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Warning: Hazzardous Curves Ahead


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You know, it occurs to this quiet county doctor that usually the guys in Hazzard get to have all the fun. I say it’s the ladies’ turn. I happened to come across some tickets for Atlanta’s hottest new dance club. No country music or peanuts on the floor here. Girls, What do you say to a girl’s night out and we’ll show those city folks how the females of Hazzard have fun.

Dress code: This ain’t no quilting club, ladies, dress to kill.


The valet could only raise an eyebrow as the motorcycle pulled out to the curb in front of the nightclub, a far cry from the usual sports cars or luxury sedans often seen in this part of Atlanta. The other eyebrow when the rider of the cycle pulled off her helmet, revealing a long mane of blonde hair to fall wildly around her shoulders. Chance grinned at the stunned look at the valet’s face as she handed him her keys. Hell, she knew she looked good tonight, why not enjoy the attention. Wasn’t that the whole point of a girl’s night out? Walking towards the nightclub, she caught her reflection in a mirrored section decorating the front. She smirked at the reflection, dressed in a dark brown suede shirt that attached over one shoulder, leaving the other bare and black leather pants can almost could be deemed illegally snug, the outfit was completed by Chance’s shin high motorcycle boots, also black leather.

The heavy bass was coming from the interior of the nightclub could be hear even out into the street, the modern dance music about as a far cry something the honky tonk played at the Boar’s Nest as possible. This was more the type of place Chance frequented in her often teased about “wild days†during college. There would be no chance of country ballads, peanuts littering the floors or water downed beers in here. Chance grinned as she approached the doorway, there was a healthy line at the door, but thankfully Chance’s tickets meant they could bypass it. A bouncer who looked like a refuge from World Wide Wrestling stood at the head of the line.

Chance glanced at her watch. She had posted the invitation in town. She wondered idly who would join her.

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The next car to pull up to the curb was a bright red Porsche, the woman behind the wheel a brunette. She put the car in park and waited for the valet to open the door for her. He couldnt help but notice the tight, short black dress she wore, accentuated by black Stilletto heels that showed off her long shapely legs.

"Park it someplace good please--"

Min placed her keys in the young man's hand, giving him a warm smile; that smile growing brighter as his face turned a bright shade of red. His gaze followed her, along with every other red blooded man there as Min sauntered up the sidewalk. She spotted the bright blond hair of her friend and raised her hand.


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A tall dark haired female form came walking up behind the blond haired doctor and the Duke woman. She wore a white leather mini skirt, a blue chenelle sweater, with white leather and rhinestoned high heeled sandles that tied up above her ankles. Her hair was down and in a mane full of curls that framed her oval shaped face. She grinned as she came up behind her friends.

"Howdy girlfriends... Like my..." she cleared her throat slightly as she showed her hand which was full of rings, "Bling Blings?"

She then giggled, knowing full well she felt like a fish out of water.

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“Bling Blings?†Chance raised her eyebrow, looked at Min and shrugged.

Smiling as she escorted she friends towards the entrance. “Ladies, It’s a shame I’m an MD and not a chiropractor because we gonna turn some heads tonight!†Indeed, even as the trio of woman stood at the entrance while the bouncer took their tickets, it was obvious they were attracting male attention, one brave soul even ventured a wolf whistle from somewhere back in the line.

Inside the nightclub, the lights were low and the music pulsing. Thankfully, the place wasn’t incredibly crowded because of the limited entrance. There were some tables lined alongside the long bar that dominated one side of the club. The sunken dance floor was lighted with various colored spotlights as individuals and couples alike took advantage of the dimmed lighting.

Chance lead Val and Min to a spot at the bar nearby, which immediately opened up as the females approached. She signaled the bartender and turned to her friends.

“What’ll it be, girls? First drink‘s on me.â€

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Min grinned as she sat down on the bar stool, crossing her legs and giving her dark loose hair a toss over her shoulders.

"I'm dying for a beer--" Min told the doctor, seeing that the three women had gotten the attention of every guy in the closest proximity.

