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BJ Duke!?

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Yeah I read somewhere it was Bo James Duke too. I cant remember where but I swear I once heard it in an epsiode too. Uncle Jesse was telling him off or something and he went Beaureguard James Duke, you tell me what's happenin' or.... I swear it was in an epsiode but I just know from somewhere that it is James

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I recently saw all the episodes from 1st to middle 4th season and I don't remember to have heard the complete name of Bo.

In the episode "high octane" when the boys went with Jesse for they visit...sorry, I don't know the words! Well, the woman called him Lukas and Beauregard but didn't say their middle name, both in the english and italian version...

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Jamie Lynn is correct; the TV series itself never gave Bo a middle name (though many online stories like to do so). The middle name James originally came from a fanfic series. I could tell you the old pen-name of the author, actually. She was one of the very first internet fanfiction writers, so in a way I suppose I'm not too surprised that her work has ended up even integrated into some fansite's character profile. However, it is fanfic-based, and not show-based. Sorry to disappoint any of y'all.


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James fits but I've never heard his middle name. Quick question though: Everyone that loves Dukes knows that Bo's full name is Beauregard (sorry if misspelled) and that he hates it, yet I've only heard it once ("High Octane"). Can anyone tell me if it gets mentioned again (ex: Jesse telling him off maybe). I have all the seasons except 5 (for obvious reasons ^_^) so I'd like to watch that episode again if you can give me the name. Thanks ^_^

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