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Thanksgiving Day Delight


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Lori woke up as usual, B.L. cussing her out. It was Turkey's Day today and Lori just LOVED the holidays. Dixie was coming home, and Cooter was heading home as well, Beverly and him had gone their seperate ways for awhile. Lori had already tried to go hunting this morning to kill a fresh turkey, course B.L. followed her to be nosey causing Lori to lose track of the turkey. Lori cussed B.L. all the way back to the house,"I orta shoot yer feet out from in uder ya!!!"

B.L. smirked and said,"Well I wanted to see the great white hunter in action!"

Lori shook her head and slammed the door in B.L.'s face,"UNCLE LUTHER!!!! I WOULD'VE HAD IT, IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR HER!!!!!"

Lori pointed a finger to B.L. and took her gun and put it in the gun cabinet. B.L. shook her head and sighed,"Cooter alright? Beverly aint called him since she left for Alabam with her folks."

Luther shook his head,"He's been beating himself up over it, saying he made the mistake to run off with her and get married....me or her folks not approving it and all.....said one day her and her folks just got up and left."

B.L. sighed and went to pester Lori some more.


At the Duke farm, Uncle Jesse had invited all the Davenports over to their house for Thanksgiving day dinner and a little chat. Uncle Jesse and Daisy were in the kitchen cooking, Bo, Coy, Vance, Jeb, and Luke were all outside talking bout the race that was at the lake tonight. Vance looked to Luke and warned him,"You are aware that Lori is gonna be there?"

Luke sighed and nodded,"Yea I know..just try to keep yer girlfriend under control ok??"

Vance took that as an offensive remark,"Watch it cousin... yer asking fer it!"

Luke shrugged it off, Lori and Vance were dating and Luke and Robin were still of course dating. Bo and Beth was, Cooter was love sick from Beverly, she had left him after they had ran off to get married and decided they jumped the gun too soon. Coy had a girlfriend as did Jeb. Poor ole' B.L. though was left out all by her lonesome.


Loir had walked outside to get Midnight Rider ready for the race tonight, B.L. walked out pestering her,"Why are you working on that thing fer?"

Lori sighed and felt like chuncking the wrench at B.L.,"fer the race tonight if thats alright with you!"

B.L. humphed Lori and walked over to her and helped her work on the car.

Yep seemed like a normal holiday here in Hazzard, or was it??

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NARRATOR: Now you see the thing about this race, that everyone was talking about, is that the racing up at the lake was a secret! See if ol' Rosco found out the 'kids' good time would be cut short for sure.

The wrecker was always present just in case they needed it. Even if Cooter had his car there, Luke or one of the other Davenports was sure to take it. Cooter wasn't much in the mood to race and figured he'd take the wrecker himself.

Luke figured to race a couple races then kick back with a couple of beers and enjoy watching some of the less experienced drivers like Enos Straight and Cletus Hogg do their best. He was too careful to want to run with these guys they could be down right dangerous in a car. Luke about half way expected Lori to try to prove something by wanting to race him. He knew Robin would go with him but she was the 'good girl' type that rarely even drank when they went out, though he usually carried a bottle of her favor drink in the trunk of his car for if and when she wanted a drink. The partial bottle was still there from since before they had broken up.

Bo was wanting to go and it looked like Jesse was going to let Bo have the pickup truck since he had just gotten his license which meant that it was likely half of Hazzard would be in the back of the truck.

Of course all the other Duke and Davenport cousins would be at the secret race too.


Heavenly smells of every type food imaginable could be smelled all the way to the Duke front yard. The old saying about being able to feed Cox and his Army wasn't lost at the Duke farm on a holiday. Cox could have showed up with his Army and their families and there would still be plenty of food. Jesse had started preparations days ago and things were coming together for a fantastic meal.

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Now at a holiday meal one would expect everybody would be in their sunday best but not the Duke and Davenports at least not the girls they wore their nicest jeans just like the boys. See after all the eatin' and what not the 'kids' went out to the front yard and played football. This was another one of them things where the girls was equal to the boys. Of course after these little games what had started out that morning as their best pair of jeans quickly became 'everyday' or jeans that they wore around the house doing chores or what not.


Seeing as how B.L was single these days she planned to race tonight a little then sit back and watch the others maybe have a few drinks. She'd probably be one of the one's in the back of Jesse's truck the 'kids' usually had it covered over watching the races from the back of it. She hoped Andy was there with his new car wanting to race it she was just itching to beat the pants off him cos she was still mad about him cheating on her with Hailey Marie. She was out in the yard tinkering on her silver GTO making sure it was ready to race humming 'Oh Suzzana' trying to ignore Dixie's insistant pleading about driving her car to race in see Dixie had her license but not car yet. B.L then stopped when she got to the part about coming from Alabama might not be such a good idea to let Cooter hear her. Dixie was leaning over the fender of the car looking into the motor whining.

