Setting in her seat of the General Lee was a huge stuffed bear that held a heart saying "I Love You!" Robin again liked the presents but it was not what she wanted. Most of Robin's friends were envious of the gifts as their boyfriends did not have the extra money that Luke had to spend. Yet, several of her friends were sporting engagement rings and beginning to plan for after graduation weddings.

As Spring sprung in Hazzard, love was in the air for all of Hazzard except Luke and Robin. Luke had stayed at Robin's only a few times since Christmas. Robin tried to act pleased around her friends with Luke's presents but she really wanted a commitment that Luke wasn't ready to give. Finally it came down to a discussion between them, where Robin suggested they see other people for awhile. Luke had to agree. He knew if she had given him a little time that he most likely would have given her the ring he knew she wanted.

A week passed. Then another, still Robin and Luke didn't go out with each other. Robin had went out with several guys a time or two. After about two months Luke decided it was time that he ask someone out. He began to ask out girls that he thought were 'easy', more ofter than not getting what he wanted by at least the second date. Then, he'd move on to the next challenge. Luke was also drinking pretty heavy. Usually when he and Bo would double date, Bo almost always found himself driving home. The only time that Luke would go out and not drink was when he had the wrecker. Bo, Jesse and the others were worried but felt it was a 'stage' he was going through and decided to give him some time and room to work it out.

Lori meanwhile was threw with Billy Ray, he ahd asked her to marry him, ran out of the Navy because well he was marrying another woman. Lori sighed and pulled out her necklace Luke had bought her for her birthday a year ago.

Lori was almost through with advanced training and was ready to go home.

She wrote Luke a letter and sent it to him..

Dear Luke,

Howdy there hot stuff!! hows things going there in Hazzard, ok round here I guess...my advanced training is almost done with so I can come home. How's Uncle Jesse and Bo and the rest?? Uncle Luther and Cooter holding the peace at the garage?? Hope all is well, I miss you..see you soon



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Luke got the letter and headed to the barn to read it alone.

When he returned, Jesse gave him a questioning look.

Luke just smiled and put down a letter addressd to Lori that was sealed tightly.

In it he had written:


Everone here is fine, I guess except maybe me! Well, that's another story you probably don't want to hear. I'm still not ready to commit to anyone but I keep getting pressured to. Like I said, you don't want to hear this. Uncle Jesse and all are good. I take it you are coming in after AIT (her advanced training before being sationed). Think you should know I am still with Robin............at least for now anyway. Yeah, she is one of the many pressuring me for a commitment that I'm not ready to give.


Luke had been spendn gmore and more time at the garage trying to earn extra money for the car he and Bo had built. The General Lee. But, they had a long way to go to get him right!

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Lori recieved the letter and had read it carefully. She sighed seeing as him and Robin were still together.

she wrote him another, they had been doing this for months now.


Howdy....Why are they pressuring you?? they shouldn't do that Luke, Robin of all should respect what you have to say... im not saying this just because I don't like her...but maybe you should find someone new or old...... that wont pressure you and loves to give you what you want! Luke, I know you love Robin and you would more than Likely want to get married to her..but honey, if she spressuring you into doing something you dont want to do dont do it.. i have to go now...duty calls...take care....


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Luke got her letter just minutes before leaving on an out of state run. He had time to read it and jot down a few lines:


"Duty" is calling me out of state soon, too. 'Things' are getting tough down here. Can't hardly breath without someone knowing. (Luke knew she'd know he wsa talking about running moonshine). I know this will hurt you and that's not my intention -- Yeah I can see me marrying Robin in a couple years or so but she wants that promise NOW -- think that's unfair to her and me. Wish things were as simple as they used to be........... Take care!


He sealed the envelope and put it on the table to be mailed as he headed to the runner.

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Luke mailed the letter out and Lori recieved it.

Lori wrote back a simple note and left it at that.


Oh. Hope yer happy with her. all the luck in the world,Luke if things were like they use to be I dont think youd still even be happy then!! you'd find something to screw up or go wrong!! look, im sorry I ever come along that August when me and you started dating..I knew SHE would get in the way somehow someway and then that'd be it....im ranting on about something that I dont need to be ranting on about.. like i said wish you ALLLL the luck in the world... have a super day....


P.S. heres the necklace back...dont see why ive been holding on to it this long anyways its like holding on to something that was never real!!


