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Support John this weekend


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Hi guys! I'm new here, but some of you know me from other boards.

We're doing an e-mail campaign this weekend to support Jonathan Kent on "Smallville," and make sure the network keeps him around all season. Here are some ideas for e-mails to the WB. (E-mail addresses below.) You can pick one below or make one up.

And flood those mailboxes! If you pick more than one slogan and send multiple e-mails, and get other fans you know to send some too, we can really give 'em something to think about on Monday morning.

Thanks for your help! :)





We’ve been told that someone Clark loves will die this season. I’m writing to ask that this person NOT be Jonathan Kent.

I’m writing to support Jonathan Kent on “Smallville.†Please continue to keep the character alive. If he dies, many people will give up on “Smallville†for good.

John Schneider has done more than any other cast member to promote “Smallville.†He’s pulled in people of all ages, including kids. Please keep him on the show.

I’m writing to support the character of Jonathan Kent on “Smallville.†If he’s killed off, I’ll quit watching the show.

John Schneider has more name recognition than any other cast member on “Smallville.†Many people watch because of him. The network needs to keep its word and keep him on the show.

John Schneider has gotten more press attention over the past several months than any other cast member, and he’s used it to promote “Smallville.†Killing off his character would hurt the show.

Jonathan is one of “TV’s hottest pops.†(“TV Guideâ€) Thanks for keeping him on “Smallvile†this season, and please continue to keep him!

To have Clark sit back and allow his father to die for him will put him in a very bad light. Please keep Jonathan on “Smallville.â€

Jor-El can never replace Jonathan as Clark’s father and guide. Superman does not kill, but Jor-El does. Please keep Jonathan on “Smallville.â€

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They won't kill Lana. She's still alive in the comics AND the movies. Besides, she's one of their three main stars, and the producers think she's one of the most wonderful things about the show -- they say it all the time. They wouldn't kill Lana any more than they'd kill Lex or Clark.

About the petition -- I appreciate those of you who signed it. As a matter of fact, I'm the one who helped start it last year. But it turned out to be not very effective. E-mails are MUCH more effective.

Here's a timeline from last year to show you what I mean:

1. With John getting his screentime cut last year, some of us got worried and started that petition.

2. We heard from John via his newsletter (in May) that they were thinking of killing off his character.

3. We realized that the petition wasn't working, and started a major e-mail and postcard campaign to the network and the producers.

4. In June, John announced at the Superman Festival, and via his newsletter, that the network publicity department was "amazed" at the volume of mail, and that he had been told he would be kept on for all of season 5.

Lesson learned: Networks and producers don't care squat about petitions. But they do sit up and take notice if you flood them with mail. So if they've forgotten our response last summer and are going back on their word, that's what we need to do -- flood them. Send as many e-mails as you can this weekend, and if you won't watch if John leaves, then tell them exactly that. That's what they need to hear.

Thanks, everyone!!

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