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School sucks


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Yep, mom let me stay home today because everyone (except 2 teachers) are being absolute jerks. I'm in special education and my case manager said (what my brain interperted) was this

"I'm worried for that you may not want to apply for college because the courses you're interested in are VERY stressful"

Do you think I wanted to hear that? No! anybody got some advice to keep me in school (not old enough to drop out yet) and out of trouble would be very helpful

:evil::evil: :x :x :o:o:oops::oops::cry::cry:

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I'll tell ya more of what ya don't wanna hear.

School sucks, but once you graduate and get a job, work sucks.

Teachers suck, but bosses suck even worse. A boss will control your money and your time , and control a big chunk of your life. Like when you can have a day off from work, or when you can go on vacation. When you can leave early...when you have to stay late.

You'll hear things from customers, clients, co-workers and managers that will make you want to bang your head against a brick wall. I don't care if you're working at a gas station for six bucks an hour, or you're working as a legal secretary for fifty grand a year. This too, shall suck.

There is a degree of suck in your life that will occur no matter what you do. The best way to control that which sucks, and to have more that does not, indeed, suck, is to do the best you can to succeed in school, learn about finance, and business, and take control of your life.

Sometimes than means getting through the little things that suck, so that you don't have to suffer bigger, more sucky situations later in life.

If all else fails, remember this: If something sucks...blow back!


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Of course school is a dictatorship. Wait until you have a job. Granted, you get a paycheck, but you'll realize the nice thing about school is that the days were shorter and you got the whole summer off.

The school day is reasonably short. Behave enough to get through it. You gotta do what you HAVE to do, first, in order to get what you WANT, later.

Disclaimer: I'm not a school counselor. Just another kid who hated school and then paid for it in spades later in life. Still paying for it....


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Brian's right. Do what you can in school now and you won't have to pay for it as bad later in life.

I know myself because right now I am in college. However I'm not a traditional student and I never will be. I've spent more time in the classroom than I wanted to because I didn't get straight A's. I'm finding now certian subjects I hated in Jr. high and high school that were my downfall are one's I'm lacking in now. I find myself often times wishing I would have spent 15 to 30 more minutes on my homework when I was younger and I might not have as much problem. I might have gotten straight A's, instead of the B's and sometimes C's.

Plus, if I would have gotten straight A's in high school, I may not be under as much stress as I am now, trying to pay for my schooling. College's do give out full rides for egg-heads, no joke. Ask a friend of mine who graduated with me with a 4.0 and is a Chemical Engineer making close to 6 figures and I'm scrapping by.

However, I also look at my life's journey as this is how the good Lord is testing me. My brother who works at a nursing home which is ran by nuns told me this after he got the advice from one of them; God doesn't give you more than you can't handle. You can get through this and this too shall pass.

I realize that some of my life experiences wouldn't have ever taken place if I never took this route of education in life. College, is a journey of getting out of the 'nest' and into the wide blue yonder. If you dream of taking this step and route in life, go for it and do what you can to make it happen.... No matter what it takes. Never say die.

Valerie M. Strate

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Val and Brian are both right if you don't stick with it you will regret it later in life. Noone in my family has a degree some of us myself included has a college certificate in a field but not a degree. I struggled ALOT in school with math it was my worst subject but I tried my hardest and got mostly B's and C's but that was ok cos it was the best I could do. Don't let the bad ruin your enjoyment of the good cos believe it or not there are some good things about school. Just do your best and don't let others make you feel bad if it's not as well as someone else can do it's your best and they should accept that and if they don't it's their problem not yours. Just stay out of trouble and you've only got a few years left.

My sis did better than I did in high school she wasn't straight A's either but where I got B's and C's in math she got A's she likes math though, but when she got in college that was a whole different ballgame and because she chose to do some things that caused her to flunk a few clasess. She got married and dropped out for a while and had to get a job making minimum wage that's when she decided the real world sucked worse if you don't get an education so she had to retake those classes when she went back to college, but now she is one semester away from being able to go from the local junior college to a 4 year college well actually the one she'll be attending is like a junior college only it's the last two years of a 4yr degree. So in two years she will have her degree in elementary education. Do what you can do enjoy the things there are to enjoy in school but you have to take the bad with the good and roll with the punches and if you do in the end you will be proud of what you accomplished.

B.L. Davenport

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I didn't like the students I went to school with (that was the only thing I didn't like about school). The subjects were okay, I did graduate high school with honors. If I could turn back time, I would have went to a private school with fewer students (it was a new school established a few years ago in the big city).

I enjoyed my college years a lot better. I live in Canada, so what I refer to as college is actually a technical college. What people in the U.S. refer to as college is actually university in Canada.