Luke got the letter and read it..........

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Luke got the letter and read it. He addressed an envelope right then to Lori and put the necklace back in it. With a note that said:


Once I give a gift it is that a gift. Keep the necklace and what it stood for. Thanks for all the encouragement there Lori. Remember, we chose to be together when we were together. I meant everything I said to you when I said it -- don't doubt that. Caulk it up to bad timing or bad karma I don't know it just wasn't right for us then. Please take care.


Luke mailed the letter. Even his closest family wasn't aware of the number of letters Luke and Lori exchanged.


As Spring sprung in Hazzard, love was in the air for all of Hazzard except Luke and Robin. Luke had stayed at Robin's only a few times since Christmas. Robin tried to act pleased around her friends with Luke's presents but she really wanted a commitment that Luke wasn't ready to give. Finally it came down to a discussion between them, where Robin suggested they see other people for awhile. Luke had to agree. He knew if she had given him a little time that he most likely would have given her the ring he knew she wanted.

A week passed. Then another, still Robin and Luke didn't go out with each other. Robin had went out with several guys a time or two. After about two months Luke decided it was time that he ask someone out. He began to ask out girls that he thought were 'easy', more ofter than not getting what he wanted by at least the second date. Then, he'd move on to the next challenge. Luke was also drinking pretty heavy. Usually when he and Bo would double date, Bo almost always found himself driving home. The only time that Luke would go out and not drink was when he had the wrecker. Bo, Jesse and the others were worried but felt it was a 'stage' he was going through and decided to give him some time and room to work it out.

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The Senior Prom was less than a month away. Robin had been asked several times but still hoped Luke would call. There was no one Luke wanted to take to his Senior Prom more than Robin, yet, that stubborn Duke pride kept him from calling. Mark saw the pain his sister and best friend were going through and decided to nudge things a little...

"Luke, I'm having some trouble out of the Firebird that's why I drove Dad's truck today. Do you think you can come over after school and give me a hand?" asked Mark.

Luke smiled, "Mark, you know that I have been staying away from your house on purpose."

Mark looked at Luke, "Yeah, I do, but I thought you said we would be friends no matter what happened between you and Robin. Besides she may not even be home when we get there."

"You have got me there. Yeah, I come over after school." replied Luke.

"Great! I'll meet you out here after the bell rings." stated Mark as he headed off to class.

After school Mark and Luke went to Mark's house. They had parked, Luke was changing into one of Mark's shirts as Mark raised the hood on the Firebird. About this time Robin pulled into the yard. Luke knew she had pulled in but continued what he was doing. It took him a few minutes to find the loose wire that was giving Mark his trouble. Which, unknown to Luke, Mark had loosened the night before. As Luke and Mark were finishing up on the Firebird Robin came outside. As she approached the two, both Robin and Luke spoke at the same time, "Can we talk?" they asked in unison. The three friends smiles at each other.

"Care to take a ride?" asked Luke.

Robin said, "OK." She headed to her car. "But, I'd like us to each take our own cars."

Surprised, Luke nodded, “OKâ€.

As the two pulled out of the yard Luke in the General Lee and Robin in her car, Mark was glad he had pulled the shuck and jive on Luke. At least they were going to talk.


Luke headed up the mountain above Robin's house. He'd have to find a spot large enough to park both cars that her car could get to. Finding a spot he thought would work he swung wide so that he was heading back down the mountain. Robin pulled in behind him. Luke got out and went back to her car getting in the passenger side.

They set in silence a moment. Finally, Robin looked at Luke, "Prom is just a few weeks away."

Luke nodded, "Yeah, and there is no one I'd rather go with than you."

"I feel the same way. I have been asked by several guys but haven't accepted any of them."

Luke felt a glimmer of hope.

"I'd love to go with you. Luke. I have dreamed of nothing else since we started dating, but I can't go back to what we had before." she paused letting that bit of news sink in. "I need to KNOW that we are going somewhere. We have been through three Christmas and Valentine's and you have made no commitments..." she sniffed as tears came into her eyes, "I'm not talking about tomorrow. I can hold on, if I KNOW we will have something, ... say in the next two years."

The silence in the car was deafening as Luke absorbed what she had said. Making sure he understood her, "So, you are saying, that you will go to the Prom with me, if I can promise that within the next two years, we will get married?"

