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Fanfic Character Biographies

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I guess that I will go first! :smile:


I got hooked watching the Dukes the first time when I was 7 years old back in 1979, and I still like them today! :smile:


I got hooked reading Dukes fanfiction about 4 years ago when I started reading stories off of MaryAnne's site! There is some good reading there at her site! :smile:

Then about 3 years ago, after reading different Dukes stories, that got me thinking about creating a teenage character that her family was best friends with the Coletrane family, and who can handle the Dukes! :smile:


Here is a Biography of my fanfic character Vicki! :smile: :smile:

**Vicki Lynn Jones (Duke)

CB Handle-"Little Red" or "Sweet Angel"

She is good friends with all of the Coletrane family, due to Rosco being Vicki's god-father, due to her dad Dick being Rosco's best friend!

She is a fun loving redhead with a firey temper!

She was 16 years old when her family moved from Oklahoma to Hazzard County in July 1978.

She became a Hazzard County Deputy soon after making an 'Unusual Arrest'. She worked with Rosco, Enos, and Cletus for a while until she got a job offer from Sheriff Little.

She is currently working for Sheriff Little in Chickasaw County,and works occasionally undercover (Sometimes as a crook) with the FBI Department.

She & her friends from high school started the band, the Heartbreakers. They sing occasionally at the Boar's Nest.

She was Bo Duke's best friend before they eventually got married.

At first she owns a baby blue 1966 mustang, but it gets repainted & redone for a race.

She traded her car in on a new 1997 black mustang later.

That's all I have on my fanfic character Vicki for now! :smile:

TAKE CARE Y'ALL! :smile:

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Chet Hugh Duke born to Gabriella(Gaby) Sherilly and Bo Duke on Augest 22, 1985. Chet has a mind of his own and at times can tend to get in more trouble than his dad did at his age. He's a wise young fellow whos has every girl's head turning when he walks by. He loves cars, exspecially his car Ghost. He is a tall 6foot 3inches. He goes a rather light 180pounds for his height. This is one boy that you don't wanna' mess with on the race track. He has the driving instinks of his father and the brightness of his mother.

Breyer Sterling Duke born to Gabriella(Gaby) Sherilly and Bo Duke on Augest 22, 1983. Breyer is a looney and funny guy. His eyes are a creamy brown. His eyes deep with gullys help prove the long nights and hours he has spent working on his car Moon Light. His dirty hands, stained with greese matches the color of his hair. He's a rough looking handsome man. Breyer has the I.Q. of an Engineer with out going to collage. Hid body arched from the daily muscle strain. Breyer hides his I.Q with his funny atitude and clowny identity.

Jessie(Jess) Mae Duke born to Barbra Livingston and Luke Duke on Febuary 19, 1981. Now theres a rough, tough , smart girl who knows her place. She likes racin' her motorcycle, specialy her dirt bike "Tarty'. There a two of a kind. She see's it this way, if the guy next to her can do it than she can do it too. Jess loves to read and at times has been called the best drawer in Hazzard County. She's anothor one that knows how to cause trouble, but she almost always gets away without any kinda charges. But look out cause shes got the wisdom of her great Uncel Jessie.

Wyman(Wheeler) Sutton Duke born to Cathy Duke and his father Eric whos last name is unknown because they were never married. He was born on October 7, 1981. Wheeler is unlike the other Dukes, he comes form Tulsa Oaklahoma and grew up in the city. Tho anyone with Duke blood is naturally a good ol' boy, Wheeler has his own ways. He moved to Hazzard with his wife Hilery Ann Davenport afetr being shot in the chest during a gang fight. The Night of Rage, Rage is his 71 Dodge Charger given to him by his father on the night of his death when Wheeler was only 17 years of age. The car holds the deep Rage with in Wheeler. (Wheeler was created by DJ Duke and me. He was created in honor and memorie of Waylon Jennings. My friends and I will never forget the true "Good Ol' Boy". Legends Never Die...They live FOREVER...)

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Essy-Jane Tizdale Born and raised in Oklahoma by one of her Aunts. Essy's parents died in a car crash. Her sister, Megan, was sent to go live in Hazzard for about a year (with Miz Tizdale) after the crash. But the girl was too wild and ended up going to jail.

Essy on the other had continued living in Oklahoma until Mis Tizdale got pnemonia. Essy was 18 years old and took over the mail service while her Aunt was ill. Don't worry, she did it real legal like.

She was very into Bo and Luke who were too old for her at the time. She made them think she was way older by how she talked.

