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Favorite Westerns


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Growing up my father always watched westerns. I think his favorite is "Shane," followed by a random sampling of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. I however, never really took to westerns until I saw "Winchester '73" with Jimmy Stewart (and a very young James Best) several years ago. I now dig westerns. LOL

So....favorite westerns?? Here's some of mine in no particular order...

1. Winchester '73

2. The Shootist

3. The Left Handed Gun

4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

5. Firecreek

6. Shenanadoah

7. Cahill, US Marshall

8. Duel at Diablo

9. The Hour of the Gun

10. The Paleface

11. Support Your Local Sheriff

12. Support Your Local Gunfighter


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I looove westerns grew up on them. My Dad has gosh I don't know how many john waynes that's our favorites. A few I like are

1.She wore a yellow ribbon

2 big jake (my all time fave john wayne)

4 the fighting kentuckian

5 rio bravo

6 rio lobo

7 the sacketts

8 the cowboys

9 the shadow riders (also a sacketts movie if you haven't seen it)

There's lots more but I can't remember them right now.


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Some of my favorites in no particular order....

1. Silverado - Great modern day western.

2. The Cowboys - A movie every father and son should watch TOGETHER

3. Pale Rider - Clint is the man

4. The Unforgiven - Clint again

5. The Outlaw Josey Wales - Clint one more time

6. The Long Riders - One of the best about Jesse James.

7. Lonesome Dove - One of the best miniseries there ever was

I'm gone


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Westerns! Don't even get me started. :D

To the already great lists, lemme add one from several years ago. "The Quick and the Dead" with Sharon Stone.

Also dug "The Alamo" which came out a couple years back.

My all-time favs are the classics already mentioned, and more too numerous too list. But I'm glad that Hollywood still cranks out new ones once in awhile.


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I always did like Mclintock. Plus another favorite of mine is Quigley Down Under, Tom Selleck was the hero in this one. And another one I saw just recently on video which was on TV apparently at one time but now on video, is 'Johnson County War'. I think 'Johnson County War' is my favorite though. Burt Reynolds plays a character in there named 'Hunt Lawton' and I tell you he's an ornery cuss in that movie.

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John Wayne is so awesome. I grew up watching all of his movies that my mom could find. Some of my favorites include Rio Bravo with Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson. I love the scene with the singing. I also like El Dorado and North to Alaska among others. Now I'm going to have that Johnny Horton song in my head all day. *sings* North to Alaska go north the rush is on, North to Alaska go north the rush is on. Big Sam left Seattle in the year of ninety two...

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