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Davenport Family Reunion:Shes Back!!


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Lori Davenport had left Hazzard with her Uncle Luther, who had promised her he'd help take care of her and the baby. She returned back to a life on the roads, as a country music singer, with her 5 year old son, Jesse Lukas Duke, by her side. Jesse Lukas Duke was born on January 29 at 12:00 midnight, the same time that her and Luke had made the mistake in the begining. Jesse was a wild eyed, free spirited littl eboy, he had dark brown curls and eyes as blue as the sky. It figured, he'd be another Luke Duke, like father like son.

Every night Lori wondered if Luke knew about Jesse Lukas, turns out he did. Luke was reading the papers one daywhen he ran acroos the article that had a big picture of Lori and a small child in it, he read the article and looked at the picture, ti was his son, Jesse Lukas, a spitting image of him. Luke swallowed hard and shut his eyes.

Lori's manager walked through her door ranting on and on about something,"Well til ya make up new material, yer last shwo is in a place called Hazzard."

Lori nodded as she got up to pack her things, she knew the day would come whenever Jesse Lukas would ask her about his father. Speaking of the little devil, Jesse Lukas bounded through her doors,"HI MOMMY!!!"

he said as he ploppe don her bed."Are you leaving me again?"

Loir smiled turning to him,"No honey, mommy's going home, to were I grew up at. and yer coming with me."

Jesse Lukas smiled and giggled running out to pack his things. Luther walked in,"Leaving fer Hazzard huh?"

Loir sighed,"Yea unfortunatley...Jesse aint asked yet, I figured hed get around to it though sometime."

Luther sighed,"Well sugar ya knowits coming."

Lori looked to Luther,"Yea."

It took Lori about an hour to pack hers and Jesse Lukas's things, she threw them in the back of Midnight Rider and closed the trunk. "See ya sometime soon Uncle Luther!!" Lori said strapping Jesse Lukas into his booster seat in the back,Luther nodded and waved going back in.Lori's band had rode in the tour bus following her to Hazzard. As she drove down the road she saw the sign,"WELCOME TO HAZZARD COUNTY"

and felt a lump in her throat as she looked back to Jesse Lukas noticing him looking around in aw and amazement. When she was in town she thought about it and decided she should, she got on the CB to her driver in the tour bus and told him were to go to. Cooter had noticed ti and had saw the solid black 1969 Dodge Charger pull up to the curb,"IT CANT BE??" Dixie said in amazement as Lori climbed out,"Howdy ya'll!! miss me?"

Dixie looked up to her and smiled Luke swallowed hard seeing a small figure in the backseat. Dixie knew who he saw and shook her head. Lori reached throught the back and undid Jesse Lukas's seat belt and picked him up helping him out.As she sat him down on the sidewalk taking his hand, Luke dropped a monkey wrench on Bo's toes. Bo yelped out in pain as Luke couldn't find the words to say anything to her or his son so Luke said...................

for cued members only:me dixiedavenport,b.l. davenport and bethie88 if she wants to.

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Jesse Lukas looked to Luke and spoke up,"Mommy, why does he look famiwliar."

Loir giggled at her son;s speech an dlooked to Jesse Lukas and then to Luke,"Son ill have to explain tha to ya later."

Lori looked down to Jesse Allen and smiled,"Well Dix, trying to keep up with me was ya?"

Dixie snorted. Cooter walked over to Lori and swept up Jesse Lukas,"Howdy there little man, what cha been up too."

Jesse giggled,"Nothing much cuz!!"

Luke looked in amazement,"Cooter you know my.... and how?"

Cooter shook his head,":I went o see Lori at one of her shows and finally got to meet him.

Lori looked around,"Yea Im doing y last show here tonight in the twon square ya'll coming?"

Luke couldnt speak he was still in shock of seeing his first son there in front of him.

Dixie said.........

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Dixie grinned at Lori's comment about keeping up with her, and said, "Sure Cousin. We'll be there."