"Luke, if we go to the Prom together and I am wearing your ring by graduation, then I can wait for you. I think asking that our engagement last two years or under is fair. I mean we have already been together the better part of three years." stated Robin as tears ran down her checks.

"If I can't tell you that?" asked Luke.

"Then, I plan on going to the Prom with someone who has already asked me to marry them." stated Robin matter-of-factly.

"So basically, you are giving me an ultimatum. Either I tell you that we will be married in the next two years, or you'll marry someone else?" Asked Luke trying to keep all emotion out of his voice.

Robin nodded, 'yes'.

"Can I ask who you plan on going to the prom and marrying if I can't tell you that?" questioned Luke.

Robin said, in a voice barely heard by herself or Luke, "Ralph Green."

Luke couldn't help the surprised look on his face. "You are giving me an ultimatum. Either I tell you, I'll marry you with in two years, or you will marry Ralph? Of all people!" he added.

Robin said, "Yes."

Several minutes of silence passed as Luke considered his options. He knew that had she not tried to force his hand, that most likely they would have patched things up eventually and most likely in the next two years he would have proposed. He also knew that letting her go to the Prom with anyone else, especially Ralph, would be the beginning of the end. Luke was not happy about being given an ultimatum. Yet, he knew he loved Robin like he had loved no other girl. Luke swallowed the lump in his throat and said, "Robin, I love you. I love you more than I can say." Luke leaned across the seat taking Robin who was shaking in his arms, kissing her long and deeply. Then looked her in the eye and said, "I hope you and Ralph are very happy together." Luke said through a slightly cracking voice. "I'll be by next week for my things." He got out of Robin's car. Walked to the General Lee, climbed through the window, started him up and burn out letting the General turn totally around in the road. Before reaching Robin's house, Luke stopped and waited until he saw Robin's car behind him. Seeing the car coming up behind him, knowing that she could make it to the house from there, he again burn out leaving her in a cloud of dust.

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As Lori was finishing up her last course of her obstacle course, the wall, she climbed to the top of it and lost balance of the rope. Her leg twisted in under her and she fell, landing on her leg the wrong way causing her to twist her knee. They rushed Lori to the Doc, having him examine her knee. The doc confirmed that her knee had been twisted adn would take time to heal. She was to be sent home. Lori felt like crying..here she was almost finished with her training and she had to be sent home on account of a twisted knee.

Lori called Luther and told him to be at the bus stop, she was coming home..she was put on leave if she wanted to come back she could, they gave her that option. It was official...Lori was on her way home.


Luke in the meantime was at the Boar's Nest lookin gloomier than ever. Lori had made Luther drop her off there, when she walked in everyone saw her and hooped and hollered.

Luke turned around and low and behold there she was......

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Luke turned around and low and behold there she was. It was prom night and everyone else was at the prom. Luke had offered to drive the wrecker for Cooter, because if he saw Robin at he prom with Ralph it would be a replay of the Chirstmas dance a year ago. He had chosen weeks ago not to go. Luke had no idea that Lori would be home, especially not tonight.

Lori still wore a brace on her knee and favored it just a bit, but other than that she was fine except for her wounded pride at being sent home days before completion of her training.

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Luke and Lori both looked to each other and with a surprised expression both went,"What are you doing here?"

Lori chuckled and hobbled over to him,"I had a bit of an accident and had to come home... why aint ya at prom?? I heard that stupid thang was tonight?"

Luke looked to her and said,"Chose NOT to go to jail tonight. Robin decided to go with Ralph Green. You know what would have happened -- no matter who I went with."

Lori nodded,"Ahh I see...Ralph of ALLL people.... I had a run-in with him once..she'll be tired of him the first day shes with him!!"

Lori then looked to him and said,"Fer someone who apparently doesn't like ultimatums, you sure are taking this pretty hard bub... look I know you love her more than life itself but dude maybe this'll help ya get over her take a ride on the wild side fer a change and forget her highclass ways...no offense."

Luke grinned really wide and asking, "Just what ARE you suggesting?"

Lori smiled and laughed a bit,"Well hotstuff...it could be anything yer heart desires."

Luke smiled and finished his beer, then said, "Honey don't tempt me."

Lori ran her tongue across her teeth and said,"Yer fed up with it that bad huh?"

Luke nodded and said,"Yes...yes I am.."