"c'mon B pleeeeezzze just one race. Ya know I'm a good driver Cooter,Lori and you taught me."

B.L: "No Dix, Bo ain't likely to be racing cos he just got his license same as you, Uncle Luther'll skin me alive if I let you race my car."

Dixie got mad and humphed when her pleas were getting her nowhere

"Fine be that way I'll go ask Lori if I can drive midnight."

B.L fell over laughing at this she said gasping for air between giggles


Dixie just ignored this and bounced off to find Lori she'd already finished working on Midnight.

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Dixie found Lori and plopped on the hood of Midnight looking to Lori,"Howdy cousin! B.L. won't let me race her car so I wanted to know...can I race...."

Lori didn't even let her finish the sentence and already gave her a firm answer,"No!!! you'll have it beat and wrecked IN the lake..I don't think soo..it's took me 9 years to get this thing runnin right and I ain't about to let my little cousin screw it up!!"

B.L. heard Lori and fell over laughing, she tried to warn Dixie.

Lori then looked to Dixie and said,"Look, if I fix up a oaner for ya will run in it??"

Dixie smiled and said,"You'd do that? for me?"

Lori nodded as she cleaned off a wrench and her hands, "Yep I sure will."

Dixie nodded and bounced off to tell B.L.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! looks like i'll be racing gainst ya B!!! Lori is gonna fix me up a loaner!!"

B.L. fell over laughing at Dixie and had hollered to Lori..

NARRATOR: see here, they have a way of communicatin in Hazzard..

B.L.:Hey Lori!!!!

Lori: What??!!

B.L.:Are seriously gonna fix up a loaner for our little cousin to race in??!!

Lori: Ill try!!

Lori could hear B.L. laughing at her a mile away. Loir just shook her head.


Time came for everyone to head out to the Duke farm as they all filed out. Lori and Dixie in Midnight, Cooter in his vehicle, Luther in thr wrecker, and B.L. in the Judge.

When they arrived Daisy greeted them at the door. She saw B.L. and giggled, they had plans to race tonight, Daisy was gonna cheer for her tonight. Lori and Dixie climbed out as Dixie asked Lori about racing and some tips. Lori saw the glare in Luther's eyes as Lori tried to get Dixie to shut up. Vance came out and smiled to Lori. Lori cleaned up before she left the house. It'd been a month since Lori and Luke broke up, he-- it surprised Lori that Luke was with Robin this long. Lori and them walked in congregating first. Luke walked over to Lori and sighed,"Hey Lor... how...ya been??"

Lori knew it took some guts to talk to yer ex and try to act as if nothing ever happened between them Lori smiled and sweetly said,"Im doing pretty good Luke, ready to have that football game sos I can beat ya."

Luke sighed and smiled in relief,"Yea I can't wait to beat you, I see you still have the necklace on."

Lori looked down, she hadn't had a chance to take it off or anything quiet frankly she didnt want to either. "Does it bother you??" she asked.

Luke shook his head,"No it don't...Id rather you wear it."

Lori nodded and they all set down to the table to eat.


After the meal Luther and Uncle Jesse walked out to the barn to take a seat on the fence to watch the game. It wasn't really all that much a regular football game, a barnyard football game, rough and ready kinda game.Luke was captain of his team and he chose, Bo, Lori, Cooter,and Jeb. they made B.L. captain of the other one and she chose who was left, Coy, Vance, Dasiy, and Dixie. They all started laughing and got ready.............

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They all started laughing and got ready to play when two other cars pulled in a brown Mercury and a gold Firebird. Robin and both her brothers pulled in. The boys were in Marks Firebird which they had just painted a few weeks ago. Being the typical male chavanist Luke quickly figured the odds and the female / male ratio they had going. He yelled at BL, "Hey, B I'll take Robin and you can have Mark and David." He also hoped having Lori and Robin on the same team may keep them from killing each other.

David pouted, "That means I only get to tackle Lori. I'd stand a better chance cornering BL, Daisy or Dixie. They can't all three dog me!"

Mark quickly nudged him, "Are you playing or not?"

"Yeah." David said.

Robin said, "Give me one sec why you guys figure out what you're doing." When she returned she had on an old pair of jeans, and ols sweatshirt and her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was ready to play. She noticed the surprised looks from all the Davenport girls who obviously thought she wouldn't play.

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Loir snickered as she saw Robin,she started to open her mouth but didn't. Luke gave Lori an evil glare, Lori threw her hands up in surrender. The game began as everyone got into formation.

