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Warning: Hazzardous Curves Ahead


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Far away from the dance floor, two men stood near the bar and conversed in low voices. The noisy disco was an unlikely place for their meeting, which was exactly why they had chosen it. This neutral ground was relatively safe from the eyes of the criminal underworld and the law, and it was here that Brian had met up with an old friend.

At the moment, Brian was questioning his friend with a sanity check. "Let me get this straight, Rusty. You broke into a video store and cleaned it out of every movie in stock?"

"Yeah!" Rusty beamed. "Got everything they had, rated from G to XXX."

Brian snorted. "Teriffic. Used movies are worth about five bucks on the black market, ya know. I can't believe the Syndicate sanctioned you for a job that cheap -"

"They didn't," Rusty said with a quick swallow. "That's why I needed to talk to ya. I can't keep this stuff at the Jigsaw, because if I get caught freelancing again..."

"Dammit, Rust! You're riskin' your hide over a cheap score like this? I outta let you sweat it out. Better yet, just dump the stuff. Ain't worth it."

"Bri, use your head. I'm not THAT dumb. Used movies aren't worth much, but copies of them, sold in new packaging and priced like new movies, are worth a whole lot more." Rusty gave a devilish grin. "I got the copying place and distributor all lined up. I just need the movies stashed for about a week."

"You're smarter than you look," Brian conceded. "Awright. I'll hold the stuff for a week. But no more than that! I can't afford to get caught with it either. Dig?"

At Rusty's eager nod, Brian handed over his car keys. "Diablo's parked in the alley. Put the goods into the trunk, an' I'll wait here."

Rusty snatched the keys and hurried off. Brian lounged against the bar and sipped at a bottle of beer, acting like another lone wolf at the disco who was just there to pick up babes. He had to keep up a cover. He made eye contact with a cocktail waitress, flashed her a smile, and nodded to the dance floor. The buxom blonde was only too happy to oblige, and as a new song started up, Brian tossed off his black jacket and left it over the barstool. He took the cocktail waitress by the hand and led her to the multicolored haze of the dance floor.

The song "Super Freak" wasn't one of Brian's favorites, but it was fun to dance to, and the lyrics seemed to inspire his dance partner to show off her sluttiest moves. She ground to the floor as she dragged her palms down the front of Brian's black shirt and down the thighs of his black jeans.

"Kheehaa!" he grinned, rocking his body to the music's bass line.

(cue anybody!)

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(Ok, It seems you wanted my attention, you got it, Bri. Just hope you're updated on your medical insurance - Doc.)

Stilling sitting and chatting with the other girls, Chance paused mid-sip as a very familiar sound came from the direction of the dance floor. There is only one human on Earth that makes that kind of call. She turned slightly and glanced over her shoulder and saw an equally familiar black clad figure grooving on the dance floor...and not alone.

"Well, well....Seems these clubs will just let anyone in these days...excuse me, girls."

Chance set her glass down and headed for the dance floor herself. She made a direct path for the dancing pair. Fortunately, Brian's back was towards her and he hadn't seen her approach. The young doctor smirked and gently tapped his shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in?"

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It wasnt hard for Riddick to make his way into the Atlanta bar, he approached the bouncer at the door and looked him in the eye. Both men nodded and Riddick passed through with out a glich an began to make his way through the crowd as gentally as possible. Among all these people, he looked average an fit in with his changed atire. But he did not go unknoticed by the women who crowded the room, they looked him up an down an often flickered a wide grin.

Riddick was dressed differently on this night, a pure white sleeveless shirt fitting tight and perfectly. An ordinary chain setting gentally on the white shirt catching the glint of the fine lights in the dimely lit room. His head cleanly shaved and the black go-tee that usually stood out on his face was shaved down to thin lines making it look less knoticable and he smelled of a faint cologne. A perfectly matching off white deep pocket pair of jeans fitting loosely in the legs and snug around the waist. His shirt wrinkless over his broad sholders and muscular chest, rippling at the bottom an around the waist of his jeans. A medium sized wallet chain hanging loosely from the left side of the front of his jeans and reaching back to his back pocket on the same side. An to top it off he wore a new pair of dark brown work boots barely visible in the dim light.