Luke asked, "Last Show?"

Lori announced, "One of my sponsors is Bush, so they'll have a beer truck there." she said for more Bo, Luke and Cooter's benefit.

Dixie said as she took her Jesse's hand, "Guess that's good for the guys, but I'll have ta pass. Luke I got to get to that appointment."

"Ah, yeah. Appointment. You want me ta come?" he asked. She had at first said no, but with Lori being in town, Dixie shot him a look that nearly begged.

Luke said to Cooter, "Shouldn't take long. Be back soon."

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Lori looked to Cooter and smiled,"I reckon I bes be heading on myself I have t' set up and get practice. Wanna watch Jesse Lukas?"

Cooter nodded taking Jesse Lukas on in the garage to show him around Bo got aquainted with him and looked to Lori,"Ya know Uncle Jesse'd like to see ya?"

Lori shook her head,"Not now, I cant, got too much but I will later,"Lori said running off towards the town square. When she got there she looked to her band and pulled out her guitar giving them the starting beat, she began to sing as Luke had heard her as did Dixie, Luke looked to his and Dixie's son, then to his and Lori's son, an dthen back to Lori, H eididnt know what to do now. Dixie looked up to him and notcied him listening to Lori, she was like a bug zapper that attracted bugs with ehr voice. Dixie squeezed Luke's hand taking him to the docs office with her.

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Luke fully expectd what would happen at the doctors office. He wasn't disappointed.

As Doc came out and smiled with what he thought was good news, "Congratulations! Luke, you can tell Jesse he has another Duke on the way."

Luke couldn't contain his prideful smile. He sai djust a bit more quieter than he planned, "Yeah, thanks Doc."

Doc smiled, "Dixie, I'll call you in some vitamins and see ya in about a month?"

Dixie sighed. She had known what she'd hear but wished they had planned teir timing better. "Thanks Doc."


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Luke shook his head, he figured two children with different moms was enough! NOOOO!! there had to be one more!! Luke took Dixie by the hand, carrying Jesse Allen in the other arm. As they walked out luke said nothing to Dixie as Dixie fully expected him not too.


Lori meanwhile was setting up stage as she saw Luke and Dixie head towards Cooter's. Luke didnt fully espect his ther son to be there. Lori continued carrying things around and painting signs. When Dixie walked over to her wanting to talk."UHHH...5 mintue break fellers,"Loir said holding up 5 fingers and wiping the sweat from ehr eyes,"Yea??"

Luke looked down and saw Jesse Lukas there and his eyes got big and wide.

Luke knelt down beside him as little Lukas asked him a question............

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Luke knelt down beside him as little Lukas asked him a question, "Why do you look so much like me?"

Luke replied, "Becase we are related, Lucas."

"We are?" asked the child that seemed much older than the 5 years his father knew him to be.

Luke continued, "Before your Mom leaves, maybe we'll explain how we are related. OK? It's sort of complicated, but you seem like a smart young fella."

Lori walked up in time to hear Luke say tha tbefore Lori left they may explain things to Lucas.

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Lori stopped dead and looked to Luke and she dropped the paint bucket she had in her hand as her eyes got big and round. Dixie looked to Lori and waved her hands infrotn of her eyes,"yoohoo!! Lori,Loren Davenport!!"

Lori snapped into focus,"Luke......what.did........you tell him?"

Lori got upset and nervous. Luke got up and looked to Lori,"Nothing I never said......"

Lori stopped him mid-sentence,"Luka I iant ready to tell him yet!"

Luke hung his head,"Hes gotta know sometime or another Lor."

Lori looked down,"I aint about to tell him yer his..... not yet atleast, no matter how long its been."

Luke threw his hands up in th eair,"FINE!! DONT TELL HIM!!! he'll find out one day though."

Lori shook he rhead in frustration,"I KNOW THAT DANG IT I AINT DUMB!"

