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FULL NAME: Miranda Lee Duke

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5 foot 7

WEIGHT: 125 pounds

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Age: 33

Height 6'0

Weight : 140

abilities : Luke Duke is an ex Marine and he also was an boxing champ when he was in the Marines I hope Luke wins the contest but I also hope he don't get too beat up.

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Full Name: Brian A. Coltrane

Age: 29

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 180


Experienced action character with achievements in gun fights, knife fights, street brawls. Well-versed in all dirty tricks. Innovative tactics are combined with sound criminal instincts to foster survival in adverse circumstances. Incurable smart ass. Devious and resourceful. When all else fails, can run like hell.


Partially reformed. Occassionally suffers from bouts of latent heroism, but this can be controlled with the proper medication.

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First round of matches. You may climb in the Ring at anytime an begin, you do not need to go in this order. I am also going to edit the first post to this fic. Women might as well jump right in an try there hand if they so feel fit.

Min Duke vs. Jose Duke

Rosco Coltrane vs. Chet Duke

Brian Coltrane vs. Garrett Duke

Jesse V. Duke vs. Breyer Duke

Denver Straight vs. Riddick

(Note: This was decided by weight.)

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Yo, Riddick!

I'm normally the last person to ask this kind of question, but....are there any rules? ( I need to know what I'm breakin'. Khee!)

How's this work, 'zactly? Do the rest of the participants vote on the combatants efforts in the ring, and choose the winner of that round?

How may posts back n' forth does each pair of fighters get before any such vote? Should be some kinda reasonable limit.

I'm assumin' this ain't no duel-to-the-death type thing. Maybe we should clarify that, eh?

Riddick, thank ya for organizin' the First Annual Stomp-A-Duke contest. KHEEHAAAA!

Oh, Gaaaarrett....I got yer number, boy!

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2004 Hazzard Tough Mans Contest Rules

No weapons of any kinda.

Clean dirty fight.

Limit of 25 posts.

Bascially the object of the fight is to knock your opponet unconcious or battle until your opponet surrenders. In the case of a surrender, surrendering opponet should raise both arms above head wether standing or on the ground. Attacking opponet should imediatly back off and return to there own corner of the ring.

The winner of a round will move on to the next and be paired up by simularity of weight. The unsuccessful in the fight will be instructed to join the cheering crowd.

Any participents caught cheating or breaking the rules will be disquilified.

Please show good sportsman ship an respect for your oppents and comrades. Other then that have one hell of a good time.

(I fthere are any other questions please contact me (Riddick))

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The followin' is a special announcement for Garrett Duke.

Garrett, I'm waitin'. And the longer you keep me waitin', the meaner I'm gonna get.

Be advised, Duke, that this is yer last chance to forfeit. You won't have the opportunity to surrender in the ring. They're gonna carry your unconcious body OUT.

For the record, I'm not interested in showin' mercy or good sportsmanship. I'm gonna make short work of you, boy...'cause there's a long line of Dukes right behind you. You'll have the honor of bein' the first to fall.

Since no one else is rushin' up to the ring....I'm callin' you out, Garrett. Know why? Not only because I'm a sadistic son of a &%$*#...but because I don't want you to have a chance to study somebody else and figure out how to fight. KHEEHAHA.

You and me, Garrett, on the first round. The whole of Hazzard County is gonna be watchin'. And I've put down far tougher characters than you.

Your number has been pulled.

Come and get it.

Brian Coltrane

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Raises eye brow at name being called before yanking the tight tank top off to display a muscular chest. Handing it thoughtfully to Kristy and stepping up the ring.

I ain't afraid of you nor do I ever plan on forfetting or surrendering to the likes of you. Nor do you seem to really know who I am nor understand who I am for that matter. No one will be carrying my unconscience body out of no where. Obviously, you have me confused with someone else.

As for the other Dukes behind me...they will just have to wait to find who they will fight. Time will tell...

I am glad to hear that you don't plan on showing me any mercy, because I don't plan on show any to you either. You are like anyone else I have fought in my past, in Knoxville.

So with all that said, let the fight behind...Let the best Duke...uh I mean the best man win.

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Walks into the fighting ring, clad in usual black t-shirt, black jeans, and boots. The trademark jacket is worn as well, hanging open.

Casually strolls up to Garrett, unimpressed by the Duke's bravado. Gives him a mocking, sinister grin.

"Garrett, you just made your first mistake...in assumin' I'm like anyone you've evah fought before."

Without warning, clasps hands together and swings a heavy, two-fisted chop across Garrett's jaw, throwing body weight into the blow. Spins around in the follow-through, and lightning-quick, lashes out a vicious, sweeping kick into the Duke's side, connecting with the lower ribs and sending the off-balance Duke to the ground.

"RRRRAAAUGH!!" With a savage cry of fury, lunges on the fresh-landed Duke and jabs a hard elbow deep into Garrett's gut, then immediately swings a right cross to snap hard against the jaw again. With no pause, leans forward to lay left forearm over the Duke's throat, bent at the elbow, bracing own body weight into it. Own right hand is clenched around own left wrist, the leverage of both black-clad shoulders weighing down upon the captured neck. Looms face over the prone Duke, and through bared teeth, snarls in a low voice....

"Yield while you can still move any part of your @#%&* body."

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"Yield to you?" I grunt as fighting with the pain that ripples through body to give a couple of weak kicks to Brian before fighting arms loose to grab a hold of the Coltrane's elbow that presses tightly against throat. Fighting with his strength as well as to breath, to slowly roll over, pinning Brian tightly to the floor with the tight hold of knees. Sending a few powerful punches to Brian's face and chest before sending a direct elbow quickly down into Brian's stomach. "As you said, you'll have to drag my unconscience body out of the ring, before I yield or surrender tot he likes of you."

With that, sends a couple more heavy elbows across the face before yanking shirt off and throwing it out of the ring.

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