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Warning: Hazzardous Curves Ahead


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"Daisy can you believe Vicki studing to be a nurse? I think it's great, but I know she has always loved her job as a Deputy." says Dixie.

"I think its great too. Hazzard could sure use a nurse." replies Daisy. Thinking about Dixie's last statement she questions, "Just HOW do you know she loves being a Deputy?"

As Debbie and Mary who had came up behind her heard Daisy's question that Dixie is about to answer, Debbie reminds, "See we leave you alone for a minute and you all start talking 'shop'. "

They all are laughing at this as a two men dressed in Western attire approach the four women. The obvious leader of the two looks at Dixie and Daisy and says, "Excuse me Ladies but my friend and I were wondering if you'd share a dance with us? I'd also like the honor of buying your friends here a drink."

Dixie, who has not been one to drink much of anything since leaving Hazzard, had drank just enough to start to loosen up a bit replies for them all, "We'd love to share this dance."

He smiles at her getting the bar tenders attention and ordering Debbie and Mary's drinks. "Shall we?" he leads her to the dance floor as his friend and Daisy follow.

Driving up to the Club in a Black 1999 4 door Clubcab, F-250 4 x 4 is Luke Duke and his fellow Smokejumpers. Handing the keys to the Valet as he steps from the truck, Luke is dressed in freshly shined Black Cowboys boots, well fitting Black jeans, a White dress shirt and string tie, with a Grey suede sports coat. His outfit is by far more stylish than the other five getting out in various Firefighting T-shirts, jeans, and boots but they are a handsome group none the less.

Country music can be heard on the sidewalk. Jody smiles at Luke, "See we told you it had something for everyone."

Luke says as they are passing through the line that is quickly moving, "Well, it may not be so bad after all."


Any of you ladies who might want to try to catch Luke's friends attention

feel free to use them for this story. They are Bugs, Randy, Jody, Johnny, and Mike. I'm sure they will be eager to meet you all -- Dixie

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"Maybe some other time, Riddick." Chance grinned up at Brian, in no hurry to leave the arms of the man she was dancing with. "Mr. Coltrane here first owes me a drink." She also noticed when Brian scanned the rooming, his gaze stopping at the faces of the people from Hazzard. "Looks like you stumbled on the Hazzard Hen Night." She chuckled. "But what brings you to Atlanta, Brian? Business as usual?"

(Cue Brian! Can't wait for this answer.)

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"Um....." Brian was working on an alibi, but it was too late. Rusty had returned from the alley, and this Syndicate friend was threading his way through the crowd towards them.

The red-headed street thug walked up to Brian, heedless of the blonde woman in Brian's arms. Grinning, Rusty presented Diablo's keys back to Brian with a flourish. "It's all set!" Rusty beamed. "The trunk is packed. Oh, and I saved you some movies to keep for yourself, least I could do. Put 'em in the front seat for ya. There's "Carnal Chaos" and "Leather Forever" and....."

Brian abruptly grabbed Rusty's jacket with one hand and hauled him roughly forward. "Rusty," Brian gritted, "Shaddap!!"

Brian's dark eyes flicked sideways to Chance, and Rusty immediately understood. Smoothly, the Syndicate compatriot changed gears. "Oh! I see you're busy. I'd better get back to the Jigsaw anyway. Catch ya later, Bri."

Rusty backed up as Brian released him, then turned and melted through the crowd. He could not resist, however, pausing near the bar to turn back and eye Brian's lady friend from halfway across the room. He gave her the once-over, then nodded to Brian with a wide grin. Rusty then completed his exit, looking smug.

"@#%*,' Brian muttered to himself. Beside him, he felt Chance's close presence, and without looking at her, he knew she was giving him one of those I-know-everything smiles. Coincidence had a way of complicating his life, and tonight was no exception.

He turned to her, clearing his throat and attempting to put the scene behind them. "So! About that drink...."

( cue Chance!)

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“Sure. You look like you could use one.†Chance teased., having watched this encounter silently. Brian’s infamous background was not unknown to her. She grinned up at him as he led her away from the dance floor. Chance perched herself on one of the barstools and crossed her legs at the knees, causing the metal buckles on her motorcycle boots to clink together. “I didn’t know you were a movie buff, Brian.†With that, she winked, indicating that his secret of his cargo was safe with her. When the bartender strolled up, Chance ordered her favorite drink, since Brian was buying, of course.

“Brandy, pleaseâ€

(Cue Brian!)

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"Make it two." Brian didn't say much as the drinks were delivered. He paid the bartender and swigged down his drink without preamble. He couldn't help but watch as Chance took a delicate sip from her own glass, her ruby-painted mouth leaving a slight imprint of lipstick around the rim.

This could have fascinated Brian for several minutes, had it not been for the sudden appearance of the City of Atlanta Police Deparment.

Four officers walked into the nightclub and began asking people questions. The bartender shook his head and shrugged, having been too busy to notice every face in attendance. But the buxom cocktail waitress Brian had been dancing with earlier was animated with converation. She remembered seeing a man who fit Rusty's description, and she remembered who he had been talking to.

She pointed to Brian, and he looked up just in time to see the Atlanta cops giving him an interested stare.

"Aw, hell." Brian reached down to the barstool for his jacket, and put it on casually, as if he was in no hurry. But his dark eyes held the look of a hunted animal.

The officers milled through the crowd, two of them covering the exits while the other two wove through the dance floor towards their prey. Brian saw this from the corner of his eyes. He knew that half the customers in the bar could identify him from Hazzard. The question was, if they would aid is escape...

"Doc," Brian muttered quietly, "I gotta get outta heah fast, or I'm gonna get sent up the river for Grand Theft Porno. Think you can create some kinda diversion?"

(Cue Chance.....)

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Chance took a long sip of her brandy, following Brian’s lead and not alerting the police to their sudden change in demeanor. Although her movements were casual, her mind was working rapidly. She had one idea, it was a risk. Not only to Brian’s freedom but to her own as well. Chance hope he would go along with it.

“Give me the keys to Diablo.†At his abrupt narrow-eyed glance, she explained quickly, her voice dropping down to a whisper. “Look, before you start arguing, the police are obviously looking for you, but if Diablo isn’t here, they won’t find anything on you. No car, no evidence, no arrest. Plus, they wouldn’t think to question a blonde woman quietly leaving the club when they are looking for a dark-haired man. I’ll drive Diablo back to Hazzard, you can pick him up later.†Chance turned slightly towards the bar, so the approaching cops couldn’t see her put her hand out for the keys. “Unless you have a better idea…†Her blue eyes held Brian’s in a steady gaze. She knew she was asking something that Brian Coltrane rarely gave anyone….a sign of trust.

(Cue Brian!)

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