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Davenport characters

Cooter Davenport

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Hey y'all.

i want to now how many charaters people have made up that are related to Cooter in some way wheather cousin, son, daughter, etc.

I'm just curious. lol

Ive made one up, her name's Lori Davenport, she's cooter's younger cousin, she also has an older brother and sister, you can go to the character profiles in the fanfiction i believe and check hers out.

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Cooter, I can't believe my cousins forgot to mention me, but how could you forget your little trouble making sister??? I did have sanity and a halo until I returned to Hazzard at about age 15 to spend the summer. Then, about school time I talked you and Dad into letting me go to school in Hazzard instead of back home with Mom. I just got tired of the whole 'silver spoon thing'. I wanted to learn 'Daddy's World' at the garage. Of course the dark haired, blue eyed Duke helping with the garage and the wrecker in those days (crosses fingers) didn't have a THANG to do with me wanting to stay in Hazzard! In my world Luke is just over four years older than me so that make me about 5 or 6 years younger than you big brother.


I attribute the Daddy's World to the song X's and O's.

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