Lori looked at the keys in his hand and said,"Ill give you 5 seconds t' get out to that wrecker and waitin on me t' get out there and I can bout bet you this I'll make alllll yer hurt go away..least for tonight."

Luke smiled and headed for the door, he was in the wrecker and waiting, when it seemed like and eternity for she got out there, Lori climbed in and smiled to him saying,"Take me home country road to a place where I beloooooooooong.."


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Luke backed out of the Boar's Nest and headed out to Jesse's old still site that he could get the wrecker to where Lori wouldn't have to walk real far. Luke could only hope he didn't have a wrecker call any time soon. He and Lori settled down at the still site and got reaquainted.

Several hours later, Luke was holding Lori close to him and heard the CB calling for the Hazzard wrecker. "Sh--! he said grabbing his pants and boots as he went to answer the CB. Luke answered a bit short of breath, "Hazzard wrecker."

It was the phone operator who replied, "We need you to pull a car out of a ditch on lake road just past the big rock."

Luke cursed and said, "Ok, I'll be there shortly." He got Lori and they headed out to the lake road where Luke took one look at the car in question and nearly lost it! "Lori you do know that car?"

Lori looked and yes she did know the car! "LUKE that's............!"

Luke smiled, "Ralph and likely Robin."

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Lori swallowed and said,"Now Luke I don't feel like fightin no one and I sures ta he-- don't feel like savin no one, so darlin you bes not get no ideas cause I swear if you start I'll kill YOU!!"

Luke chuckled softly to her and had actually missed her odd sense of humor.

"Don't worry none, ill try and retain myself..."

When they got to the car Robin looked and saw the Lori climb out and smirk hobbling some towards her. Robin knew that Lori and Luke must have been together, Luke was breathing heavily and Lori's hair was a mess. Lori looked to Robin and said,"Get stuck?" asking sarcastically, the answer was obviously clear.

Robin rolled her eyes and Luke only shook his head saying,"Lori, retain thyself darlin..."

Lori laughed and helped Luke get the car outta the ditch, no damage was done thank god. Luke looked to Robin and sighed as he wanted to really deck Ralph good... Robin walked over to Luke after seeing Lori climb in and get comfortable.

She smiled and said,"Ya know I'll always wait fer ya.... if you tell me now I still won't marry Ralph...."

Luke sighed and said,"I done told ya Robin...I love ya sweetheart but I just aint ready."

Robin turned red and said,"Luke!! yer more stubborn than an ole' mule!!"

Lori heard her and stuck her head out the door and looked to Robin with a stare that could knock someone down.

Luke climbed back in and sighed to Lori and said,"Im bout sick and tired of everyone pressuring me!! me and her break up and she STILL tries!!!!"

Lori laughed and patted up his leg,"Wel[ you'll get no pressurin from me honey..."

Luke looked to Lori and smiled, grinning from ear to ear. "Where were you when all this pressurin and my drinkin came in at?"

Lori smiled and spoke softly,"I've always been there Luke...look hard enough and I'll always be right there for you....."



At the prom it was chaos and mayhem..

The punch bowl busted and punch flooded the floor, fights broke out everywhere.. The expensive king and queen crowns were missing... but was found in B.L.'s car... the principal was interrogatin B.L. because of it and Cooter was going into DT's over it... were was the brains of the house at when you needed her....

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Luke looked at Lori and replied, "You know you're likely right about that, Darlin'. And I guess Robin was right when she said I was as stubborn as a mule."

Lori asked, "So, where too, now?"

Luke said, "Well, I'll likely be out most of the night, that non-driver is just the start of it. We can go to the house or head over to the Boar's Nest."

Lori replied, "Let's go by the Boar's Nest for a bit. Yeah, I know how prom nights are I used to love to ride on Prom nights with Luther to see who got in how much trouble." She laughed.

"Ok, then, we'll grab a burger and listen to the CB there. You cn ride with me tonight if you want." Luke suggested.

Lori grinned, "Sounds good."


At the Boar's Nest, Luke and Lori walked in the place wasn't real crowded tonight due to the prom. Luke found two seats at the bar where he could hear the base CB radio.

Cindy Mae, one of the waitresses, who Luke had went out with a couple of times came over. She knew Luke and Lori's history or most of it. She knew they were together at least for hte night. "What can I get ya'll?"

"Two burgers, everything, fries, a Coke and ....." Luke looked at Lori.

