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John to be on 'Nip Tuck'


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I have never seen the show, but of the previews of the show that I've seen, I don't think I want to see it. I hate to say this, but I am really disappointed that John would do a show like Nip/Tuck, especially if he portrays such a charactor. I am surprised that he would agree to do such a show, afterall, his shows are normally family orienated and he seemed to pride himself as doing family shows. This definately is not a family show...in today's world, my opinion, there needs to be more family shows on TV that everyone can watch.

Once again, there is my two cents worth.

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Well, I thought I'd give my two cents also.. well more like a quarter cuz I have a bit to say on this. Personally, I agree with Garrett in that I think Nip/Tuck itself is the worst show on tv. I hate it. The only times I ever watched it was the ones John has been in so far, and that is strictly out of support for John, not the show.

As far as him doing it...I admit, I was disappointed that John had to do it to avoid being typecasted any further. It's unfortunate. At the same time, this is going to open doors for other opportunities for him. He has bills to pay, kids to put through college and food to keep on the table just like the rest of us... and he is an "actor." It's his job and though all of us on here don't understand why Hollywood producers aren't knocking down his door, the fact is that Hollywood is very competitive and out there, morals don't pay the bills.

I think as John has said "the end will justify the means" in this case. Maybe once he proves to them that he is more than just a "good ol' boy" more jobs will come his way and he can afford to be a little choosier.

I guess to close my quarter's worth, I'll end with something I told John that he appreciated- we all have to do things we don't wanna do sometimes outta necessity... especially when we have families to provide for. I'm not about to judge him based on his decisions...he's an actor...let him act.

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I don't like the show, too: I'll only see the few episodes with John, the series will arrive here in spring or summer, if I'm not wrong.

But it's true that an actor has to be different genre, one can't be always the same type of character.

For example, Robin Williams started as a comic, but he next played some beatiful dramatic parts.

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