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Dukesfest 2006?

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you can buy tickets in advance at www.cootersplace.com but last year they didn't sell out

it costs regular admission to get your general lee into the show

this year its gonna be a the the music city motorplex in nashville.

the are hotels, but its the weekend before country music fest so hotels might be crowded.

i dont think the movie cast will be there, but it sounds like alot of the origninal cast members might be.

it's been annouced to be taking place the first weekend in june

and i believe the motorplex is not far from the airport, so if your were to fly and rent a car you probably wont have much of a problem (in fact is will probably be cheaper than driving... we drive from worcester mass, and its very expensive, but we tow our charger, so we dont have the option to fly)

you guys should really check out www.cootersplace.com

im not a spokeman for them or anythng, but all the information you need to start planing is on there.

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Dixie Rose,

Last year it was $25 for both days if tickets were purchased in advance, $30 for both days if bought on-site. But that could change this year because of the new location.

Your best bet is to keep an eye on www.cootersplace.com or right here. Our admins do a great job keeping us updated on what's happening in the world of Dukes!


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If I am to go to Dukesfest this year with my three children, how much should I expect to spend there?

I need to try to figure out how much I need to save up and if I can afford to go. I figure that I will proberly drive down. It has to be cheaper than four plane tickets.

Hope this helps.

Hotel: $150/3 nights at a place charging $49.00 a night per double bed room & taxes. Some places also tack on a parking fee.

Food – possibly $200 over 4 days

Gas – lets say 3 fill ups both ways/driving around city: $300 if gas is 2.20 a gallon / your vehicle has a 20 gallon tank.

Admission – All Miltary with ID & kids under 10 are free.

Advance Price: $30 for 2 day pass, $20 per a Saturday or Sunday ticket.

June 3rd & 4th Gate Price: $25 for one day ticket, $35 for two day pass.

Souvenirs – depends on how much you want to spend.

Above figures: minimum $650.00


(Edited to add admission prices)

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sounds like some stuff have changed at www.cootersplace.com thanks the the kind folks at cglfc

Special Message for General Lee Owners

Hey All Y'all General Lee owners,

From the way things are already shaping up, DukesFest in Music City is going to be by far the biggest Hazzard County shindig ever! And of course, it wouldn't be DukesFest with the General Lee (The real star of the show, as we all know). We want make this year special for all the General Lee owners. We know how much work goes into them and we know how far many of y'all have to come. So this year "Hazzard County display cars," Generals, Police cars, Daisy's Jeeps, etc… Will be assigned a special entrance and the occupants will receive free tickets for the weekend. (Don't sweat it if you've already paid we'll refund your money at the gate.) We'll have a place of honor for the all The Generals and a separate viewing area for the other Hazzard cars.

This year we'll have dash plaques and inspection stickers from Cooter's Garage for the display cars. And everybody's already talking about "The Parade of the General Lee's." Make sure your horns are working!

We will do our very best to provide a specific time for cast signatures. This has proved to be very difficult in the past but like I say we'll try our durndest.

We will soon be posting registration forms for the display cars and more detailed information.

In the meantime, "Keep your gown down, the pedal to the metal, watch out for ol' Roscoe and keep it tween' the ditches."

Ben AKA "Cooter" and Miss Alma

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I have finally ordered tickets and a hotel room for Dukesfest! YEE HAA! I can't wait to go and yet it is over three months away...I guess for now I'll have to stick to my DVD's. Khee! I can't wait to see the whole cast ...and especially Tom. I went the last two years and have yet to see him...and a couple of friends there as well! It should make for a lot of fun! :lol:

Keep it between the ditches y'all!

Garrett Duke

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