Luke started getting ancy, him and Lori got into it, til suddnely Luke let it slip,"Ohh yea sure just like Jesse Lukas';; never know im his FATHER!" Luke caught himself sayin git cupping his hands over his mouth.Lori dang near fainted.

The young boy looked up to Luke,"yer my daddy??"

Lori looked to Jesse Lukas, as he asked another question,"Why arent you with my mommy?"

Lori looked down and back to Luke,"GREAT!!!!!! WAY TO GO LUKE!!!"

Luke looked to Jesse Lukas and then to Lori saying..........

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Lori looked to Luke and shot him a look from h---, "Luke,keep it up, yere asking fer it!"

Luke shrugged a little rolling his eyes."Look, hows bout this, I take him to school the first day and ill tlak to him a litle bout it, you come to the farm and me and you both will explain it a little more in depth to him?" Luke asked smirking a little as he knew hed piss lori off.

Lori shrugged,"Whatever, hes yer son too I can't stop."

Luke looked to Lori,"Why you did 5 years ago."

Lori knew she did and she figured it was fer the best, she humped her shoulders up and turned to walk away.

Luke looked down to Little Luke.............

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Luke looked down to Little Luke, "Well, Let's just say you have a lot more relatives in Hazzard than you knew about." Lue looked to Lori who had let the 'cat' outta the bag when she said, 'he's your son too.' "Lori woud you like to come out to the farm too? Jesse and everyone would love to see you too?"

Lori replied...............

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Lori replied,"Well considerin I done opened my mouth I reckon I iant gotta choice, tryin to keep him from finding out was my main goal, looks like I done blew it!"

Lori threw her hands in the air, wait a mintue she couldn't go, she had to help set up with the show, she pu ton a big smile and wrinkled her nose,"I cant, I gott ahelp set up my show!"

Little Luke looked to his mom,"C'mon Mommy!!!!! i WANNA GO!!!!"

Luke looked down to Little Luke and smirked looking back to Lori,"Yea mom, he wants t' go check everything out!"

Dixie saw the look Lori gave Luke her fists clenched,"When I getta ahold of you Luke I'll....."

Dixie stepped infrotn of Lori calming her down,"Easy cousin, it'll be better on ya if ya go talk to uncle Jesse, sides ya dont have t' be around HIM anyways."

Dixie was alittl eupset at Luke, Luke's attitude had changed and Lori couldn't figure out why. Lori walked over to Little Luke and picked him up,"Ill go, but hes coming with me, reckon hes gotta go through enough a pain as it is,"

Luke sighed he already felt one of his drinking binges coming on.

They got into their vehicles and pulled away. Little lukas looked to Lori and asked,"Mommy, do you love daddy?"

Lori squealed the car to a hault and looked to her son, her eyes wide as she said..........

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Lori squealed the car to a hault and looked to her son, her eyes wide as she said, "That is something you'll have to be older to understand, OK?"

Little Luke shook his head, 'no'.

Lori told her son, "Even if I explained everything to you, you would still be confused. Honey, I lived it and it still confusses me. Now, when we get out here I want you to be on your best behavior. Remember to say 'please' and 'thank you' and don't get dirty. I still have a show to do tonight."

"Ok, Mommy." he replied.

Lori pulled out dreading this. She hoped that Little Luke didn't ask a lot of embarassing questions.

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As they arrived at the farm Uncle Jesse walked out to see Lori pull in. He smiled as he saw Jesse Lukas step out as well with her. Jesse Lukas smiled and said,"Howdy sir, MY names Jesse, Jesse Lukas."

Uncle Jesse smiled and said,"Howdy there lil feller, my names Jesse too!"

Lil Luke smiled and looked up to his mom.

"Howdy Uncle Jesse long time no see?"

Uncle Jesse nodded giving her hug. Lori missed him more than anything.

Lori looked around to Luke who was climbing out of the general watching Lil Luke pet on Maudin, who seemed to like it!!

Lori looked to LIL Luke and smiled,"Be careful now honey, Maudine'll kick ya."