Lori replied to their surprise, "I'll have a Coke too."


The teachers at the prom were sure they should have found reasons not to chaperon the prom this year!

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Luke looked to Lori and smiled,"Ya know you can drink I don't mind at all... just cause I can't don't let me ruin the fun.."

Lori smiled and said,"It aint soo much fun if I can't get drunk with no body"

Luke nodded as their food came by. Lori being the slob she usually was actually found manners and ate quite politley.

Luke looked to Lori, shocked and was amazed. Lori laughed and said,"Go to the marines and it'll do that to ya."

Luke only nodded and continued to eat.

Once they were done Lori turned towards him in the seat and said,"So just how many people knew me and you wrote to each other that much??"

Luke looked to her and smirked,"Not a soul knew.. not even my closest family did."

Lori looked surprised and finished her coke. She then looked to the waitress and noticed the look she was givin Lori. Lori humphed her and said to Luke with a bit of concern,"You uhh date her or somethin cause shes starin a hole through me and I aint likin it not oneeee bit.."

Luke looked to Cindy Mae and noticed hwo quick her evil glances changed from googly eyes.

Lori looked to Luke and said,"I take it hotstuff that you've been reeeeal popular with the ladies huh?"

Luke looked to Lori and said,"Do I sense a hint of possesion?"

Lori smirked and said,"Hey I'm only here to give you what you want."

Luke turned towards Lori and said,"Really?? any time I call you you'd come right over?"

Lori nodded,"Yea course I need a little advance noticing."

Luke smirked,"Ya know I could become a pest if you say that.."

Lori half smiled,"Look like I care?"

Luke laughed,"No.....but Lor, yer basically lettin me use you?? I don't understand??"

Lori smiled and said,"I've played the sister Mary act in the marines toooo long and well quite frankly yer the only guy i've been with and yer the only guy I trust...sides Ernie untellings though bout him...he's probably caught something...."

Luke bout spit pop everywhere. Lori looked to him and said,"You been with that many huh?"



At the prom Cooter was going around interrogating anyone he could trying to figure out who framed B.L.............

A boy, by the name of Alfred Bowling had a crush on B.L....A BIG CRUSH!!! and he gt brave going into the principal's office exclaming that he did it and not B.L.

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Luke had laughed at the thought of Ernie catching something not because he'd been with so many girls. He attempted to explain without sticking his foot on his mouth. "No, that's not what I'm laughing at. I was laughing at whatyou said about Ernie."

Lori laughed to for a second then got a bit more serious, "So, just how popular are you?"

Luke stopped laughing and looked at her, "Do we really want to have this conversation?"

Lori shrugged her shoulders. Yes, she did want to know, but it seemed Luke didn't want to give her any information.

Luke sighed, "Look, Lori there was a couple years there I had only......" He had never actually admitted to having been with Robin, "Been with you a couple times and sure I," he stressed, "DATED Robin, but ah, there was a lot of time there that I wasn't doing anything. So you might could say I've......"

He was saved by Lori, who said, "Been making up for lost time?"

Luke said, "Now, I wouldn't put it that way, .............."

Lori .............

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B.L nearly fell out of her chair at Alfred's confession she knew he hadn't stolen the crowns anymore than she had. He just was trying to save her skin because the principal was talking about expelling B.L and not letting her graduate with the rest of the class which about had B.L in tears at the thought of being kept in school another year. But she couldn't let Alfred take the wrap either then she'd feel obligated to him in some way and while Alfred was a nice enough boy B.L didn't want to be attached to him in any way.

B.L. said "Alfred I 'ppreciate what yer doin' but we both know t'wasn't you that took them crowns and put 'em in my car anymore'n it was me that did it." she looked at the principal before finishing "which I DIDN'T"

The principal however wasn't buyin' it see he was a cocky little rooster who had moved in from Nashville Tennessee and he'd heard about the Dukes and Davenports so was out to take them all down because he thought he could get brownie points that way.

"Miss Davenport save yourself alot of trouble now and just confess and I'll only call your Uncle to come get you but if you keep up with these lies I'll be forced to call the Sheriff."

B.L rolled her eyes and growled "I DIDN'T DO IT!!!"

Mr. Duitt: "I'm sorry you leave me no choice"

Mr. Duitt picked up the phone and called Luther explaining what had happened and that B.L would be at the jail then he called Rosco to come pick her up......