David, wanting to grab the girls, tackled Lori first looking into her eyes saying,"Why hello there."

Vance caught on to this and it was like a 10 car pile up. Vance had managed to get David off Lori and said,"Find another one, shes taken."

They all played a game of football and had a great time. The last tackle, the last point that B.L. needed to get for her team to win was destroyed by Lori tackling her and throwing the ball to Luke. B.L. drug Lori to the ground and her and Lori went fightin in a mudhole!





"DID TOO!!!"

Luther and Jesse shook their heads and took the ball saying, "alright ya'll enoughs enough and ya'll played yer hearts out, lets give it up."

Lori go tup and dusted herself off, Vance bringing her and B.L. a towel. B.L cussed Lori every bit of the way. Lori had to get home and get ready to leave to go to the race. She intended on beating Luke and Ernie. Lori and them left and got home, taking baths.


Lori did what she said she do for Dixie and fixed up a loaner for Dixie to race in, Lori intended on weaning Dixie and letting her find out the hard way just how competitive the racing world can get. it was a loaner Cooter had been saving his money on to build it himself, he allowed Lori to let Dixie drive it, but he didn't know Lori was souping it up.

B.L. was out the door and gone to the lake waiting on Lori to arrive. Cooter took the wrecker, knowing someone would need it. Vance and Coy and Jeb didn't go, they had to stay with Uncle Jesse.

It was late and it was time for the races, Lori got ready and walked out whistling Dixie, and got in her car throwing Dixie the keys to hers,"There ya go cousin...go easy on her now..."

Lori smirked and climbed in speeding off. Dixie was yelling and she got in heading for the lake.

When they arrived...........

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When they arrived Luke was already there with his hood up. Bo and the rest were there too. Bo called himself helping Luke set the timing up on the Ford Toreno. Robin was standing back watching them sipping on a Coke. Luke went to the trunk and took out a beer. He said to Robin, "If you want something a little stronger it's back here."

She smiled and said, "Maybe later, Ok?"

Luke replied, "Fine by me." He took a large drink of the iced down beer. He heard by the sound of the engine that Bo had set the timing up too far. "That's too high!"

Bo rolled his eyes, "I know. I can hear."

Luke went back and set the timing where he'd had it a couple minutes ago. THe first person to challenge hism was Ernie Ledbetter.

"Hey Duke, think that thing will run?" Ernie hissed.

Luke replied, "I know it'll run but all it has to do to beat you is WALK!" Luke slammed the hood and handed Robin his mostly full beer.

They lined up and ran. Luke won easily, but something didn't sound right, so he poped the hood again and began tinkering. He set the timing up a hair, adjusted the carburator and it sounded great. He took another drink of beer and watched as some of the others were racing. Mark walked over and grabbed a beer out of Luke's trunk. He may not have any shine back there but Luke's car usually had anything else you wanted to drink in it. Luke asked, "You racing that thing tonight or are you gonna drink?"

Mark shook his head 'yeah', "I'm gonna sip on this for awhile. Figure to do more racing than drinking at least until later."

Luke agreed.


A few minutes later, Robin had walked over to her friends and Luke noticed Dixie watching him. He walked over to her and asked, "What is it?"

She replied with a bit of shyness, "Lori helped me get a car ready to run tonight. But, I've never done it before."

Luke nodded and said almost as a question, "Stick around and the next race I'll let you ride with me?"

Dixie smiled, "Really?"

Luke wasn't sure why this would make her so happy but appearantly he'd said the right thing.


Robin's brother, Mark came over in a few minutes and said, "Luke I know you'll likely smoke me but if I got to loose I'd rather loose to you. I just want to see if that thing is gonna hold together."

Luke would rather race someone like Mark with Dixie in the car than someone who was out for blood or didn't respect a paint job. He knew Mark and himself would rather not have to repaint their cars come morning. He nodded, "Sure. Hey, I'm gonna have a passenger." He felt the need to inform Mark, so they both would be just a bit more careful.

They lined up Luke took the victory easily.

Dixie had ridden with Luke before but it was usually in the wrecker. She loved the speed and was hooked!

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As the V-8 screamed down towards the lake everyone knew whos car was coming, and knew which car too. Lori and Midnight Rider was at the lake, as Lori climbed out she smirked and looked around, "which one of you suckers is gonna race me tonight??"

Luke shook his head and got brave,"I will."

Ernie looked to Midnight and shook his head,"In that piece of junk you drive, I definently will."

