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Things you hear children say.....


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It is hard to take children to the movies. I have had to hush my own children quite a few times. What is more annoying though, are the inconsiderate adults who talk and joke during a movie. That is one of the reasons that I don't like to see movies in the theaters. I hate all the other people around me. I want quiet. I also like to be able to rewind if I missed something.

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"You're married to the pope aren't you?"

"No she's married to Santa Claus!"

"HAHAHAHA you're Mrs. Claus!!"

That was a conversation two kids in one of my summer camp groups had. They were trying to decide whether I was the pope's wife or Santa's wife. Although I tried to explain that the pope can't have a wife and Santa is much too old for me but they insisted.

*shrugs* Kids come up with some strange ideas.

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I have 2 children who are still both very young (ages 4 and 5). Therefore, they both still say a lot of cute/funny things. However, they are both boys and are very competitve with each other so they fight a lot and say a lot of things that are not cute or funny as well.

Some of the cute/funny things my 4yr. old has said:

One day I said to him, "What are you doing dear?"

He replied, "I am not a deer, I am a boy!"

"Waaaa, mmmooommmyyy, I broke my face" This was after tripping and wacking his face on a chair. Not to worry, he just got a little bruise out of the deal and he totally forgot about it not 5 minutes afterward.

The way he pronounces some words:

cowboy is cow'd'boy

macaroni is mac'n'onie

Madagascar(the movie) is Madanascar

Finally, lately he has been in the habit of saying, "We will see about that!"

Some cute/funny things my 5yr. old has said:

"When I grow up I'm going to get me a wife and some kids so I can have a family. Mom, what store do you get wives in?"

"I can't wait untill I'm 10 because then I'll be old and all grown up."

"When I grow up, I'll have lots of money, maybe even $100."

Yes this is the typical child who is obscessed with growing up. I think it is cute to hear how the world works from the view point of a child.

Things that both my children say that are not so cute.

"Mom, he took the toy I was playing with."

"He's lieing, I didn't do it!"

"Mom, he's not sharing"

"That's mine!" "No, it's mine!"

"Waaaa, mom, make him give it back!" :p:roll:

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Oooh, my niece has some good cuties!

The first time she saw her new baby brother (only a few hours old), he was getting his nappy changed, and the first thing she saw was his dirty nappy.

And she promtly says: "Baby. Poo." (she then repeated this every now and then over the next week...)

But, after we'd gotten past 'baby poo', she was incredibly adorable and starts saying: "Hello, baby!" all the time to him.

Another favourite: "Siiii-lly DaDad(Grandad)/Aunty/Nana"

One that was QUITE funny:

My dad (her grandad, obviously! :) ) likes to play around and he'll say to her 'I'm gonna kick your ass :wink: '... with a really bad exaggeration of some sort of accent (maybe American...). My Niece, of course, only picks up on that last word!

Next thing we know, she walks into a room, see's her grandad and immediately goes:

"Dadad! ASS!" :lol:

She's about 2 and a half...

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