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Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning ( direct to DVD movie)

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Warner Bros is lowering the bar with this one. The producer, Bill Gerber, previously brought us the tender story of "BeerFest" along with the 2005 Emmy-rejected Dukes movie.

One might think there's nowhere to go but up after having those on a resume'. Apparently WB thinks this is the right direction for Hazzard, and as a result the Dukes are really heading south.

It's too soon to tell, but early leaks from the industry suggest that this new movie will not only suck, but will also swallow and choke. Either way it could leave a bad taste in yer mouth.

The saving grace would be in the car stunts, but nothing orginal is likely to happen there with the 5 to 8 million dollar budget.


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It won't suprise me if you are absolutely correct Brian. Almost all my sources which some are pretty reliable have said this will be a stink bomb.Watch the trailer closely once and don't be fooled by the glitter and glamour.All you see is scantly clad women,Bo and Luke acting stupid again and Daisy acting like a total sl_t.I also hear it is going to be rated R which if true means F bombs, S bombs,and nudity.None of which belong in a Dukes movie.No movie based on Dukes should have any worse than a PG rating in my opinion. You'll be better off going to see Collier and Co. John Schneiders new film. It's PG has a orange 69 Charger and tons of Dukes references in it.

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C'mon now and voice your usual opinion on this...

Just remember I have NEVER gave a thumbs up/thumbs down on this one yet. Waiting to actually see it. But with that said, I am still very partial to the 05 movie. :wink:

I have never expected anything from this project anyway , especailly the minimal budget adn Straight-To-DVD. Those two "problems" are never good.

I'm gone


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Responding to both Tim and Cap'n here -

I'm still going to watch the new Dukes DVD movie when it comes out. Though this time I'll be having more than three beers first. Maybe four beers with a shot chaser.

The very fact that I'll still watch it, like so many other fans, is probably why WB is so damn cocky with the Dukes nameplate.

I did enjoy the car stunts on the big screen movie, I'll give it that. So I'm floored that WB would go a step lower and think that the action sequences and stunts could be shrugged off in this sophmore effort. I expect some stock footage will be used here n' there, but I doubt much was written for action. Well, not involving cars anyway.


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Hey, MaryAnne -

What's wrong with "Suck, swallow and choke" as an editorial? Come on, with the direction the new Dukes franchises are going, HazzardNet needs to dirty up its act a little bit. We gotta be hip and relate.

We've got a new Daisy Duke spilling beer over her shirt and down into her navel. Maybe HazzardNet needs to reconsider this "G" audience thing.

Next post: Daisy's Thong. ( Or did April Scott go commando in those shorts? )


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So what are you suggesting? We should spill beer over the site so we can be hip and relate?

As for the new Daisy doin' just that.... apparently she needs to learn to balance that servin' tray. Sheesh. Why anybody would find that particularly attractive I dunno. Cheap Boar's Nest beer....good lord she's gonna stink for a month.


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Very funny. It's gonna take more than a brew shampoo to increase membership around this place.

I'm tellin' ya, if HazzardNet ran more like the new Hazzard County, we'd have mass appeal. Take a look at this picture, and see the supportive administration that Boss Hogg enjoys:


Skin-tight, skimpy, satin shorts that fit like cellophane wrap. THERE is the reason people show up to a civic function. I'm sure the rapt, standing attention from the audience ain't because of Boss's speech!

See where this is going? It's time to take off the kid gloves. Along with just about eveything else.


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Exactly my point. We need a new, sexy image. To accomplish this, we need to be willing to make a few personal sacrifices in the way of good tatse. I propose that the HazzardNet Staff gets some skimpy costumes - or some colored cellophane wrap, whatever - and we make a bold new statement.

Here's a new uniform for MaryAnne. Whatcha think?


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Here we go! For those of you tuning in late, we're updating HazzardNet's staff image, to keep up with the latest version of Dukes.

MaryAnne, I got another uniform for you. It's stylish, and I think it sets the right tone for how things are really run around here.


OOPS! Wrong photo. That was from - nevermind. Here, this is the one I'm talkin' about.


How's that? And you can pick out your own baton.


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Luke might be right, get a good distance away before she can throw her baton at you. But then again she might just use a boomerang-like throw that might smack you in the side of the head.

Thatd be an interesting way to hear banjos in your head...but then again, I dont think MaryAnne can fit a boomerang on that new uniform, or much else! :wink:

So you might be safe.


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