Luke knew he could beat Lori and Ernie so he got cocky and go tin his car. Lori in hers and Ernie in his. Dixie was the starter and she dropepd the flag down, the three taking off. Lori was in first by a long shot and Luke in second, Ernie tagging along in last. Lori slid it into the last small curve and went across the finish line, in first. Luke got out and his mouth dropped he'd been beaten by a girl!!! and his ex at that!!! Ernie got out and humphed Lori, talking trash about her. Lori shook her head and looked to Robin whow as looking at Luke, Luke was red with embarrasment, he'd been embarrassed by his ex girlfriend at his own territory!! Lori shook her head and retorted to Luke,"That'll teach ya not to get too cocky next time, Duke."

Luke had never heard her call him that before, he looked to Lori stunned and wondered if she was drunk or not. Lori had whiskey in the back of Midnight Rider, she had some Jim Beam and Jack Daniels back there, her favorites. She took a bottle out and began to drink it. She could drink a 5th of Jim Beam and still stand still. Lori parked beside of Cooter and B.L. B.L. wanted to race against Andy who was there. which she did. She challenged him and won.

Ernie had saw Dixie and challeneged her, Lori looked to Ernie and said,"Watch it Ledbetter, she's new."

Ernie only smirked and got in. Dixie climbed in. Lori stayed near the Rider and watched as Ernie swirved over and cause Dixie to wreck. Lori and Luke and B.L. all three got in their vehicles and raced off. Cooter had Dixie's car towed and her in his arms comforting her. Lori had swinged in front of Ernie with a wrench in her hand. She dragged Ernie out and knocked him over the head, B.L. got her licks in as did Luke. They heard sirens coming and............

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They heard sirens coming and quick as you can say jack rabbit the boose was hid and the racing stopped. Most everybody split in ten different directions, when Rosco pulled up all he saw was the Dukes,Davenports, Mark and Robin. B.L looked up at Rosco and smiled sweetly

"Howdy Sheriff nice night ain't it?"

Sheriff looked at her then the others and raised an eyebrow at them sneering suspiciously

"You ruffians is upto something.....I aimed ta catch ya too."

Lori: "You can try Rosco but we ain't doin' nothin"

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What everyone didn't know was that Rosco wasn't alone. The ones who attempted to get away were stopped and returned by the State Police. They had gotten wind of racing going on at the lake and it being a holiday they had been staking it out. Several cars pulled in all at once. In a matter of seconds Luke Duke had been silently nominated as spokes person for the group. Since his last race he had drank several beers with the intention of not driving anymore tonight. He knew several others and likely those under 18 were also drinking by now.

One of the Troopers said, "Ok, just hold it where you are!"

Dixie was still with Cooter. He had hooked up 'her' car to the wrecker. He was just glad she was OK.

Luke had managed to get away from Ernie after 'helping him up' when he heard sirens.

Ernie looked sorta worse for wear, but had been drinking. It was likely if he had half a brain he'd keep his mouth shut. But he started to run.

Luke grabbed his collar and spoke loud enough for most everyone to hear him, "Ya'll just hold up!" He knew if they all took off it wouldn't be good with as many cars as they had up here and he knew that most of his friends and family were also drinking. Some of the ones not racing were likely pretty well on their way to being down right drunk if the truth was known. Luke knew that by being over 18 they could all be charged with letting the others drink.

The Trooper saw that the young man in front of him had a way with the crowd of teenagers as they all stayed put. He asked, "What's your name?"

Luke looked him in the eyes, "Luke Duke, Sir."

The Trooper then said, "You got an ID on you?"

Luke reached in his pocket with a bit of a sigh. He handed the Trooper his driver's license showing what the Trooper was likely looking for. Yes, he was 18.

He asked, "How many of your friends here are drinking tonight?"

Luke replied, "I'm not certain." It was an honest answer.

The Trooper got more to the point, "Would you think that everyone out here who is drinking is 18?"

Luke sighed. He knew this wasn't looking good. "I really don't know. I hope so."

The Trooper nodded and switched his questions up a level, "We have reports of racing out here. Do you do any racing?" Before Luke could answer, the Trooper stated, "We've had this place staked out and have taken a few pictures tonight."

Luke answered, "I've been know to race a little." He wasn't at all sure how long they had been there or who they had seen racing.

"Who were you racing?" The Trooper asked.

Luke didn't want to get anyone else in hot water. He thought before answering. "Do you really want to do all the paperwork on all these people? Look suppose I agreed right here to plead guilty to racing. Woud you consider letting everyone else go?"

The Trooper studied the young man for a couple full minutes before he spoke, "Well, if you were racing youhad to have raced someone and I'd about say you'd be DUI if I tested you."

Luke frowned, "If you tested me right now, I likely would be, but I haven't raced in awhile. That's when I started drinking."