Eventually he mad his way to the bar an sat down on a stool behind a dark hair women dressed beautifully in a leather white mini skirt and a blue chenelle sweater. He ordered a drink an looked her up an down knowing who it was, unsure weather to announce his presence behind her or to wait and see if she eknowledged him. Riddick took a long sip from his beer an decided to ask Valerie Strate to dance, he stood and tapped her on the sholder from behind gentally and produced a genial grin.

"May I have this dance?" His voice sounded mellow and rather distant above the music in the room.

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Lex noticed her buddy Riddick approaching Val Strate. She pointed him out to Eagle and grinned. This club sure was attracting a lot of Hazzardites, but that was a good thing. It would hsow those city slickers what a couple of good ol' country folks were made of. Eagle wasn't a country boy, but he had decided to go to Hazzard to stay, Lex being his good friend. She had helped him through some tough times. Quietly, they moved closer to the gathering of Hazzard folks to listen in on Riddick and Val, as well as join in in some conversation when they were noticed.

(For those of you who are writing in this story and have been following it, I decided to remove Hilery from my above posts and the story. She's too young to really be in a club and she was hindering my writing ability. My previous posts have been edited. They still go along with all the posts made before and after them. -- Scoot)

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Meanwhile, Brian was aware of nothing other than the music and the buxom blonde waitress who was doing a snake charmer's dance in front of him. At the tap on his shoulder and the "Mind if I cut in" question, Brian didn't immediately associate the voice with that of Chance Walker. The music was loud, and this was the last place he'd expect to find someone he knew from Hazzard. So it was with a cavalier smile that he half-turned in mid-boogie and said carelessly, "Join right in, baby! If you can out-grind my dance partner here, I'll buy you a drink!"

Then he recognized the face, and stared into the crystal blue eyes that held both ice and fire....

"GAH!! Oh #&*%! AHH! I mean...Howdy Doc...."

Brian stopped dancing for a moment, turned back around, and reached a hand down to help up the waitress, who was doing sultry moves around his leg. The waitress stood up and looked at him curiously, wondering what was wrong. She then noticed Chance standing there. She looked back to Brian, and gave a knowing smirk.

"Will you excuse me, honey?" Brian said to the waitress. "I'm about to be dead." He handed her a crisp twenty for a tip, and she smiled and scampered off...though not before dragging her palm across his chest and down his sleeve in farewell.

This done, Brian turned back to Chance, and faced the music.

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The mascline but mellow voice whispered in her ears like soft velvet against a baby's behind, "May I have this dance"

Valerie turned around to see Ridick dressed in white. He looked stunning. Her soft warm gray eyes melted at the sight of the white clad figure before her. She grasped his hand which was offered to her and stood up. The pair walked out on the dance floor. He gracefully held her hand as they aproached the floor and instantly he gave her a twirl. The DJ then played 'Midnight Blue'. The disco lights trunned down low and glittered as the couple danced a slow but sassy dance of twirls, spins, and tight embraces. The lights flickered off of the rhinestones on her shoes and the chain on his hip. For them... everything stood still for a moment. For them at least.... in the 'Midnight Blue'...

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As the song ended Riddick put Val's arms around his neck and his arms around her waist locking his hands together. He looked into her eyes, stairing into them gentaly. Her grey eyes staired back at his white as if they were an innocent shade of blue. A new song came on, a slow song that Riddick knew. The song was called "He Calls Home" by a band called Candlebox. The couple embraced together, dancing slowly as one, putting everything around them aside and just letting it all stand still. They felt alone on the dance floor together, just them and the song.

Midway through the song Riddick bent his head forward and touched his nose to hers. An he whispered the words in her ear, in a low voice. The words of the song sounded like his own life.

"Said this life of mine.....it gets rough at time....." An he whispered for her alone to hear.

"As he wanders through his life....ever searching for......a warm blanket...." Riddick paused breathing out

a gental breath.

"An he wonders.....is he safe out from the cold....safe out from the cold...."

He opened his eyes alittle and looked at her again. There feet moved to the slow steps one by one and they danced until the song was done.

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Sitting in the old bar stool, Kristy slowly sips at the ice cold bottle of beer that lays ahead of her. Hesitantly she turns in her seat to watch the several people that dance freely on the dance floor, a few that she recognizes from Hazzard, several people she has never seen before. Feeling the upbeat music the DJ is playing loudly, she happily taps the table along with the beat.

