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Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning ( direct to DVD movie)

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How soon is the dee-luxe beer coaster going to be released anyway?

Beats me.

Just when you thought the innunedo was winding down. Bahaha! Ahem. Oh, put that down, I'll answer! According to the DVD industry site that I follow, says "Spring" of 2007. WB's earlier press releases said "early" 2007. I'm gonna peg that to mean March or April.

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Whether I'm tripping a cord or cracking the whip, we take thangs sherious 'round heah! Usually. :wink:

Granted tripping a cord is usually more serious than anything. LOL

Now, lessee heah.... in honor of the spanksgiving holiday, yes Darrell, you may have another! Another helping of turkey, another piece of pie...Khee!

Alex...you are a turkey with all the fixin's. Why, just lookit this photograph my investigators turned up....


Hmmm....I'll admit you've got the holdings but I'm not sure you have the assets. Besides that I've discovered I can't fire Brian anyway because he has a binding contract.

I'll tell ya, these legalities sure put one in a tight situation.


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Wow I never expected to see that on Hnet, but I have to admit you do have some thorough investigators... *chuckles* Well I did say that all this whip and chain talk was right up my alley...now you have the photographic proof! And as for the moderator job its okay, you do have the best one on your payroll already, namely your dog collar sporting black clad cousin, Brian!

And yeah, outfits er...I mean... legalites can be pretty tight. So can other things...as you can see. ;) *chuckles*


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Besides that I've discovered I can't fire Brian anyway because he has a binding contract.

I'll tell ya, these legalities sure put one in a tight situation.

It's a "binding contract", awright. I should have had an escape clause put in there, but I never expected certain restraining measures to be so literally applied. And I've taken pains to resolve certain internal issues....ow. Beats being fired, though.

And Alex, could you have jumped over my incapacitated body any faster to take my job?! I'll remember this one, buddy. The way you've been drooling over MaryAnne, I hope you're wearing a bib. If nothing else.

On a positive note, it's good that so many of you enjoy this place enough to be willing to join us in the pit. All you guys would make great mods, and if the need ever seriously presented itself, we'd give y'all official consideration.

Fortunately for me, HazzardNet, like the rest of Hazzard County, puts a lot of value on nepotism.


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I'll have you know I have the utmost respect for MaryAnne, any woman with such skill with both ropes and whips is a-ok in my book! *chuckles*

And as for your job Brian, I wasnt interested in it as much as I was the fact it involved dog collars and being tied up! *laughs*

Seriously though I wouldnt or couldnt ever replace you as a moderator , its a tough job and you do it well Brian.

So believe me when I say you got job security, nepotism aside...;)


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Hmm...me thinks Brian's dog collar is either too tight or I need to tighten it....

Gah! It's just fine. Ma'am.

Talk about havin' a new leash on life. *ACK!*

Anyhow! Back to our program. Coming up - and I mean it this time - I've got DVD movie news and photos. Got an article where April Scott talks about a shower scene that involves full frontal nudity. (Not of her.)

Tho' I think anything WB can come up with at this point, pales in comparison to our current sexpectations.

Dammit, did it again. Somebody slap me. NO! I take that back!


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