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Idea for a possible sequel for the "Dukes" movie


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Whatever they decide to do for a sequel (and I really hope they'll make one), Luke should get to drive the General at least half the time. Can I get a "Yeee-Haa" on this? I mean, I know the General is Bo's car in the movie, and yeah he's totally obsessed with it, but come on, he oughta share a little, even if he's supposed to be a better driver than Luke.

If y'all recall, in the first episode of the show, the General was supposed to be just Bo's car. Luke had his own car, but Cooter wrecked it. Then as the show went on, the writers came up with the concept of the General being half-owned by each of the boys. And of course Luke drove the General more and more right up until the end. So yeah, give Luke a chance in the sequel. He could jump it just as well as Bo.


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Clean shaven duke boys this time I hope! No vulgar language,,and skip the joking uncle jessie please!

Not too mention that Daisy never had to be near naked to seduce Enos,common,just the near site of Daisy was enough for poor old Enos!

Get a fat hogg,Burt sucked as Boss hogg,no humor in him at all!Be sure to put a giggling sherrif this time,this serious Rosco was really lame!

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Oooh, oooh. We have a great idea for a scene in this new movie. Enos goes into the Boar's Nest without the moustache and sees Daisy working there with brown hair. She walks up to him and they both gasp.

Daisy: Enos! You shaved!

Enos: Daisy! You dyed your hair?

Daisy: Do you like it?

Enos: Possum on a gum bush!

Daisy: Possum on a...wha?

They never let him say his classic line! At least Boss called him a dipstick. Rosco (the one with addled brains after an accident of some sort) can start calling him a dipstick. There can be a scene too where Bo is unable to drive for some reason and Luke has to and Cooter is dragging Bo away from it.

Bo: NO! It's mine I tell you! He's MINE!

Luke: For the last time! We are CO-owners of this car. Just because I'm not so OBSESSED...

Bo: This isn't obsession....it LOOOOVE!

Cooter: You SO need to get a life.

And let's have Uncle Jesse be a little more fatherly please. We like the idea of a movie showing how the boys got on probation. And Dolly would make a good Lulu and could do a little singing too.

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A MAN, mid-forties, is standing on the edge of a dirt road. He looks left and right and steps out into the road. The roar of a car engine startles the man. THE GENERAL LEE roars around the bend. The man jumps off the road.

The Man shakes his fist in anger and steps out into the road again. A police siren fills the air and a POLICE VEHICLE roars around the bend. The man jumps off to the side again. When the dust settles, he’s jumping up and down, yelling.


Welcome back to Hazzard County. Lots of things have

changed in the last year.


Camera freezes on BO and LUKE DUKE.


You remember the Duke Boys, Bo and Luke? Well, Rosco finally caught them and had them arrested for running illegal moonshine.




Bo and Luke are being led up the steps of the county courthouse in HANDCUFFS, escorted by a smug looking ROSCO P. COLTRANE.



Bo and Luke are sitting at the defense table, listening to BOSS JEFFERSON DAVIS HOGG present his “case†against the Dukes. COOTER DAVENPORT sits behind them for moral support.


Of course, since no jury in Hazzard would convict the Dukes, Boss Hogg brought in his own jury.

The Jury members sit in the box, listening to the statements being made by Boss Hogg.


Con men, Cattle Rustlers, Thieves, and just about anyone who could be bought. Rosco issued them with fake ID’s and local addresses to allow the jury team to select them.

The JUDGE beckons the JURY FOREMAN forward. The foreman hands the Judge a piece of paper....(To Be Continued)

Let me know what y'all think...k?

I'm Gone...

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Beau and Luke are tried, put on probation, but basically free. Boss still wants them behind bars, so he sends Rosco after them. Rosco is injured in hot pursuit. Sheriff Little takes up the slack. At Rosco's welcome back party, someone shoots Boss, and frames the boys. All the other Hoggs come crawling out of the woodwork, looking to get a piece of Boss' action. Huey Hogg, Louie Hogg, and Jamie Lee....heck even Big Daddy and Abe Lincoln....But you know Abe, he's just concerned for his twin brother. The boys manage to clear themselves with the help of a few surprise visitors to Hazzard. Y'all stay tuned now, ya hear?

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