Most high schools where I live (Eastern Canada) have only grades 10-12 attending. Junior highs have grades 7-9. The school I went to had grades 7-12 attending.

So, BoDukeGirl, don't give up.

I'm now self-employed, it was a dream that I had for years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the only person working in my business and I have no plans to have anyone working for me (I can't trust anyone anymore).

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Have you ever thought of going to e school. It's a public school but not like the school you go to know. You do the same course load you have know but you do it from your home. You have a teacher who you would either email or talk to on the phone. It's alsome. I have about 5 hours of school instead of 8 hours. I can do it when I want as long as I do 25 hours a week. It's great. If you want to know more feel free to pm me.

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Well, one big thing that sucks about school MM. Especially if you are in college in communal living. Is when it's December, it's 20 degrees outside, and you are in a dead sleep at 3am and....


That really sucks about school. Especially if you're on the top bunk and you're laying there all nice and cozy, cuddled up with your stuffed cow. You finally got the banjos in your head to quiet down for the night and you hear, "MMMMMAAAAEEEP MMMMMAAAEEEP MMMMAAAEEEP! THERE HAS BEEN AN EMERGENCY REPORTED PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING!"

Then you have to kill yourself to rush to get out of bed by almost falling from your perched bunk in a dozy state. Your body is still not awake and you stumble around to find your shoes and coat then stumble out into the snow in your pj's. Then you find out it's a false alarm only after waiting outside in the freezing cold for a half hour while they search each floor of your building.

You come back in and need to use the bathroom now because you were waken out of sleep and find out that everyone else on the floor has to too. So there is a line in the women's restroom.

And some how I just know it's all Brian Coltrane's fault! You just had to do it didn't you! You had to be a smarty pants and pull the alarm!

*Stands in pj's with stuffed cow 'spot', bathrobe, and slippers*

You couldn't resist it could you!

Well, I hope you're happy!

*pouts and crawls back up bunk to bed*

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Bo Duke Girl...

No offense to the majority of the other people who have posted to this, but heres alittle advice from someone who DID drop outta school and not all that long ago. Lets see... its 2006... so 2 years ago.

So you know when I say it I mean it. MAN WAS I STUPID! Now Im too old to go back, luckily I was granted the chance to get a diploma and went for it. It was the best thing I could do, but its nothing like the real thing.

*clears throat* Ok, Lets start from the top, like people said above, you think schools stressful and hard. Lets compare some things here.

We'll say you live at home with your parents, they support you, meaning they give you all the needs in life. Food, clothing and roof over your head. Thats a "hand it to me" right there.

Ok compare that to a drop out who has no home, no food or money to buy any cause without school theres no job. It just dont happen, even a gas station wont pick ya up for that 6 bucks an hour Brian talked about these days. They just wont do it unless you got the diploma. It aint worth there time.

Your looking at school as a bowl 1/2 empty instead of half ful. "Oh gawd its so hard... Im so bored... when will the day be over. Lookit all this homework... blah blah blah..." yeah thats really gonna help ya pass.

Why dont you look at it as an adventure, when I went back to get my "diploma" I thought it was gonna be another boring day. But ya know what, I opened up my books and went... OH MY GAWD!!! Lookit the adventure!

EVERYTHING! Your taught in school has a mathmatical reasoning behind it...(thast coming from a mathmatical dummy).... and EVERYTHING has a historical time line behind it. Its only work and boring if you make it that way. Lookit everything from another direction... explore it. Maybe someday you'll step into a tomb that aint had a living soul in it for thousands of years... you'll need everything you learned to unrattle the history, mathmatics and language behind that tomb.

Put your head in a new state of mind... see how ya make out. And no more staying home... makes for a bad rep.

See ya.

~Chet Duke

(P.S. Hey Brian, school pranks would make for a good topic, thanks for the idea. Hoep you'll come share yours. )

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Chet, I am a special needs student that goes to a high school with the words: "False happiness" and "I neglect the emotional needs of my students" written all across the school.

The only thing they care about is getting the best rating, to be #1 in all the schools across the state. If they knew what was really going on behind the scenes then they would stop focusing on grades and start focusing on discipline.

I have a couple kids behind me that swear every other word that comes out of their mouths and if they're not doing that, they are talking about how much drugs they take, how many people they've has sex with or the many times they've been drunk.

The kids also find time to smart-mouth MY problems that I have very little control over, call my friends; who are mentally retarded; Osama bin laden and other terrorists who have hurt the USA.

So Chet, I kind of have a right to complain about what's going on. Also Chet you are what? 20? I have friends who are 20 yeras old and still go to high school.

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