In the gym Cooter was still interrogating people trying to pressure the skunk who'd framed B.L into talking but so far he was having no luck. Meantime Rosco had come to get B.L and was taking her out in cuffs Cooter seen this and came out to investigate asking.

"What's going on? Rosco have you gone squirrely B.L ain't done nothin"

"Gjitt that's where your wrong Cooter the principal done called and said she had stolen some crowns or something or other and the goods was in her car. I looked and sure 'nuff they was there so I'm takin' her to jail."

B.L looked at Cooter with tears pooling in her eyes that she was trying to keep from falling and choked. "I didn't do it Coot honest to god I didn't"

Cooter hugged her and whispered "I know ya didn't and I'm gonna find out who did you can bet on it."

Rosco then put B.L in his cop cruiser and took her to the jail fingerprinting her and then putting her in the holding cell upstairs. Luther..........

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(Pardon the double posting but I decided couldn't have a Davenport give up quite so willingly and go to jail peacefully for something they didn't do)

After Rosco put B.L in the car she slipped out the other door and ran for it across the school parking lot. Not as fast as normal in the high heels she stopped and kicked them off then took off again like a bolt of lightening with Rosco in hot pursuit yelling


B.L looked back briefly to see where Rosco was he was nowhere even close to her and he was panting as he tried to catch her. She yelled back over her shoulder. "NO WAY ROSCO I AIN'T GOIN' TO JAIL FER SOMETHIN' I DIDN'T DO I WAS FRAMED!!!"

As the chase continued with most of the prom goers now outside cheering B.L on as she tried her darndest to out run Rosco Luther........

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While everyone else was at the Boar's Nest or at the prom, Dixie had went to spend the night at the Dukes with Daisy. Daisy, Bo, Coy and Dixie had decided to hang out in the barn together since they weren't 'old' enough to go to the prom. Bo knew where Luke had a stash of Jesse's finest. After Bo was pretty sure Jesse wouldnt' be coming to the barn to check on them, he went to Luke's 'secret' hiding spot. Daisy's eyes got wide when she saw Bo had a gallon of moonshine. Bo said, "We'll just try a little."

Coy agreed, "Yeah, Daisy. You know Uncle Jesse has let us drink some on holidays. It's sort of a holiday."

Daisy said, "Well, I guess as long as we don't drink too much."

Dixie was all for it. "Well, I've heard about this stuff all my life but never tried it!"

Bo smiled, "We can fix that right now. Ya, might want to just sip it though." He poured some in a small jelly glass. Bo was the self appointed 'bartender' and made sure to keep pouring as the glasses began to get empty but he hide the jug from Daisy so she' wouldnt' know how much they were drinking. But, he seen she was giggling a lot and may not mind right about now!!

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Lori looked to Luke and said,"Well hotstuff what way would you put it?"

As Luke was about to answer They could hear B.L. and Rosco over the CB.

Lori sighed and took the keys from Luke,"Just cause my knees spranged dont mean I can't drive.. and we'll finish this conversation later."

With that Lori had the keys and was surprisingly out the door and in the wrecker with it started up. Luke climbed in and shook his head,"I take it im riding shot gun?"

Lori smiled and said,"You got it hotstuff..."

With that she was out of the Boar's Nest parking lot and gone..

Lori got on the CB to B.L. "Whiskey Bent to Sweet talker, ya got ya ears on cousin come back?"

Luke had to laugh cause Lori sounded so funny with her southern belle drawl and the way she talked CB.

B.L. heard the familiar voice and ...........

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B.L heard the familiar voice and grabbed the CB mic from her car she didn't see Rosco close so she could stop long enough to tell Lori what was going on.

"Sweet Talker here Whiskey Bent I read ya loud and clear but can't talk I'm on the run."

Lori chuckled and pressed the button to talk again

"What'd you do?"

B.L "Nothin' some jackass framed me! The crowns for prom king and queen came up missing and guess where they turned up?"

Lori: "Yer locker?"

B.L: "No.......worse in my car!!!"

Lori: "I'm on my way cousin....."

Lori looked at Luke and said...........

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Lori looked at Luke and said, "I gotta go!"

Luke sighed, "Well, yeah, I know but just remember this is the only wrecker service in three Counties. We loose Luther business he'll kill us both!"