The Trooper had watched enough of the goings on to know the kids was pretty much telling it like it was. "Ok, so who were you racing?"

Robin's brother stepped up beside Luke, "Me."

Luke could have slapped him or hugged him. Right now he wasn't sure which he really wanted to do. He was TRYING to keep everyone else out of trouble.

The Trooper looked at Mark. It ws true they hadn't been watching the racing in awhile as they had gotten called off to help Agent Roach chase some moonshiners.

The Trooper asked, "Sheriff, how much room do you have in that jail of yours."

Luke had pretty much came to the conclusion several mintues ago he wsan't going home tonight but even with that on his mind he had to laugh to himself. Even if they did take everyone in and released the ones under 18 Rosco still was short a lot of room in the jail to hold the others.

Rosco replied, "I can use all three cells if I need to!" He said proudly.

The Trooper sighed, but at least he could get a couple convictions if things worked out and maybe send a message to the others. "So, you two were the ones racing?"

Luke and Mark nodded, 'yes'. Luke knew what he wanted. A feather in his cap. He wanted at least a couple convictions for a night of work on a holiday.

"Suppose I run you both in on Racing and Driving Intoxicated" The Trooper said.

Luke swallowed hard. That meant loosing his license for MONTHS. He thought quickly and replied, "Make it Racing and Reckless Driving, Speeding, whatever. So we can keep our license and," he looked at Mark hoping he spoke for him, "We'll go with you without an problems and will agree to plead guilty without a fuss."

The Trooper replied, "We'll make it Racing, Reckless Driving and Speeding. AND, I intend to take the names and ages of everyone out here. If I catch any of tehm back here I'll throw the book at them. I hope this will send a message to the rest of them." he said as he pulled out his cuffs.

Luke sighed. He knew what was going to happen but wasn't fully prepared to be cuffed in front of half of three counties of friends and rivals. He managed to say, "Me too." He asked, "Can I get my keys so my girlfriend can get home?"

The Trooper nodded, 'yes', but closely watched him as he reached into his pocket for the keys and tossed themto Robin to take his car home.

Mark told her, "My keys are in it. Get someone to take it home."

Robin sighed and nodded as she watched Luke and Mark have their hands cuffed behind their back and placed in the Troopers car.

The Troopers began taking names and ages of the kids. After the lenghty process they let them go making sure each driver was not intoxicated before releasing them.

Though Rosco took a back seat to the arrests he was enjoying seeing a Duke be taken down a coupel notches.

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Lori sighed and looked to Cooter who was already heading towrds home, B.L. looked to Lori and smirked,"Yer in trouble!!"

Lori sighed and got in heading home.


At the jail, They had Luke ad Mark booked and in the cells. Luke just hoped that Lori, knowing she would, would make an attempt to get them out of jail.


Lori walked through the doors and Luther: oh baby are you alright? *worriedly checks dixie over then looks at Lori with firey eyes after seeing Dixie is ok* LORI what in the name of heaven were you thinking when you fixed up that car for her to race!"

Lori: well dang it!!! she was the one who wantd to race!!!

Lori saw B.L. laughing a picked up something to throw at her. B.L. tried to dodge as it hit her, she fell over laughing sayin,"Oww!!!"

Luther: she just got her license!!!!!!!!! she's not ready to be racin' and the rest of ya ain't supposed to be but as long as Rosco don't catch ya then I don't say nothin' about it.

Lori: well when i got my license i was racin!! what so different bout her!! shut up B.L!!!!

B.L. was still laughing at her. Lori had had enough and went after b.L. threw the house. Luther stopepd her,"LOREN DAVENPORT??!!!, HOW MUCH WHISKEY HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING??!!"

Lori slurred her words abit,"A weeee bit toooo much!!"

She hiccuped and snickered. Luther was so mad he snet them all to bed. Lori laid and wondered if she should break them out or not. she pondered on in it and thought.............


Back at the jail.........

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B.L got up the next morning with a splitting headache she'd done some drinking of her own last night after squashing Andy's ego in that race and running a couple more just for fun. She hadn't drank as much as Lori but it had been enough to leave her head pounding, she smirked evilly knowing Lori would be worse for wear as drunk as she was last night and headed for Lori's room. Throwing the door open forcefully banging it against the wall forgetting about the fact the others might still be asleep she walked in and pulled Lori's covers off saying in a sing song voice.

"Goood morning cousin and how are you this fine day."

Lori pushed her hair off her face and grumbled at B.L

"What the h*** are you so cheerful about this morning?"

BL: "Why shouldn't I be in a good mood I whipped Andy's tail in that race last night."

Lori reached over the bed picking up a shoe and blindly chunking it at BL but missed. BL laughed and continued to pester Lori until she got up and then the fight was on again they were running through the house screaming.


