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Fanfic Character Biographies

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We'll post bios of some of our characters although we haven't posted the stories that introduce them yet! They will be coming shortly.

Note: not all of these characters appear in the same stories or necessarily have any relation to each other.

Emily Hogg (pronounced like "Emma Lee") is Cletus and Boss's cousin and went to school with the young Dukes. She's a gorgeous blonde with a snooty attitude and does NOT get along with Daisy (or any of the Dukes for that matter). Is all Hogg when it comes to greed and wanting her way. Always had all the boys chasing her in school, except Enos, resulting in her having a huge crush on Enos, who of course, only has eyes for Daisy (the main reason she and Daisy don't get along).


Rufus Strate is Enos's older brother and was the schoolyard bully. Would constantly pick on Enos and the Dukes. Became a truck driver and eventually wound up in jail in Boise Idaho.

Ginger Strate is Rufus's daughter, who wants nothing to do with him or her mother, who also wound up in jail. Ran away from home at 16 and hitchiked from Tuscon AZ to L.A., where she got into the Goth scene and also a little trouble with the law.


The Next Generation (we have more but these are the most developed)

Lilian (Lily) Strate is Enos and Daisy's daughter, who grew up in LA but moved to Hazzard at 16. Looks like Daisy, but has Enos's eyes. Thinks her father is too strict.

Thomas (Tommy) Strate, is Lily's 10 year old brother. Gets along great with Dad and likes to play cops and robbers.

T.J. Davenport, Cooter's son, grew up in Hazzard and is more into motorcycles and dirt bikes than cars.

Daisy Mae Duke, is Bo's baby girl and is only two, but is the cutest little thing you ever did see! Has curly blond hair and always giggles and hides her face around strangers.

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Lorraine Mae Duke : Is Luke's Baby Girl she looks like Luke and she has her mama's humor she is shy , funny, and worries alot she has alot of Luke's traits in her considering her Daddy is a Shy person and he is also a worrier he loves to worry about his loved ones.

Unfortunetly Luke is suffering from a bad case of the Flu which he is having trouble shaking he is hoping that it will be gone in time for the trip to Hazzaard to show off his Baby Girl , His wife Sharon.

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For those who read our story, there has been a bit of a change, as we made Tommy a 5 year old and added a brother.

Lucas Strate is now the 10 year old brother. He's an avid fan of the L.A. Dodgers, and loves baseball in general, especially hitting and pitching. Keeps to himself most of the time.

Cherry Duke is Luke's 15 year old daughter. A red-head tomboy who wears overalls, climbs trees, and goes barefoot. Has yet to admit an interest in boys, but likes to tease other girls about boys.

Other characters of this generation are in the works. Stay tuned!

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Name: True A. Olds

Age: 18 (2005)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 120lbs

Eyes: Deep Blue with brown spot in right eye.

Hair: Dark Auburn

Place of Birth: She wont tell!

Attire: T-Shirts, Boot Cut Blue jeans, and work boots.

***True is a friendly but very shy and quiet person. She pretty much keeps to herself but can be a good talker when she can relate to the subject. Theres not a day when you wont find her down to the barn riding horses or out to the garage or race track racing her car Shiloh.

True is the great great grand daughter of the first inventor of the Oldsmobile. Ransom Eli Olds. She is proud of her heritage, even though the production of the cars didn't stay in the family. Each day she proudly races and drives Shiloh, he 1969 Olds 442.

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Name: Donna Mae Anderson Duke

Date of Birth: May 24, 1979

Birthplace: Atlanta

Height: 5'5

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown

Attire: Mostly wears capri pants and tank tops around the farm with sandals. Going into Hazzard and when she's working, she wears dresses, suits, skirts, and blouses with high heels.

Hobbies: Likes gardening (whether it's flowers or vegetables), singing and dancing.

Donna is a bargain hunter. She only shops for clothes when she can find them at discount prices. She can get a lot of styles at low prices and she can get nice clothes for herself, since she's a plus size build. Donna also likes to save money for emergencies. She came into an inheritance when she was 21, so for $500, she bought out someone else's karaoke equipment and became self-employed. The rest of the money is safely tucked away.