Luke looked to Lori and said....

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Dixie had left town just in time to beat Luke home. She came out on the porch with Jesse Allen changed into play clothes. "Lori I'll call Bo, Jr.and he can help keep an eye on the boys if you'd like to discuss exactly how to explain all this."

Lori replied, "Bo, Jr's too young to watch them."

Dixie smiled, "You've been gone awhile."

A tall blonde teenager walked out of the barn.

Dixie pointed, "He's almost thirteen now."

Lori didn't want this conversation but would have to agree it was best to get one story than 4 or 5 different versions. "OK, you can go play Luke vbut don't get dirty."

Both Lukes rolled their eyes at her statement.

This was seen by Lori, Jesse and Dixie who had to fight to keep from laughing at the two make the same expression.

Luke watched his son go to the other boys, "On a farm? Don't get dirty? Lori you should know better."


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Lori turned and smirked at Luke,"Ive been in Nashville tooo long seems to be."

Luke nodded and smiled at her. Lori watched as Luke Jr, and Jesse Allen, Bo jr. walk out to the barn. When she got in she could smell fried chicken and home-made biscuits,"

Lori inhaled the smells Luke smiling,"Suppose ya missed that smell as well?"

Lori looked at him and msiled,"Yea, i have."

Dixie smiled and asked Lori,"Wanna stay fer supper then?"

Lori nodded and looked to Dixie,"Well.I dunno........."

Uncle Jesse nodded,"Yea set down two more plates tonight."

Lori sighed as Uncle Jesse had made her mind up for her. Luke looked to Lori who sat at the table,"So...what are we going to tell him?"

Lori looked at him,"I dont know Luke, I mean the only place t' start is......highschool.....then when i left and the reunion......"

Luke sighed as he hated to bring up the past,"Highschool........"

Lori sighed,"yea something I only want him, me and you to know about."

Luke nodded as he caught her drift.


Suppertime rolled around and as everyone said grace Jesse Lukas who had requested to sit between Luke nad Uncle Jesse, looked to Luke and smiled.

He really got attached to him awfully quick. Lori smiled at Jesse Lukas as he looked to Uncle jesse and smiled,"This food is great Mr. Duke."

Uncle Jesse looked to Lori as Lori shook he rhead saying she hadnt told him nothing yet. Uncle Jesse smiled and said,"Call me yer Uncle Jesse, son."

Jesse Lukas smiled and continued eating.


Lori had a beautiful little dress picked out as her and Dixie was in Daisy's room getting them ready Bo and Luke had the boys in their rooms getting them ready. Lori wore a beautiful red dress, strapless, with white open-toed high heels, her hair hung loose, curled with a curling iron as she dabbed alittl ebit of perfume on her. She had very little makeup on you could hardly tell, she looked better that way. She walked out as she saw Luke ready as well, it killed her to know him and Dixie was together... Little Luke walked out wearing a a littl eplaid shirt just like Luke, Lori smiled, this one particular moment reminded her of when they were in highschool, when she had gotten ready with Dixie for dates to go on with Luke. Luke saw Lori and almost tripped over Little Luke,"L...Lori hey...uh..."

Lori rolled her eyes and smiled. Luke could remember getting this tongue tied whnever he would go on dates with ehr in highschool, he could aslo remember it with Dixie too, he knew tonight there was gonna be trouble in Hazzard again.

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Dixie enjoyed getting ready with Daisy and Lori for the concert. It was a good memory from their school days. Even thought she and Lori had usually always competed for Luke's attention they had done it friendly in those days. Now, Dixie was his wife of five years, the mother of his second son with another due she figured in about another 5-6 months.

They had both expected the test results to be positive, but had put off going for them. They both had wanted more children but would have preferred to wait for another year of so. Luke had insisted paying child support for Jesse Lucas even though Lori hadn't needed it or wanted it. Dixie knew he was doing it out of pride and honor but sometimes when their budget was really tight the added money would have helped and she knew Lori didn't need it but she had for the most part supported Luke in this decision.