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Back at the jail, Luke and Mark were replying that unmistakable sound of the cell door closing and locking behind them. Luke broke the silence first, "We got to call home."

Mark replied, "No use me calling my home. Dad has made it plain. I get myself in here I'm stuck."

Luke nodded. He had been there and heard the lecture from Mark's Dad. He knew as Mark did that he meant it. He'd talk to Jesse once he clamed down and see if Jesse would get Mark out too.

Once Rosco got done with his intitial gloating, Luke had asked to use the phone. Hopefully, before the others got home.

Jesse heard the phone ring. He had just gotten in with the others from delivering a urgent shipment of shine to a friend. "Duke Farm."

Luke sighed. He really dreaded this. He knew the day, well night, would come he would make this phone call but he still wasn't happy about it. He was happy that the others didn't get into trouble. "Uncle Jesse" Luke said with a lot less bravo than he had given the Trooper earlier.

Jesse asked, "Luke. Where are you? Don't tell me you're staying with Mark again. This is getting to be too much of a habit." Jesse said without giving Luke time to answer.

Luke replied, "Well, you might say I'm staying wit Mark but it's not intentional."

Jesse now heard Luke's voice. Something was wrong.

Luke continued, "We were arrested awhile ago........"

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Jesse counted ten before asking, "Who exactly is 'we' and Arrested for WHAT?"

Luke figured that it had went better than expected so far and replied, "Mark and I for basically racing. Rosco said they would set bail in the morning."

Jesse frowned and said, "I'll be there." and added, "Maybe." Just to worry Luke a bit. He wasn't at all happy with Luke causing attention to himself and his car that they sometimes used to run shine in. Jesse knew they would now be watching Luke and the car more.

Mark waited til Rosco went back to his desk across the room before he asked, "Well?"

Luke replied, "He said he'd be here in the morning. Maybe."

Mark sighed, "Maybe?"

Luke said, "Yeah. That's what he said." It was going to be a long night for these two.


Jesse was still up when the others made their way home. They all got a lecture and a half!


The next morning the Judge set their bail at $100 each. He hoed to also send a message to the other kids he had been informed were also out there. Jesse paid the $200 and the boys were released to him. He would make real sure they showed up all nice and on time for court when it was set in a week or so.

Luke and Mark went to the truck like a couple or whipped pups. Luke knew explaining to Jesse his logic about making a deal with the Trooper to let the others go would go over well right now. Jesse may understand and even appreciate it later but now wasn't the time.

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When they arrived home to get ready for school Coy, Vance, Jeb, Bo, Daisy all looked to them and laughed! Luke had a smug look on and frowned. Jesse had dropped Mark off at his house and brung Luke home.


Luther got up as Dixie and Cooter were rubbing their eyes. Lori had thrown things and almost hit Cooter, Cooter yelped,"Da--!! Lori!!! I aint B.L. dont throw things at me!!!"

Lori said she was sorry and went after B.L Luther stopping her. He had had enough." GIRLS!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! IF YOU SOO MUCH AS CUSS ONE WORD AT EACH OTHER ILL WHIP YOU BOTH!!!!"

Lori calmed down and got ready as did the rest.


When they arrived at school Vance walked with Lori in the school as always and kissed her forehead. Lori didn't know, she doesn't feel right with Vance, sure she likes him, he's definently not a good a kisser as Luke was.

Luke and Robin were busy discussing Luke's inccodent.

Cooter was with Bo and Dixie and Beth........

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Cooter was with Bo, Dixie and Beth; Bo was still amused at the hard time they'd all gave Luke at home this morning when Jesse had brought him home from jail. Dixie felt sorry for Luke cos him and Mark had taken all the heat for the racing to keep her and the rest out of trouble and out of jail.

B.L was with Tiffany and Wendy they hadn't been able to make it to the lake both had been out of town for the holiday, so B.L was filling them in.

"We got busted out at the lake ya'll Rosco and troopers showed up. Poor Luke and Mark took all the heat so's the rest of us wouldn't get in trouble and could go home. Good news is though I beat the tar outta Andy guess his car ain't as good as he thought and his drivin' ain't neither!"

The three girls continued to talk trash about Andy just laughing when he walked by and gave them a nasty look. The bell rang and they all went into class......

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Luke and Robin were busy discussing Luke's incident at lunch. Well, Robin thought it was more of a 'stunt' than an incident. She could hardly force herself to face her friends, a lot of which hadn't been to the lake for last nights events. In Hazzard due to the needed farm work in the fall and Spring they returned to school the day after Thanksgiving. Luke and Mark's absence was noted and commented on at the beginning of school. 'Talk' only continued to spread like wild fire after the boys eventually made it to school after being released from jail and grabbing a shower before spending the day in school. Hazzard was small but news of classmates being arrested by the State Police was still big news, no matter what the reason was.