Essy drives a 1969 charger called Uncle Sam. It is painted black and has an American flag painted on the top. There's an Eagle painted trunk. :grin:It is an all American car :grin: There's an 13 painted on the door

When Essy was 19 years old she went to a boxing fight with a bunch of her guy friends and fell in love with the boxer, Judd Duke. They end up getting engaged in Hazzard (As known in the story.)

Now if only they can get to the wedding :grin:



The board queen:

Messy Essy

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REAL NAME: Maxwell James Davenport


Age: 24

HEIGHT: 5'8"



EYE COLOR: blue (wears an eyepatch because of an accident with pirotechnics)

Originally from Hazzard but has lived in LA for the past 9 yrs

OCCUPATION: Stuntman and Piro expert

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Here is my fanfic character's Biography: :wink:

NAME: Vicki Lynn Jones (Duke)

She is god-daughter of Rosco, due to her family being best

friends with the Coletrane family.

PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Hazzard County or Chickasaw County, depending on which storyline is used and year of story. 2nd home is at Mountain Creek Lake in Chickasaw County.

AGE: Late teens to 30's depending on which storyline is used and year of story.

BIRTHDATE: April 26, 1962 or April 26, 1972 - Depending on the year of story


HAIR: Auburn-light brown EYES: Blue-gray

OCCUPATION: Hazzard County Deputy & Chickasaw County Deputy. Was a deputy for Rosco in early stories, later stories she is a deputy for Sheriff Little in Chickasaw County. Also became Sheriff of Chickasaw County after Sheriff Little retires- Timeline: 1999 to 2002

*Works occasionally undercover with FBI as a crook

PERSONALITY: She has a real bad temper when she's under a lot of stress or of jealously. Most of the time, she's sweet and shy. Lots of fun to be with.

CB HANDLES & NICKNAMES: "Little Red" or "Sweet Angel"

CB Handle in Chickasaw County: *Chickasaw Redhead*

CAR: 1)1966 Black Mustang 2)1997 Black mustang GT convertible

3)2000 Black Corvette Convertible


*Vicki had lots of friends. Her very best friend is Bo Duke. They did practically everything together unless Bo was with Luke and Vicki was with her sister Pam, Daisy, or her roommate Katie Williams. They eventually fell in love and married after they dated steadily for a while.

*Vicki was also friends with Hughie Hogg. They met for the 1st time when

Hughie showed up in Hazzard to film a movie about the Dukes. He tried to

con Vicki into helping him then, but she refused. They teamed up together

for a while when Vicki was separated from Bo for a short while. They still

work together now in Chickasaw County running the county.

:) That was an updated biography on my fanfic Character Vicki Lynn Jones! :)

Take Care Y'all! Keep Smiling! :D

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Here is one of my character's biography:

Kristian Marie Duke (Kristy)-

Kristy is currently twenty-six years old and is five feet and four inches tall with green-blue eyes that are soft and gentle, along with loving and caring. She has thick, soft, and long strawberry blond hair that she pulls the sides up into a large barrette usaully, her thick hair is naturally curly at the ends of the hair, large curls. She has a soft tan complexion. She was born on July 18, 1975 to Jeremiah and Jayne Duke, who divorced when she was three years old and then moved to Knoxville, TNN from Hazzard County; so Jayne could marry a rich lawyer who she has two boys to; everyone being protective of Kristy since she is the only girl or sister. She returned to Hazzard every weekend to see her dad until he disappeared from Hazzard in attempt to run out on his second wife.

She married Trevor Hodges, her long time boyfriend, after finding out she was pregnant. Once married Trevor began abusing her over trivial stuff, though she was too afraid to leave him...while fighting to protect Jamie Lynn...her first daughter. Three years later she found that she was pregnant and a couple months later after Trevor abusing her so bad that she was scared for her unborn baby's life, she bravely walked out on him, taking Jamie with him. She later delivered him the divorce papers, restraining him any visitation to thier children. Though after a year he returned wishing for vegence toward her, only to be stopped by Garrett Duke, where they both ran off to Hazzard County, to start a new life.

Kristy is Bo's half sister whose life revolves around her children: Jamie Lynn Duke and Shayne (Shay) Micheal Duke, her one main reason for awakening every morning. She now is a secetary for Boss Hogg and enjoys her job, even though Hogg pushes her hard for everything that is asked for. Kristy owns a 2000 black 4x4 Silverado truck with tinted windows that William, her step-dad bought her for her birthday, that she has named Silver Bullet.

Kristy is a very caring and loving person, who gives her best at everything she does. She has a can-do attitude and dislikes negative attitude. She is willing to help anyone in need of any help or just to be there to listen whenever anyone needs to talk to someone. She is determined to do the right thing and has a slight temper that she holds back on most occasions. She is willing to work hard to achieve a positive out come, she is strong willed. She knows what she wants and is willing to work for it.

