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Greetings From England

Bush Tucker Man

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Hello to all you fine people out there.

There doesn't appear to be a 'New Members' forum, so I've posted here

I've only recently found this site & decided to join.

I reside in the northern section of England in the fair county of Yorkshire.

In response to what may be one of the first questions anyone asks;

Yes there's a few 'General' replicas over here, but only 1 original studio car that I know of & that's in a museum

My main automotive delight over here is Land Rovers, being on my 4th.

However, I'm off to drive a TVR Griffith 500 for my 40th birthday very soon (its performance makes a Viper look sissy :wink: )

Yes, I'd love a 69 Charger. (who wouldn't??), but with our petrol at US $7.70 a gallon (Uk gallon is bigger), it's not entirely practical

That's circa US $1.70/litre

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I like your picture on side, what kind of hat is that anyways. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. :roll:

It's an Akubra, an Australian 'bush-hat', the model is the Sombrero.

It does look like the Mexican Sombrero when they're made, it was shaped that way.

Go to the 'Mud-Club' link (& any of my postings), or to my Website (look on 'Miscellania, People & Friends' for a better picture)

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Heya mate, im currently residing in the little city of Sheffield!!

Landrovers all the way! I'm getting an 88" County SWB 7-seater 2.25L when i am 19, and gonna paint it black with an orange 01 on the side!! it just has to be done!!

You're only 40minutes down the M1 then

Someone's done it to a Discovery already :lol:

MMmm, just noticed there's no 'Add Photo' option :evil::evil::evil:

If you're into Landis, try the 'Mud-Club' link below (free) & there's quite a few Yorkshire members & some in Sheffield

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just wanted to let you know that I joined the Mud-club even though I don't have an off road vehicle.

You know what really bugs me, are people who buy 4x4's and then never use them off road. I see quite a few H2s here in Philadelphia, and I know that these cars have never been off road, the way the originals were built for. I used to have a 4x4 pickup truck and have taken it on some tank trails on the base that we used to live by. That was fun. I hate seeing a clean 4x4!

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