Dixie had chosen her 'faorite dress' which happened to be her favorite blue jeans and boots with a white low cut blouse and deniem vest that tied in front. After Jesse's birth she returned pretty much to her normal figure with only slighty wider hips and a bit larger bust size. The vest accented these points favorably.

When she walked out seeing that Bo and Luke had enjoyed getting both boys ready she had to laugh. It looked like twins standing their with Luke. Before she could say anything though she caught Luke look at Lori dress, maybe it was insecurity maybe it was the hormones from the pregnancy but, Dixie didn't like the look.


Little Luke had to tell Lori what he'd learned in his short time in Hazzard. "Mommy, his name is Jesse too and he's five years old too."

Luke shrugged and nodded, 'no'. Then looked to both boys, "You know boys talk."

Bo was about to laugh until he saw the look on Dixie's face that had obviously been missed by Luke. He'd have to tryto talk to Luke before all he-- brok loose again. Bo decided to hopefully rescue his cousin, "So if everyone's ready let's get going."

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Lori looked to Little Luke and smiled, taking his hand. She walked out of the room were Uncle Jesse was waiting on them. Uncle Jesse smiled looking to Lori, he could remember back then, meeting her when her and Luke would go on dates. He missed those days in a way. Lori put Little Luke in the car and had easily climbed through her window with no problmes at all. She started ti up roaoring out. Bo looked to Luke who watched her leave, Dixie staring a hole through him. Bo looked to Dixie and shook his head, telling her not to worry. Dixie didnt worry with it, they climbed in the general and pulled away Dixie not speaking to Luke, daisy and uncle jesse in behind.


When they all arrived they saw Lori on stage plucking on her guitar, practicing and warming up. Little Luke was with Cooter who had them all a seat saved in the front. They walked up Luke setting to the end, to were he could see good, Dixie rolled her eyes and crossed her legs, she knew Lori'd be trouble,again.

Little Luke got up and walked toup the stage to Lori,"Mommy, when are you gonna start singing?? im bored!!!"

Lori put her guitar away picking him up and carrying him off stage. Luke stopped her saying,"Let him stay here with me, Ill watch him."

Lori nodded setting him beside Luke,"Mommy'll be singing here in about 5 minutes darlin."

She kissed his cheek and walked back up stage.

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Luke brought him back to where the large group was setting. He felt many Hazzard eyes on him when he put Little Luke in the chair with Little Jesse. They were both Luke Duke, Sr. made over. The fact that both boys were dressed in nearly they same manner only brought this out more. The boys were now wedged in between Dixie and Luke to insure no more escapes.

Dixie too felt the stares they were all getting as the boys talked amoung themselves about important five year old stuff like bikes and toys.

Jesse saw how Luke had been acting since Lori showed up. He felt that he needed a heart to heart with that boy soon! Because if what Jesse thought was going on with him and Dixie there was another Duke on the way. Jesse was seeing how Luke was watching Lori. This could only be trouble, especially of Dixie was pregnant as he suspected.

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Lori smiled looking back to her band,"Howdy Hazzard!!!!"

everyone clapped and whislted. "Tonights my last night after 5 more joyous years of singing and entertaining, as I just cant think fo anymore songs!!! Ding Dang it!! "

Lori said with a laugh. she started the show by playing one chord and saying one phrase from the song, "Learning to Love."

Everyone went wild and began singing with her. She played all of her hits such as,"Up on a hill, Road Home, Gone in a heart beat and more." there was one song that she had wrote about Luke from when they were younger, Strawberry Wine.

Luke watched her and felt a tingling feeling inside of him, he didnt know what to make of it.He looked to his wife who looked enranged.

Lori played her last song which she wrote a bout Luke along time ago,"Turn one of us Loose." Dixie caught on and was thinking the same thing.