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"Are you having a good time?" asked Jack as he & Vicki walked back over to where her friends were. There she smiled at them warmingly as she held Jack's hand.

Vicki looked up into Jack's dark brown eyes. Even knowing so little about him, she had felt something inside her soul connecting with his.

She could feel inside her heart that she was happy for the 1st time in several months. "Yeah, I am. What about you?"

Jack was staring at Vicki. Her appearance was breathtaking. His eyes couldn't seem to look away from her.

Vicki smiled at Jack. "Jack, are you all right?"

The smile was a brilliant stab in his gut. Jack realized that he was addicted to her smile.

"Never felt better. Would your friends get mad if we went next door to the All-Night Diner and get a couple of cups of coffee?" Jack asked as he squeezed Vicki's hand.

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Chance didn’t react to the waitress brushed by her except to throw her a passing look that should have melted the blonde into a puddle of whatever wasn’t silicon. Turning back to Brian, she folded her arms in front of her and raised an eyebrow.

“Fancy meeting you here, Brian". She grinned, albeit a bit wickedly, definitely enjoying the rare occurrence to put Brian Coltrane on the spot. However, Chance was a big believer in redemption so she decided to give him a chance to redeem himself. "Well, you gonna answer my question or do you prefer dancing with Malibu Barbie over there?†Or did that offer for a free drink just expire?â€

(cue Brian, better start putting that Coltrane charm to work.)

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Brian stammered an answer. "Of course ah'd rather dance with you! What man in Atlanta wouldn't?" As he said this, Brian flicked his gaze over Chance's face and figure...and found himself stunned. Now that he was looking upon her fully, he noted the brown suede top that daringly bared one shoulder and clung to her torso...and the black leather pants that fit her like a second skin, so tight that they could be used as a wetsuit for scuba diving. The black motorcycle boots that arched at the heel and clung to her calves added an element of sensual assertion. He tried not to think about what a well-aimed kick with those boots could do to him.

Brian's dark eyes slowly rose back up to look Chance in the face. Her hair was full and a little wild from dancing, and she was wearing just enough makeup to compliment her attire. He had never seen her look as magnificent and dangerous....

"Doc," he breathed out finally, "There is no way I can look at you in that outfit...and have any earthly hope of talkin' my way out of this one. 'Cause you are the Greek goddess of Sex and Motorcycles, and I am just a mere mortal, ensnared by your beautiful spell."

With this, Brian clasped one of her hands in his own, and brought it up to his lips, kissing the palm. It was a slow, warm kiss, and his dark eyes shut a moment as he placed it, in silent apology for any earlier offense.

And then, with her hand in his grasp, he pulled her closer to him, and wrapped one arm around her slender waist. His body began to move to the music...and the bass line was no match for the tempo of his madly thudding heart.

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As they started swaying to the soft music, Chance let one hand find one of Brian's broad shoulder while the other stayed clasped within his. She smiled up at him, not hinting how the soft spoken words had stolen her breath, nor how the closness of their bodies, even in the slow dance, couldn't conceal the heat between them.

"Ok, You're forgiven...this time."

Chance took the oppurtunity to note Brian's attire, all black naturally, from his dress shirt to his jeans to his boots. "You don't look half bad yourself this evening, Brian." The black clothing suited his dark hair and even darker eyes, makinng him almost taking on the likness of a jungle cat that's spotted its prey...

That line of thought prompted a slight swallow, although Chance's gaze didn't waver from Brian's as they moved. Her lips quirked up with a sudden memory. "This isn't the first time we danced. I never did get a second mambo lesson out of you. How did it go again? Work it easy, get the flow, use your hips..."

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Brian grinned and gave a warm chuckle. "You don't need lessons, Doc. You're a natural." He pulled her a bit closer, the fluid movements of their dance synchronizing to an easy rythym.

Brian sighed in contentment and shut his eyes for a moment, willing a timelessness to close over them and capture this feeling forever.

He was jostled slightly by another dancing couple as a large man in a white shirt accidently bumped against his back. There was no telling who bumped who, really, so Brian glanced over his shoulder and muttered a brief apology. "Whups, sorry."