Kristy enjoys spending time with her family, trying to get reaquinted with Jesse and Daisy as well as trying to get to know her brother that she thought was dead, Bo. Her hobbies are: reading, helping others, spending time with family, cooking and cleaning, playing baseball, and writing.


How's that for a biography? :-? Hope y'all like it...if so I can write one for Garrett and Tobias.

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Charley Diane Davenport,her friends call her CD ,was raised in Hazard mostly by her brother Cooter after her parents death in a mudslide that happened on a rainy day in Hazzard after Sandy and Rob Davenport had stopped to help people trapped.CD was a late child for the couple after they believed they could have no more children after their son Cooter was born,and was therefore cherished by her parents and older brother.Cousin Hillery was raised with CD and the two were more like sisters than cousins.CD always harbored a crush for the much older Luke Duke but he broke her heart by telling her she was too young for him before she left for college in the city.After spending 2 years away from Hazzard,an older more independant,less niave CD returned to visit her brother,and inform him that she was moving back to Hazzard.At 19,she is the youngest of the Davenports,though barely as she is of a similar age to Nancy-Lou and Hilery.

CD is a petite 5'5,with blond hair that used to be almost platinum,but is now a more ordinary ash colour.She is curvaceous,has big blue eyes,and unknown to her family,has a tatoo of 'always a country girl' on her back,courtesy of one of her boyfriends in the city.She is independant to an extent,dreamy,kind-hearted and friendly,her years away told her that her heart belonged to Hazzard,and she loves it more than anywhere else on earth,as this is where she feels close to her parents,and can be with Hilery and Cooter,and depending on if she's around,Nancy-Lou.

She has been up to many things in her time away,which many of the Hazzardites would never dream of,espescially her brother who has taken on the role of her father.Cousin Hilery seems the only one who can rival her naughty streak,but Hilery does not hide it while CD keeps hers below the surface.Although she seems gentle,she is more than able to defend herself and her family and friends if the incident arrises,she also has the mean Davenport temper which few have seen!

She drives a car,which her cousin Hillery and her,own named ,'Red Riding Good',a red cadillac.And she's not too ladylike that she won't join in the ploughing,or with rounding up cattle when she needs to.

Her best friend is her cousin Hilery,although she is also close to Vicki,Val and Daney,she admires MaryAnne and hopes to be as strong as her and thinks that Essy is lovely.

Her brother is the closest man to her,but she has always remained close to Bo and Luke and likes spending time with Brian,she is yet to really know Chet but she feels that he is good enough and good for her cousin. Currently her eye is on Ebony White,who she used to be best friends with as a little girl,but unfortunately,wouldn't you know it,he's a badboy!

So there you have it everything so far on CD Davenport.......................

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Guest Cowboy Reed Hayes

Everyone calls me Cowboy, Im 17, born in 1987. Im about 5'11", I got black hair and love ridding broncos!

My sister Amy, my father Joe and I were in a 4 car accident when I was 16, my sis and father were killed. My mother Stacy is in a specail hospital for going crazy after my father and sister died. I was in the hospital for 4months because of my injurys in the accident.

I was sent to a foster home one month before my 17th birthday, I ran away two weeks after coming to that horrible place. My horse "Hombre's Amigo" my best friend in the world was sold to a rich horse breeder who used him for a work horse before i got outta the hospital. I stole my horse back and rode the big liver gelding pinto until I got to Hazzard county GA... :wink:

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Hi, Y'all! I hope that your day is going well! :)

Sorry I haven't been on regularly. I'm now just back to writing on a part-time basis. Y'all bear with me as I get my current fiesty character Vicki under control. But that's a good laugh, y'all! :p


Here is my newest character:

NAME: Joy Lynn Kelly

OCCUPATION: Hazzard County's newest Veternarian.

She will be eventually working on farm animals to help pay her mortgage on her new farm to Boss Hogg. She is also a professional barrel racer when not out taking care of animals.

CURRENT RESIDENCE (character hasn't moved to Hazzard yet): Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Another Oklahoma girl, but this girl isn't as fiesty as a certain redhead!

DATE OF BIRTH: July 31, 1953


HAIR: jet-black EYES: Grey

CAR: Currently driving a White Ford Bronco with maroon stripes.

CB HANDLE: Barrel Racer or Vet Lady

JoLynne's favorite music is Country Music, although you can hear an occasional rock-n-roll tune every once in a while. Her attitude on life is always to be happy in what you do.