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Dixie had watch Luke watch Lori more than she had watched the show. At first she thought he was giving her attention becasue of Little Luke, but he had barely looked at either boys duing the show.

As everyone was standing up, Dasiy whispered for only Dixie to hear, "Easy, there your horns are showing."

Dixie replied, "I know they are. I hate it but they are."

Daisy again whispered, "But he's going home with you."

"I know." Dixie replied, "I'm being sillly aren't I?"

Daisy looked at Luke, "Ah, ..... no, ....... Sugar, ......... you aren't."


Once everything was pretty settled, Cooter asked the group, "So, are we all going to the Boar's Nest?"

Dixie and Lori immediately looked to the little ones.

Cooter's grin changed to a sadden look. Things had changed in Hazzard after all.

Jesse spoke up, "Well, these two fellows look like they'd like a 'famous Uncle Jesse' snack and a bedtime story." Jesse's snacks usually consisted of homemade cookies and milk.

Little Luke begged, "Can I Mommy? Pleaseeeeeee?"

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Lori looked to Little Luke,"Yea, I want you t' get a taste of uncle jesse's finest."

Uncle Jesse smiled and took their hands walking them to his pickup.

Lori looked to her band,"Can ya'll get it?" they nodded and started cleaning up.

Luke looked to Lori and smiled,"You were great, you havent sung Strawbeery Wine fer...."

Lori looked to Dixie who was turning orange,"Yea I...uh I know its been awhile."

She quickyl marched to her car and easily climbed in sighing and exhaling,"Phewww, that was a close one."


Everyone was at the Boar's Nest when acouple walked over to Lori as Luke and them walked in, they asked her to sing her ong,"Up on a Hill."

She smiled as Luke and Dixie walked over,"Yea Lor, why don;t ya sing it again fer us all."

Luke asked Lori looked to Dixie and asked her,"Dix, is it alright with you."

Dixie snorted,"I iant he one singing now am I?"

Lori shook her head and stood turned towards the couple begining to sing.

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Cooter suggested, "Let's grab a table fore this whole place fills up."

Dixie, Luke, Bo and Beth, along with Cooter's date, Alma,headed towards a back table.

Daisy came over to the table. She had supposed to have had the night off but was asked to help out for a bit, "Ok, new I shouldn't have come in here! What can I get ya'll a round of beers?"

Everyone at the table nodded, 'yes' except for Dixie.

Dixie replied, "I'll take a Diet coke and you can keep the ice."

Daisy looked at her friend with a questioning look, then to Luke with the same look.

Luke's response was a look that suggested, 'Not now.'

Daisy replied, "Diet Coke, no ice, sure thing.


Lori's band had set up some basic equipment. And Lori began to sing.......

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Lori began to sing the couples favorite song. When she looked to them and smiled she could see how inlove they were with each other. She looked to her band who she gave them a 'hold on' look. The couple looked to her and asked her to yet again play another song," Well didn't ya'll go to the show?"

Lori asked smiling to them. they shook their heads no and she sighed.

she gave her band the beat to the song,"Red Hot Love."

She thought on it a while and looked to Dixie, she walked over,"Would it bother ya any to let Luke here sing with me, mamas dont yer babies grwo up to be cowboys?"

Dixie shrugged as she didnt care. Lori looked to Luke and asked him,"Come on!! come sing with me!!"

Luke at first thought on it, her band had and extra guitar and handed it to him, she gave him and the band a beat and she announced,"Howdy ya'll, I needed some help with this song, as my good buddies waylon and willie aint here with me, i decided to get my old friend Luke Duke, help me out.

Lori looked to Luke who began to sing"Mamas dont let yer babies grow up to be cowboys"

Luke smiled to her as their voices harmonized perfectly together. When the song was done Dixie rolled her eyes to Luke and Lori, she looked to everyone ,"Hes havin fun aitn he???!"

Everyone looked to her and their eyes got big.


Little Luke looked up to Uncle Jesse,"SIr, why isnt my mom and dad toghether?"

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