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What is your favorite season and why?

What is your favorite Season and why?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Season and why?

    • Season One (1979)
    • Season Two(1979-1980)
    • Season Three (1980-1981)
    • Season Four(1981-1982)
    • Season Five(1982-1983)
    • Season Six(1983-1984)
    • Season Seven(1984-1985)
    • the Reunion movies.

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Seeing it all get started in season one was awesome. I especially loved the Georgia episodes because the scenery reminds me so much of where I live. Of course, they could have filmed it in the North Pole and the show would have been a hit and I still would have loved it as much. It's just that, all those trees make me feel like I'm in Hazzard County when I see how much Georgia and "my neck of the woods" are alike. I'm gone.

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That's actually a hard one. The first season has great music and Georgia feel, I have particular favorite episodes from all the seasons... but in the end, the one that won is the sixth. The reason is because after the boys came back, there were some great stories - more drama, a little more of life, family-and-friends and not just action. Where they got in tougher situations, dealt with deeper hurts and joys... (Okay, so there were a couple silly ones too, but you have to admit some were among the best story-writing in the series.)

Also I noticed the music took a turn here that it kept through the seventh season, one that I liked. There was still lively bluegrass, but for the more serious scenes there were some great new kinds of cues too. Guitar or piano for softer scenes, an almost country-rock touch for hard action... etc.

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I like all but epect of Season 5 I hate it because of Coy and vance dukes in as well.. but I like one or two in season 5 but most I like all season behind 5th.. as well.. Season 1 in Georgia behind where "In The Heat of the Night" make tv in area where you see court house there.. as well in Season 1.. I love it.. and my aunt of my mom's who living in Georgia and my deaf friend living in Altanta Georgia too.. right now.. thanks :)

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I picked season 6 cause it had the most good episodes.

Now I shall name them for you.

Lulu's Gone Away

A Baby for the Dukes

Brotherly Love

Boss Behind Bars

Targets: Daisy and Lulu

Twin Trouble

Enos's Last Chance

Cooter's Girl

Dead and Alive

Play it Again, Luke

Undercover Dukes--Parts 1 & 2

Close Call for Daisy

The Ransom of Hazzard County

Cooter's Confession.

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