It was then he recognized Riddick. Brian blinked in surprise, noticing Riddick and Val's presence for the first time. A quick glance around the club revealed a few more familiar faces, and this caused Brian to raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

(Cue anybody!)

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Lexas hogg grinned, having watched almost everyone go off to the dance floor to have some fun. She gave a quick wave to Riddick, as did Eagle when the big guy was facing them, though, they knew he probably hadn't seen them. It was a few moments later though that they had noticed Kristy was still a few seats down from them.

"C'mon Eag, let's give her some company." Lex said, giving his arm a tug. He playfully swatted her on the arm, and she retailiated in like. This went on for a few short seconds before they were settling down next to Kristy.

"Hello," Eagle said, his attention divided between the dance floor, Lex, and Kristy.

"Howdy Kris," Lex grinned. "Why you sittin' here all by your lonesome? These clubs are about having fun, hanging out, boogying, and stuff like that. If ya don't want to do something like that, then I'll hang with ya." Lex offered.

Eagle nodded in agreement.

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Kristy gives Lex and her friend a friendly smile as she takes a slow drink while thinking of her response. "Well," she finally says placing the clear bottle back down to take in her new company, "I'd feel a bit akward getting some boogying done all myself and I ain't too good at joining in on things."

Kristy glances around the room, taking in the familiar faces that are scattered around the dance floor. "Plus I haven't been in one of these in what seems to be ages now. It was before I had kids that is for sure, perhaps even before I met Trevor," her voice weakens with akwardness and uncertainity at mentioning her ex-husband's name, the one she continues to fight to forget. Struggling to regain her confidence she smiles at Lex and her friend, "It is sure glad to see everyone out having fun and all. It sure is great to see you here, thank-you for joining me. Now I won't have to feel so akward."

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Lex grinned in return. "Who said you'd continue sitting by yourself?" she asked her. Lex had a dirty little secret from just a few moments before. Through teh door had came a rather handsome, strapping young man, dressed in a blue shirt and jeans. He made a bee line straight for the group, and was standing behind Kristy when she had said something about her ex.

Eagle looked at Lex in wonderment and looked just behind Kristy without showing it.

"She's right, you're not going to be sitting here by yourself!" LB exlaimed and grabbed her, dragging her gently off to teh dance floor before Kristy could realize who it was.

*cue Kristy*

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Kristy silently watches the silent signals that Lex and Eagle seems to send one another as she slowly takes another long drink, in a false hope to drown past the past that continues to haunt her.

"She's right, you're not going to be sitting here by yourself!" comes a familiar voice from behind, to make Kristy abruptly set down her drink. Kristy yelps in surprise as a strong muscular hand gently reaches her right arm to drag her to her feet before she is able to look up to see who it is.

Fighting to catch up enough to see who it was leading her out to the dance floor she sends Lex a thick questioning look, wondering what Lex's plans were for her. Slowly the man finds a opening space in the dance floor in time for the DJ to slowly switch songs, the high paced music is replaced by Lonestar's huge hit, "Amazed."

Kristy slowly is pulled tight against the man's chest, reaching his chin. Looking up, her heart comes to an abrupt stop in surprised excitement at seeing it to be LB Davenport. "LB," she smiles at him, taking in his tight dark blue button up shirt and a pair of ungrease stained tight light blue jeans over his regular black cowboy boots, "you look great."

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yerself," he grins down at Kristy, displaying a freshly shaved face, a gleam of happiness shines in his greenish brown eyes as he gently kisses her on the cheek before holding her tight to him.

Kristy smiles as she holds him tightly as they dance to the music that plays on the speakers.

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Riddick grumbled alittle when Brian bumped into him, he didnt know who had bumped into him an his back was still turned in that direction. But Val could see over his sholder, an she could see Brian dancing beautifully with Chance Walker. Riddicks facial features darkened in irritation an he attempted to turn an make a point to the person who had bumped into him. Seeing his exspression change she read the movment in his eyes and grabbed his arm pulling him back to her. He returned his eyes to her before he had seen the black clad Coltrane, an he looked into her

eyes with question. Why had she pulled them back? Val ran a hand over his muscle tightened chest and up to his face an shaved head. Her touch on the prickly back of his head sent shivers down his spine and throughout the rest of his body an she leaned forward against him running a hand over the side of his face. Riddick put his arms around her forgetting about the person who had bumped into them an he dreamly looked into her gray eyes as if she were the only person on the face of the earth.