*That's all I have so far! Y'all will be able to see her shortly in the future! 1st story is now in the works! 8)

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name: Tunder (Riddick) Mason Chase

age: 24 (in year 2002)

eyes: Surgical procedure that modifies the eyeballs enabling one to see in the dark, but only in completely unintelligible flashes of colour, while simultaneously destroying one's daytime vision. He wears a pair of special black goggles during the day so that he can see.

hair: dark brown or black (he usually has his head shaved but, sometimes has a trace of hair and a go-tee)

Status: not married

height: 6' 2"

weight: 240

Riddick is a pardoned convict of Flordia State Jail and has a flary temper and size enough to enforce it. He is day blind, it was a medical punishment that he recived for murdering his step brother and killing ex-lover. [ Riddick is based on Vin Diesel and the character that he played in the movie called "Pitch Black". Im sorry to report that I dont know who created or owns the character himself, wether it is Warner Brothers or another company. Who ever it is I want them to know that I give them credit for Riddick and not myself. But I also want Vin Diesel to know that I give him credit for bringing the reality of Riddick to life.]

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Hey Maryanne, little late for that don't ya think, he's already here if he's posted his bio :lol:

sorry couldn't help that one

but i have been developing another character myself. You all will probrably not see him on hazzardnet or anything for a long time because I want to do some more with hilery before bringing him in. You might see him previewed in a story or two that i write as a solo or joint effort, but that is it.

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I wasn't making fun of your character, that paper thing happens to be what I do when I am done with a paper in real life. I didn't realize you would take it so damn serious.

I was going to post this next part in a separate post...

Ode to Chet Duke by Daney Duke and Hilery Davenport

DaneyDuke (11:12:59 PM): Was it just a year ago this very month that I first met you. Now your gone like leaves in the fall when the days are turning into winter. (m)

DaneyDuke (11:13:52 PM): I'm glad you were here even if it was just for a little awhile.

DaneyDuke (11:14:49 PM): How to say good bye when you don't want too... but you know you must. I wish you the best in your endeavors.

DaneyDuke (11:15:59 PM): (d)

DaneyDuke (11:16:01 PM): your turn

Scooter 986 (11:17:19 PM): but you will always be remembered, always welcome to return. We will never turn out backs on you.

Scooter 986 (11:18:22 PM): our friendship will never be broken with you gone,it will jsut grow stronger from days paste, and even more if you are back.

Scooter 986 (11:19:17 PM): you were like a member of the family, always to be loved, and always to be cherrished, you were like a sibling i never had. I always wished for a friend like you.

Scooter 986 (11:31:38 PM): you were one of my best pals, kind and understanding, yet with a firey timper. At times you could be dangerous and wild. but to me, most people who were once friends, are always my friends.

Scooter 986 (11:32:24 PM): (ur turn)

DaneyDuke (11:35:28 PM): Some of us didn't get to know you as well as Hilery did but you were pretty cool. I don't know what else to say because I know there was a reason you came to Hazzard and a reason you have left.

DaneyDuke (11:35:47 PM): (d)

Scooter 986 (11:37:37 PM): But you were great to everyoen as long as they didn't tick you off. Anyone who made you mad had to look out cause you would get them one way or anther.

Scooter 986 (11:44:16 PM): yoru turn

DaneyDuke (11:44:30 PM): I cant think of anything else.

Scooter 986 (11:45:59 PM): You were more like family then a friend. I hope you return to us one day my friend, for i am a little lost wihtout you pal. It don't matter how long you stay away. . . just come back to us someday soon. . . please. (d)


Hazzard is a peaceful county... let's keep it that.

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Hazzard is a peaceful community. I wouldn't live anywhere else. :D

Everyone has been very helpful to me since I moved to Hazzard back in January.

Unless I have to move out for any reason. Just Kidding, y'all! :)

As for my new character Joy, she is also not a Hazzard County resident until she buys that farm that Boss Hogg has for sale. But I'm working on her moving to Hazzard maybe by the weekend if I'm lucky! 8)

Y'all have a great day! Take Care! 8)

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Yep,Cyber Hazzard is a great place 2 live.And everyone is nice to each other here,we have our own friendly community,I'd say all is calm here on Walton's mountain.

Goodnight MaryAnne,goodnight Vicki,goodnight Daney,goodnight essy,goodnight hill,goodnight Brian,goodnight kirsty,goodnight Riddick,goodnight reed hayes,goodnight y'all!!!!!

p.s hello Riddick it's always nice to have a new face in the community,I'm K.C and I write for the characters CD Davenport and Maiya Little,welcome to the board!!!

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