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Vote for Dukes of Hazzard at www.teaveee.com


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We need to get Dukes into the top 10 before the first .

"By popular demand, the top ten shows from the previous month etched in stone (well, etched in HTML) and on display for all to see! At exactly 12:00 AM (Los Angeles Time) May 1, 2006 the top ten shows will be moved over here. Until then, better keep voting!"

Right now there are only a meisly 26 votes. It is at 127.

The #1 show is: Veronica Mars

Current vote total is 29375. Rank is #1.

Has anyone even heard of this show?

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It's very ironic that "The Dukes of Hazzard" has a much lower ranking than "Dukes of Hazzard"...

I was about to vote for the one with "The", but it seems that more people know it as without "the", so I suppose we'll just keep building up the numbers on that... although there should be a "The"! :D

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That would be me that submitted the one with 'The' in the title as you said Duke_It that is technically the correct title but I noticed there wasn't any votes except mine so did a search without the and got the other one so have been voting on it. Iloveschneider how are you finding out the totals of other shows?

latest update, 123 votes, and ranking is now #62. Come on we still have 38 shows to pass to get to the #1 spot!


Current vote total is 85419. Rank is #1. " This is what we need to beat!

Only need 85300 votes to pass and be ahead. We can do it.

All I get is DOH's statistics I know on the other voting site they had a list of all the shows so you could keep up with the votes on everything so people knew how far they had to go for their show to be #1.B.L.[i

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Latest update:

"Dukes of Hazzard

Current vote total is 152. Rank is #52.


Current vote total is 22078. Rank is #1."

And don't worry about your question B.L I have asked some doozies myself. For the rest of you, I am getting my vote totals by clicking on the number one show. (or any other show that I am interested in.)

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:D I agree that ding dang negative button has us seesawing. Does anyone know what's up with the comment:

Why should Dukes fans vote for a show that they don't like, when we want our show to be #1. Watch out for we will make it!

To me that sounds like somebody who doesn't like the show and hit the negative button???

We are upto 49 btw with 166 votes


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