"Be nice...." Val said letting her hands loosen there grip on him

Riddick took her hand in his an returned to what he was about to do with a new approach. He turned around raising his eyes to the person who had bumped into him taken aback by the person who stood on the other end. Riddick looked at Val side long for a moment then retrurned his eyes to Brian Coltrane nodding a hello an carefully covering up his suprised ecknowledgement. With Vals hand in his they approached the Doctor Walker an the black clad Coltrane, Val squeezed Riddicks hand and greated the other couple.

"Brian, Chance its so good to see you here." Val grinned widely.

"Brian...Doc." Riddick nodded his voice rumbling in his throat. "Can we buy ya'll a drink?" He asked turning towards the bar.

(I got permission to use Valerie.)

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NOTE: **I'd thought that I would bring some 60's rock-n-roll music into the dance club, since this is a bar that plays all types of music!** :)


As Vicki & Jack were walking over towards the front door, a slow song came on.

It was "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers.

"Jack, wait a minute..." Vicki said, tugging on Jack's arm.

"What is it?" asked Jack as he smiled at the redhead.

"Listen to that song," said Vicki as she was listening to a few bars.

"Wow! That's one of my favorite songs by the Righteous Brothers. Do you want to dance one last time before we leave?" Jack asked, taking Vicki's hand.

Vicki nodded as she followed Jack back out on the dance floor.

"We've really never danced very much tonight," Jack said, indicating to the couples on the dance floor. "I guess that we could mingle with my friends one last time tonight," Vicki said as she glanced at her friends that were dancing. They just smiled at her & Jack as they started to dance.

"That's fine by me, sweetheart," Jack said as he pulled Vicki close.

Vicki allowed him to pull her close, and it felt completely natural to be held in his arms, to follow his movements. The very top of her red head fitted comfortably beneath his chin.

"I could dance like this all night," Jack murmured against Vicki's red hair. She was only conscious of only the way that he was holding her. Vicki savored his arms around her and surrendered to his lead.

"So can I, Jack," Vicki sighed loudly as she laid her head down on his shoulder.

**CUE: Whoever is ready!** 8)

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Valerie walked with her arm around her dancing partner. She felt lighter than air as they headed to the bar. Val and Riddick sat down at a table next to each other, still holding hands under the table. She looked at the rings on her hand and smiled at the folks at her table, "A round on me people!"

With that the waiter came with another beer for Riddick and an Appletini for Val. The party was hopping.

Val smiled as she noticed Vicki and Jack dancing along with LB and Kristy on the floor. She sipped her appletini and squeezed her partner's hand tight. The night was beautiful and life was good.

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In front of the club the Valet pulls out to park the Canary yellow Tracker. On the curb, three co-workers are dressed for a night out. A tall medium built but shapely brunette in black dress pants, white silk blouse, and heels, stands between her friends. The youngest of the trio says, “OK, ladies. Ground rules. Subjects that are off limits for tonight: Husbands…â€

The tiny older of the three adds, “Boyfriends…â€

Looking at her friends and wondering how she got talked into this, the brunette adds, “Work…â€

Both the other girls look at her and say together, “And any ghosts from the past!!!!â€

“Agreedâ€, they say together.

The younger, says to the others, “Dixie, her are the keys to the Tracker. Now we all agree to take a cab back to your place tonight, right??â€

Dixie, replied as they move up in line, “Right, Mary, you both have a key incase we get separated. We’ll bring my car back tomorrow to pick up your ride so we can all let our hair down.â€

Debbie the oldest says, “Well, that’s what this evening is about Dixie. We’ve worked together all this time and have yet seen you relax. Besides, how are we going to get you to met someone if you don’t get out.â€

Entering the club doesn’t take long since the early rush to get end has calmed. They make their way to the bar. Mary and Debbie both order a fancy drink while Dixie orders a whiskey sour. Sipping their drinks as their eyes become accustomed to the lights, they decide to try to find a table. As they head for an open table, though it’s been years since being in Hazzard, Dixie could swear she heard a familiar voice between songs. Mary and Debbie are checking out the guys in the crowd. “Dixie, would you look at that gorgeous man over there.†Whispers Debbie nodding toward the dance floor.