Luke thought Robin blushed everytime someone said something to him about it. He wasn't really proud of spending the night in jail, but she was down right embarrassed.

When Cooter, Bo, Dixie, and Beth walked up and Cooter asked Luke, "Hey, what kinda birds don't fly?". He saw his timing was bad, very bad. He hadn't had the chance to rub it in yet!

Robin had turned three shades of purple before turning red with anger.

"Dead ones!" Luke said as he shook his head and Cooter and the rest made a quick escape. he then looked at Robin an said, "Would you have liked to have or had me explain to your father where his 17 year old ONLY daughter got the Jack Daniels she was drinking had I let them do breathalizers on you ALL?"

She lower her head and replied, "No. But, do they have to keep bringing it up?"

Luke smiled, "Yeah. For awhile anyway. You know how kind our classmates are. It's probably the biggest news going since Joel got caught running moonshine. It'll die down in a year or so!" He exaggerated and then added, "Besides, it was me who spent the night next to your brother in jail and I haven't had a he-- of a lot of sleep either."

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Lori and Vance were giggling and laughing in the hallways, as Cooter and Bo and Dixie walked by. They joined them and all started laughing.


At break it was the usual, Vance with Lori, Vance up against the wall, Lori leaning against him. Cooter stood beside them rolling his eyes. Em walked up to Lori and said,"I thought you were with him??"

Em said pointing to Luke.Lori sighed and said,"We uhh broke up..what is it??"

Em snickered,"Tonight naother race...wil you be there??"

Lori smirked,"Sure...im a glutton for punishment!"

Em nodded and walked off telling everyone Luke caught word of it and walked over to Lori pulling her to the side asking..........

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Luke caught word of it and walked over to Lori pulling her to the side asking, "Are ya'll CRAZY or plain STUPID?" He paused.

He had taken Lori a bit by surprise by the way he'd taken her arm. It wasn't ruff but it certainly was firm.

"After all the DA-- trouble I went to and got into to keep every DA-- one of you out of trouble and ya'll are going ot be FOOL enough to go right back TONIGHT of all times! I'm telling you, they are going to be watching up there heavy since they have all the names of those who was there last night!" Luke said in total amazement. "I'd think at least ya'll would appreciate what I did for you a little!"

Lori asked, "You're not coming? Chicken?"


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Luke flew mad,"No I aint chicken!! but if ya'll get caught I aint helpin ya out this time!"

Lori jerked her arm,"Whatever...I can take care of myself."

Luke walked back over to Robin and hook his head.


That night everyone arrived at the lake, again. Lori stood atop of her car and hollered,"HEY YA'LL LET'S GET THIS RACE STARTED!!!"

Everyone shouted and yelled. Luke and Mark were going to get the Dukes and Cooter was going to get the Davenports. When they arrived to try and herd them home, lori was already racing Ernie and won again. Them two got into it and Luke and Cooter tried to break it up, they were too busy arguing with each other when the cops pulled up and said,"Alright!!! freeze it!!! ALL of ya'll is off to the hous-cow!!"

Lori turned around and cussed a blue streak, Luke yelled at her,"See I told ya!!!"

B.L. was snapping at Lori.........

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B.L. was snapping at Lori, "This is ALL your FAULT!"

Lori lunged away from the Trooper and towards BL as the Trooper attempted to place the handcuffs on her.

The Trooper who had already cuffed BL saw it coming and moved her out of the way. Another Trooper moved to help contain Lori.

Luke shot Cooter 'a look' as he shook his head. They both knew that as the oldest of the families they were in really DEEP! Luke, Cooter, and Mark had already been cuffed and put in Rosco's car. Robin had been the only one with any since. Mark had went after their little brother who had went with Bo. Lori was finally placed in one car and BL in another. Vance, Jeb, Andy, and Ernie were placed in other cars. Bo, Dixie, David, and Coy were all put into car to be taken to the jail to call someone to come get them.

Once they finally got the group back to the jail, the Troopers were glad they hadn't arrested many more. Luke, Cooter and Mark were put in one cell, with Vance, Jeb, Andy adn Ernie in teh one beside them. Lori and BL were put in the cell upstairs.

The younger group were made to set down and wait on someone to come get them.


Jesse was just about to get him a piece of pie when the phone rang.

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B.L. looked to Lori and smacked her in the back of the head, Lori glared at B.L. and knocked her down to the ground. They started fighting. Rosco broke them up about the time Uncle Jesse and Luther walked in. Uncle Jesse took Lori by the arm and said,"YOU STOP IT!!! WHEN I GIT ALL OF YOU HOME IM GONNA TAKE YA'LL TO THE WOODSHED!!!!"