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Layla O'Neill was born in Cleveland,Tn and she is the daugher of the late legendary Nascar driver John Patrick O'Neill and he was killed in the 1975 Daytona 500 in a pile-up that Richard Petty. She at one time raced for the same team as Dale Earnhardt and she claims to have personally have met Wendell Scott when her dad was alive and racing. Layla claims that her dad taught her how to drive on the various race car tracks, she was raisied in Alabama and stil has her southern accent as of yet. Layla O'Neill is the newest deputy in Hazzerd County and she shares patrol car three with Cletus Hogg. She had at one time dated Luke Duke and Michael Knight.

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More of the Next Generation

Jethro Doolin: The oldest of Dobro Doolin's kids, of which there are six or seven. Only Jethro and the baby are boys. He is also the captain and pitcher of a sandlot baseball team.

Clifford "Cliff" Hogg: Cletus's son and only child. Plays catcher on the sandlot baseball team. Is short and slightly chubby and nervous around girls.

Louie Ledbetter: Son of "Honest" John Ledbetter, but is anything but honest. Plays on the school baseball, football, and basketball teams. Uses his good looks to get his way, especially with girls.

Regina Hogg: Daughter of Hughie Hogg and the head cheerleader. Goes steady off and on with Louie Ledbetter. Likes to make fun of the other teenagers.

Others on the sandlot team include: Sam Brodie, first base; Ernie Potter, left field; and Otto Avery, third base;

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(1967) Roger Douglas (R.D.) Bobcat- he drives a beat-up Cadillac Deville Drop-top that solid black and it has no wheels covers anymore. He is a second cousin of Rosco and Lulu and is staying with them since his parents died three years ago.

Charlene Coltrane- she is Rosco cousin and is Married to Dr. Clyde Roger Bobcat, Rosco never like Clyde from the first day they met.

1969 Dodge Charger(General Lee) www.hlpag.com and the asking price for this rare car is $17,999 and it is all yours.


(1916) Big Jim O'Neill +Layla, Sally and Roy's Grandfather that they are living with after his son's death ten years ago he moved to Hazzerd County. John Patrick O'neill and Roy Patrick O'Neill look just like only when he was younger. Big Jim claims he is cousin to the late Elvis Presley and he was a bit of shady past himself, he is disappointed that Layla is a Deputy.

(1968)Siesta El Gringo- he is a good friend of R.D.'s and he is something I'll write more about him later.

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She is married to Roy Patrick O'Neill and she has a ten year old son named Roy Patrick O'Neill Jr. she has a baby on the way. Nicole just found out that her birth parents are Katherine McCormick and Jamie Lee Hogg and she is little amazed on this her fact but don't want to tell anybody quite yet.

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Name: Jim Daniel Duke

Birthdate: May 2, 1964

CB Name: "Racin' Rebel"

Drives: 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner, nicknamed "Rebel"


Occupation: Former Top Driver in Midnight Stock Car Team

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 lbs

Description: Raced in ARCA until a crash (in which he flipped 25 times down the backstretch as his '81 Dodge Mirada distentigrated and burst into flames) left him incapacitated for several months after the 1984 Daytona 200. Moved to Hazzard in March 1985. Is the second cousin three times removed (or was it third cousin twice removed?) of Bo, Luke and Daisy (as well as any other Duke cousin I forgot). Does not get chased that much, and is looking for work.

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Howdy partners!

Some fun facts about my character:

*Never seen without his white cowboy hat in public.

*Held a police job for two years, testing police cars during the ARCA offseason.

*Was a stuntman during a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he jumped a '74 Dodge Royal Monaco painted like a police car over an exploding ramp and landing in a pond of water.

*Drove the #43 '81 Dodge Miradas in ARCA competition and several are in a museum in Birmingham.

Favorite food is fried chicken.

*Once built a car by himself in two weeks for late model racing, a 1966 Dodge Charger, that he sold in 1978.

*Is a huge Mopar fan and can tell you anything about old Mopars.

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Michael Frank Duke is the son Frank Duke but his Mama is Juliana Maria Coltrane(she is Rosco and Lulu's younger sister). Michael lives in Californa and has no idea that Joseph Szenger isn't his real daddy he has know since he has been three months old. Luke and Judd found out that they have a younger brother and they want to find out who he is and where he is at.

Happy Reading(by the way you can read about him in Saying Goodbye).

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