Dixie is scanning the room for the familiar voice that she thinks that she heard. Her eyes are now searching faces as she hears a familiar laugh coming from a table close by. She gets her first look at her high school friend Daisy Duke. She turns white as a ghost. Dixie had not really dated anyone since leaving Hazzard as a teenager. Her friends had spent weeks arranging for the three of them to get off work together. Then they had to talk her into going out with them in hopes of getting her to finally leave her past behind her and move on. Now, not ten feet away was none other than Daisy Duke, the cousin of the love of her life, Luke Duke.

Debbie and Mary both noticed at the same time Dixie was not joining in the conversation. “Dixie….†Said Mary.

“Earth to Dixie.†Debbie said waving her hand in front of Dixie’s face.

Keeping her eyes still locked on Daisy, Dixie does realize she is being spoken too, “Ah,… guys I know this is probably off limits for discussion, but I think one of my ghosts just put on about a hundred pounds…†pausing, "I've got to go say 'Hello' to a high school friend." Dixie says as she quickly finishes her drink.

Any resemblances to anyone living or dead are coincidental. This post is a ladies night out away from other posts involving Dixie Davenport, Cooters’ younger sister. If you’d like to use her please ask. Thanks.

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Dixie walks up to Daisy's table and taps her lightly on the shoulder, "Daisy?"

Daisy turns, it takes only a few seconds to recognize Cooter's younger sister, "DIXIE!!!" she exclaims. Standing to hug her friend she almost dumps the entire table over causing all eyes in the near area to turn to them. "What on Earth are you doing here?"

"I think I could ask you the same thing!" Replies Dixie.

"Well, there is about half of Hazzard County here tonight. Us girls decided to have a girls night out. From the looks of things I think some of the guys have gotten wind of it and followed us." States Daisy.

Dixie laughs, "That's what some of my friends and I had arranged too."

Daisy suggests, "Why don't you see if they want to come over and we'll have us a great night." Pausing, "I think there are some people you may remember, but there's a lot of new faces in Hazzard these days. Most are friends or our distant relatives who have wander back into good old Hazzard."

Dixie replies, "That sounds so good. I've missed Hazzard. I'll get Mary and Debbie and be right over."

Cue anyone who'd like to get to know Dixie and friends.

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**Due to some changes in my life with a new job, I'm going to add to this storyline while I can! Dixie, I may borrow your character for a line or two if ya like. If y'all like to borrow my character Vicki and her new friend Jack, go ahead. Take Care! :D **



Still holding Jack lightly in her arms, Vicki kept glancing towards the front of the bar.

"You okay, Vicki?" asked Jack as he relunctantly let go of the redhead.

"Not really, Jack," Vicki said as she looked towards the front of the bar.

"Are you expecting someone? You keep looking towards the front of the bar like you saw someone you knew."

"Jack, I don't know. Maybe I'm tired or something. I've had a long day today. Why don't I go get my jacket, and you can walk me out to my car."

"Sure, Vicki," replied Jack. "I need to go soon anyway. My shift tomorrow morning starts at 6a.m."

Vicki giggled lightly. "That's one thing that we have in common already. We're workacholics."

Holding hands, Vicki and Jack walked to the back of the bar.

"Hello," said Vicki as she approached Daisy and Dixie.

"Vicki, are you having a good time?" Dixie asked as she smiled at the redhead.

Vicki smiled at Dixie, then lightly yawned as she was putting back on her black leather jacket. "Yeah, Dixie, I am having a good time."

CUE: Dixie or Whoever is ready to add! :wink:

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Little Red Vicki congrats on the new job!! Thanks for the use of Vicki --- you all can use Dixie in this story to make conversation flow more easily. It has been years since Dixie has been in Hazzard and she may need introduced to some of the now regular Hazzardites and since I am fairly new here it helps me also. Dixie.

Dasiy looks from Vicki to Dixie, surprised that they know each other. “You know each other?†she questions.

Vicki gives her a look. Vicki had told Jack she worked in Hazzard but not what she did.

Dixie catches the look. She had also promised not to talk shop tonight. “Well, let’s just say we’ve met at our respective jobs WHICH . . . â€, looking at her other friends, “I have sworn off as conversation tonight. It was good seeing you again Vicki.â€

Vicki gives her a thank you look, “You too, enjoy your night.†She says taking Jacks arm they head back into the crowd.