"This is going to be a night to remember girls!"

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As Min, Chance, and Val were talking & drinking, a petite redhead walked inside the dance club.

"I'm glad that Chance invited me to join them..." she thought as she walked inside the dance club.

She was dressed in a off the shoulder black blouse with black leather pants & matching jacket. Her normal attire most of the time was her Chickasaw County Sheriff's uniform.

As soon as she walked inside the dance club, a few of the men all ready made eye contact with her, and one even shared a dance with her.

Looking at her friends sitting in the corner sharing a drink, Vicki smiled at her dance partner.

"Thanks, Jack for the dance. It was nice," said Vicki as she smiled at the young Doctor that she had just met.

"Yeah, it was nice. Would you like to dance the next slow song with me?" Jack asked the redhead.

Glancing over at her friends, then back to Jack, Vicki smiled. "Of course, Jack. Let me go talk to my friends for a while, Okay?"

"Sure, I'll go get some drinks for us. What would you like?" Jack said to Vicki.

"Just a Chocolate Mudslide," Vicki replied to Jack.

"Okay," said Jack, squeezing Vicki's hand then added, "I'll met you at your friends' table."

"Okay, see you there," said Vicki, waving at Jack as she headed to where her friends were.

**Cue: Whoever is ready to add!** :wink:

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“Amen to that, Min.†Chance smirked as she raised her brandy glass in salute. “These city boys have no idea what they’ll in for.†She took a sip she watched Vicki and her new friend talk for a minute before the redhead started towards the bar. “I see Vick has a head start on us already.†She teased, speaking just aloud enough for her to hear as she approached.

Smiling at the turnout of the invitation. “What do you think, girls? A shade more sophisticated than the Boar’s Nest?†Her grin widened as she rested one leg on the other knee, motorcycle boots creaking slightly as she did so.

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The Game Warden was sipping on a Seabreeze when the doctor asked that question. She sat her drink down and looked up at her with a bit of a smile and replied with a slightly snobbish mock accent in her voice, "Chance, Darling, the club is smiply smashing my dear."

She then giggled slightly and took a look over at Vicki.

"Have a seat Vick." she motioned to the empty seat next to her.

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Smiling, Vicki sat down on a stool next to Val. "Don't mind if I do, Val." She said as she smiled at the Game Warden.

Vicki then took off her leather jacket. Immediately her new friend Jack walked over to her. He had a crazy grin on his face as he approached the redhead. "Here's your drink," Jack said as he smiled at the redhead.

"Thanks. Jack, these are some friends of mine that I hang out with back in Hazzard County," said Vicki, motioning to her friends. "We do just about everything together there. Y'all, this is Jack Stewart. He is a 3rd year intern doctor at Atlanta Memorial Hospital."

"Hi, ladies," said Jack, running a hand through his dark brownish/black hair.

"Hi," said Chance, Val, and Min together.

"Vicki, whenever you're ready for that dance, let me know. I'm going to be at that table to the right talking to some friends of mine from the hospital," said Jack as he was walking away from Vicki slightly.

"Okay," said Vicki, smiling at Jack as she watched him walk away from her.

"Wow, what happened to you?" Chance asked Vicki.

"Nothing, I'm just being my shy self. This sure beats dancing at the Boar's Nest. I'm going to have to come here more often," Vicki said as she started sipping on her Mudslide.

**CUE: Whoever is ready!** :wink:

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Min sat back, picking up her bottle of beer and having a swig of it. She scanned the dance floor looking for a prospective partner. The selection of men on the dance floor seemed pretty impressive, many handsome faces, tight jeans and the bodies to go along with them.

"Nice-- very very nice--" She stated as she leaned close to Chance.

"See any anatomy worth studying in here tonight Doc?" Min teased.