Lori knew Luke was right, but headed off to find BL. "Wonder where Cooter is?"

Luke replied, "He's supposed to be there. That's why I'm driving tonight, until you took the truck!"


Back in the Duke barn, Coy was getting loud. He wasn't trying to start trouble or anything just talking loud.

Daisy and Bo were trying to get him to hush, which only made him get louder.

Daisy said, "Bo how much has he drank?"

Bo replied, "About what we have." He held the mostly empty jug up.

Daisy's eyes went really wide. "BO!"

"What?" exclaimed Bo.

Dixie thought they were all three pretty funny about now.


At the school, Cooter saw BL take off running and.......

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Lori laughed and did a complete 180 degree turn in the road, she knew that B.L. couldn't be up the way she was going only thing out there was Hazzard Pond.

Luke swallowed hard and said,"Lord how mercy Lori!!!! yer gonna kill us!!"

Lori laughed and shifted the gears in the truck,"Nahh not kill us darlin' maybe hurt us!!!!"

Luke slumped in his seat and shook his head.

Lori arrived at the school seeing B.L. she hobbled out and hollered,"C'mon cousin I gotta gimp in my leg and im faster!!!"

B.L. shook her fist at Lori diving in the seat landing in Luke's lap.

Lori got in and sighed, pulling out seeing Cooter come out as he had seen B.L. run. He went and got in his car and followed behind. Lori looked to B.L. as she got up and straightened up,"Well cousin...I leave and you and Luke start makin whoopie on me?? whats up with that?"

B.L. smacked Lori. Luke shook a little saying in a freightened voice,"Please!! shes done and tried to kill us once dont tempt her to do it again!!"

B.L. look bewildered to Lori and shook her head, Lori then proceeded to get on the CB to Cooter saying,"Crazy C this heres Whiskey Bent..... we're going to the you know whats the place and gonna think up of a way to clear our beloved cousin's name!"

B.L. stuck her tongue out at Lori.


They arrived at the site and all walked in Luke's jacket was still there on the floor were him and Lori laid on it. Lori looked to Luke and smacked in back the head saying,"YOU DUMMY!!!! YOU DIDN'T THIN KTA GRAB IT FOR YA LEFT??"


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Luke gulped he could see the wheels turning in B.L's head and the wicked gleam in her eye. B.L smirked and looked between them

"Can't you two keep yer clothes on around each other?"

Lori stuck her tongue out at B.L and smirked saying "Nope"

Before anything more could be said Cooter drove up and came in looking at the three, Lori was looking a little annoyed and Luke looked like a cherry he was turning so red and B.L stood there grinning wickedly at them. He had to ask

"What's going on here?"

B.L obliged him with an answer

"Lori's been back a whole day and her and lover boy here's done been jumping each other's bones."


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Cooter looked at Luke and said, "Luke I know this ain't exactly my place, but....."

Lori stood firm in frotn of Luke and said,"No Cooter it isn't your place.... Its my life and if I choose to let Luke....well...yea.... then I will!!! I'm a big girl Cooter stop treatin me like in a little kid!!!"

Luke moved Lori to the side and said, "Cooter, I don't want us to have a problem about this."

Cooter shook his head, "Well, it's just a lot creapy having my best friend with MY cousin."

Luke replied, "That may be, but I'll not kiss and tell IF I can just get ONE or TWO other people in this shed to co-operate!"

Lori had the good graces to blush just a bit. "Sorry."

BL ..............


Jesse was geting ready for bed and realized that the kids had been really quiet this evening. He wondered if he should make one more check on them beofre turning in.


Rosco was having one more fit when he found out BL had left in the wrecker. There was one wrecker in the tri-counties, how hard could it be to find!

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B.L. was rolling over laughing at this time and couldnt help it. Lori was snickering and whatnot as Cooter was rolling his eyes.

Lori spoke up,"All right in order to capture the REAL crooks... we need ta know some info first."

"Like fer starters how much are those crowns worth?"

Luke spoke up,"I heard it was worth a lot to be honest."

Lori nodded,"So a couple o' highschool students, probably couldn't get the money from their folks and decided to go and do and stupid thang like that.... probably got caught and the closest vehicle was B.L.'s.... but the question that remains is who??, I know you've got some enemies B??"

B.L. didn't know wether to smack Lori or agree with her. Luke was laughing at this point......

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