Daisy says, “You two met at work? …. I want to hear the rest of this..â€

“Ok, but not tonight.†Dixie says. Knowing full well, that there is a lot she wants to talk to Daisy Duke about, but she also knows her friends will hold her to not talking about her ghosts from the past tonight. She will be content to maybe call Daisy tomorrow and have a long heart o heart talk.

“Fair enough.†Replies Daisy.

Just then the song “Good Old Rocky Top†begins to play. Daisy says, “This is one song we can all dance to with or without a partner. Come on you all!†Daisy, Dixie, Mary and Debbie all head to the floor and begin to really kick up their heels, which is getting a lot of male attention.

Several miles away Luke Duke is getting out of the shower after a long day of fighting forest fires as a Senior Smoke Jumper for the Forestry Service when there is a loud knock at his door. Still dripping wet he wraps himself in just a towel and checks the door. Seeing several of his fellow Smoke Jumpers, he opens the door, and heads to get dressed.

His partner, Bugs, says, “Luke, what are you doing tonight?â€

“Well, after I get dressed I planned on relaxing a bit.†Replied Luke.

Randy smiled, “Good. We’ve got the perfect plan. Go with us.â€

“Where?†asked Luke.

“To Atlanta! We’ve all got tomorrow off and want to check out that Club they have been talking about on the radio.†Exclaims Bugs.

Luke, who is a bit older than the rest of the crew, asks, “Now why would you guys want me tagging along? Besides I like country music, not that stuff you all listen too.â€

The youngest of the bunch, Jody, speaks up, “No, you’ve got this place all wrong. They say they have everything from Oldies to Country, and Rap to Disco music. Kinda a something for everyone! Come on go with us. If for nothing else to keep us outa trouble.â€

“Oh, Ok. So now I’m a babysitter?†questions Luke.

Randy jumps in, “No, it’s not like that. Let’s all just go let off some steam as a team.â€

Hearing the word team, Luke knows he’s been baited, as he always wants them to work as a team. There is no way he can get out of this, “Oh, alright. Give me about 15 minutes to get ready.â€

Back at the Club:

Anyone else want to kick up there heels to Rocky Top come on out!

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BALLADEER: "Y'all, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. However, Vicki tells Jack about a career change. It looks like that Chickasaw County could be losing a deputy shortly in the future. Hmmm...."

About an hour later as everyone continued to dance, Vicki and Jack were at the bar talking like they had all night.

"So what is like working as a deputy in Chickasaw County?" Jack asked the redhead.

"Well, right now I'm only working part-time. I've been going to college at night taking some classes," Vicki replied, taking a sip of the iced tea that she ordered earlier.

"Wow. What are you taking at school?" asked Jack.

"A few months ago, I decided to make a few changes in my life. And that included going back to school. I'm taking some nursing courses," said Vicki, yawning slightly.

"Vicki! You didn't tell me that you went back to school!" Dixie said shocked as she sat down next to Vicki and Jack. "How long have you been going?"

"Dixie, like I was telling Jack, I've only been going for the last few months. Just a couple of nights a week. That is the reason why I've been patrolling only during the morning hours." Vicki told Dixie, taking a sip of her iced tea.

"No wonder that Chance couldn't get a hold of you until a few days ago! Just think, not only that Hazzard County has a doctor now, but also a nurse soon!" said Daisy excitedly as she sat down at a table next to them.

"Maybe, Daisy," said Vicki as she smiled at her friend as she watched Daisy & Dixie walked away from them. Taking Jack by the arm, she added in a low tone, "But I wouldn't count on it for a while."

"What is it, Vicki? Is there something wrong?" Jack asked, as he helped Vicki put her leather coat on.

Vicki squeezed Jack's hand. "Not really, Jack. Why don't we go get some coffee next door. I'm going to need some so I can stay awake driving home."

"Sure, sweetheart," said Jack as he gently put his arm around Vicki's shoulder.

"Bye, Y'all. It was fun. See Y'all soon," Vicki said, waving at her friends out on the dance floor as she and Jack head towards the front entrance of the dance club.

CUE: whoever is ready to add!! :wink:

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