Lori rolled her eyes and shook her head slurring,"Yes'sir."


They all got bonded out and was taken to their cars, Lori and B.L. were forced to give their keys to Luther, who would take the cars to the garage. B.L. was cussing Lori for all she was worth. Lori didn't hand he rkeys over either, she was too drunk to know were she was. Luther jerked the keys outta her hands and Lori laughed at him. Uncle Jesse took Mark and David home, and took Bo and Luke home..... were he then beat them in the woodshed.

Luther had B.L. Cooter, and Lori at the house were he then took a wooden paddle and his belt and whipped them........

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Luke never said a word about why he was there. He'd wait until Jesse calmed down a lot. He hadn't whipped them in several years.

Once in their room Bo said, "Ah, I'm sorry about that Luke. I know you came after us."

Vance, Jeb and Coy muttered much of the same sentiments.

Luke shook his head and said, "It's OK. I'm the one who knew better. I knew not to go back up there, but I chose to!"

Vance replied, "To keep us out of trouble like you did last night."

Luke huffed, "Yeah. Lot of good I did. Just bought myself a bunch of trouble and a trip to the woodshed."


Back at the Davenports, Cooter was trying to keep Lori and BL from fighting and to get Lori sobered up. It seemed liek everything she had drank hit her all at once when the law showed up.

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B.L was fighting and cussing Cooter for all she was worth to get to Lori. Cooter made the mistake of leaving Lori long enough to get something when he came back B.L had Lori down on the floor sitting on top of her beating the living daylights out of her.

Cooter: "Brandy Lou stop it! Dad won't hesitate to whip you again the trouble ya'll be causing lately and all the fightin' between ya he's just about fed up with it!"

B.L: "It's her dang fault I got one anyway cos SHE got me arrested with her danged idea to go back to the lake tonight."

Cooter: "Nobody twisted yer arm and made you go back so gettin' arrested was YOUR own fault!"

Cooter struggled to get B.L off Lori who was too drunk to even fight back and do any good. Normally the two girls was about even in a fight but Lori didn't stand a chance being as drunk as she was and B.L's temper flying like it was. Finally getting B.L off Lori, Cooter plonked her butt down in a chair giving her a warning look that said if she moved he'd do some beatin' of his own. B.L sat there in a huff she'd wait till Cooter wasn't protecting Lori and go at her again.

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The next morning fortunately was Saturday. Luke was glad not to have to deal with school and everyone talking about him being arrested again, besides he was sure seating at a desk all day would be rather uncomfortable. Jesse hadn't cut him any slack. As he walked to the kitchen he was pretty stiff from his trip to the woodshed.

Jesse was already up and at the table with his coffee.

Luke spoke as normal, "Morning."

Jesse replied, "Morning. Coffee's ready."

Luke poured his coffee and instead of going outside to start his chores he very easily took a seat beside Jesse. "Uncle Jesse, about last night."

Jesse held up a hand and cut him off. "You....." Only to be cut off himself by a determined Luke.

"I KNEW better! I was the one who tried to talk the entire bunch into NOT going. Cooter, Mark and I found out they went anyway and went after them to try to keep them out of trouble. You know I haven't talked to Robin since then, if you don't believe me call and ask her. She was going to go with us but I knew what happened was possible and didn't want her in the middle of it."

Jesse would allow Luke's outburst this time but he added, "You know you were pretty lucky still. There were three minors up there. YOU were ONLY charged with one count of contributing along of course with the Speeding, reckless Driving and Racing from the other night."

That made Luke feel A LOT better. Yeah! He thought. But, opted to just listen.

Jesse continued, "Ya know the way I figure it you could be looking at about 15 months in jail?"

Luke knew Jesse was a pretty fair back porch lawyer and knew a bit about the law. Jesse had just put his stomach in his shoes!


Lori found out the next day from a still angry and loud Cooter in no uncertain terms through a pounding headache what she had been arrested for. Cooter told her loudly, "You KNOW they charged with Racing, Reckless Driving, Contributing and RESISTING ARREST! "

Well, actually she didn't until now. She was about to ask him to talk softer when he got louder.

"That COULD BE up to TWENTY-ONE MONTHS in jail!" He informed her. Cooter knew she had a headache and he was glad! Very glad as he had also been charged with contributing which could be up to 12 months in jail. Just because he went with Luke and Mark after them all! Which they knew they could have each been charged with three counts of contributing because there were three monors there and all had been drinking something. Cooter sure hoped she was happy now.

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