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Dog Collar Challenge


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Nah, I'll take care of him in due time. Beatin' up Chet is one of those routine, regular things, like getting an oil change for the car. Ya just get in the habit of taking care of it every so often.

Yeah your right... Beating up on Chet is needed now and then! *laughs*when the time is right we'll both go get him!


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This is getting interesting *Shoves potato chip in mouth* Instead of putting Chet in the pound, why not let him have a go with the winner when they're all stitched up and ready for another round? Mufn and Maryanne could charge admission. *takes sip of rootbeer* And honest question: How the heck did everyone get from talking about Dog Collars, to talking about bears, to watching a couple of men fight like dogs (actually, i understand the dog fight, that's family honor there!)? I mean, honestly... although this dog fight would make a good round robin. :popcorn: Why didn't Mutt 1 and Mutt 2 take nad start it over there? *Shrugs and sits down next to MaryAnne, Mufn, and BL* This thread has honestly turned into a Brian Vrs Alex free for all.

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