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"Sorry, Min. You know damn well I'm taken. But if I see anything worth..." The blonde woman cleared her throat. "further physical examination, I steer you towards it." She chuckled as she turned towards the redhead. "Vicki, hon, tonight have absolutly nothing to do about being shy. Although I gotta tell you, you gotta watch them doctors. Trust me on that one." Chance grinned slyly.

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Min laughed, shaking her head.

"You know, I asked you if there was any anatomy worth STUDYING I never said anything about PERSUING." She watched Chance's face blush as she raised her bottle of beer to her lips again and had another sip. Setting down her drink she got up from the table.

"I dont know about you all but I feel like dancing! And if I cant find someone to dance with me I'll dance alone--" She said over her shoulder as she headed for the crowded dance floor.

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"Studying and pursueing? Is there a difference?" Chance laughed and set her drink on the bar. "You know what, dancing sounds good. Let's see if we can make some jaws drop." She said as she got up and joined Min on the dancefloor.

Dancing was probably too polite a term for what was going on on the darkened dance area. More like grinding to a beat. But that didn't stop Min and Chance from joining in the fun. Moving in time with the music, the two girls didn't seem aware that they were turning heads. Chance grinned as she and Min danced side by side. Playfully trying to outdo her friend, She lifted her blonde hair with both her hands, let it fall back around her shoulders and added a sexy wiggle of her hips.

Min only grinned, impressed by Chance's moves and natural rhythm. Not to be outdone, the Duke woman's hips rotated back and forth in seductive semi-circles; her hands traced down her thighs slowly before her arms raised high in the air.

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Val sat at the table with a grin of satsisfaction on her face. Her friends were having a blast and so was she. In the Strate woman's mind she couldn't be much happier than this.

"Ah... Bliss!" Val smiled to herself as she then sipped on her drink. However she wanted to start in an activity that required movement, she debated joining her friends on the dance floor. Until.... she heard the disc jockey put Journey's song 'Any Way You Want It' on over the air waves of the club.

"Hhhhhmmmm...." The off duty Game Warden mused to herself. She stood up and tugged on Vicki's arm, "C'mon Vick, let's join the party!"

Val was feeling frisky tonight. She had already studied the room and knew that the majority of the guys here were not the normal type she usually ran into. The men here were impecibly dressed, well versed, well groomed, and in a male beauty pagenant against the Duke boys (the hottest men in Hazzard County) the Dukes would be an after thought.

Half of her brain was saying, 'hide in the corner or behind the table' the other half was drunken with delight and happiness, 'Party! Wooohoo!'.

This mental balance kept her in a steady clubbing balance. The Game Warden realized to herself,"Forget about the guys! This is Girls Night and you're going to PARTY!"

She shimmied out to the dance floor near her friends. Her body began to jirate as she moved to the rythm of the beat and began singing,

Any way you want it

That's the way you need it

Any way you want it

She loves to laugh

She loves to sing

She does everything

She loves to move

She loves to grove

She loves the lovin' things.....

(cue anyone)

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"This is a lot of fun, girls! We have to do this more often!" squeeled Vicki as she dancing with her friends. She was happier now that she had a couple of Mudslides down her.

"Yeah, but aren't we missing a few of our friends here?" Chance asked as she looked around the dance club.

"Probably," replied the redhead then added after taking her ponytail down and letting her long red hair go free, "Whoever that isn't here with us probably knows by now where we went. Maybe someone will join us here soon."

**CUE: Whoever is ready!** :D

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Kristy is filled with a sinking sense of un-trust as she watches the valet slowly climb into her big four by four Silverado. Standing in the chilly evening she watches as her truck is slowly being driven away by some stranger, a stranger she has never met before, driving her truck. Letting go of a deep breath she didn't know she was holding, Kristy slowly turns her back to the disappearing tail lights of her truck as she forces herself to loosen up, to have a good night.

For a short moment she watches as people slowly enter and exit the dance club, in couples or by themselves. 'Here goes nothing,' she thinks as she places a small smile on her face as she slowly follows a young couple through the thick double glass doors. Inside Kristy slowly glances around the dark area, awaiting for her eyes to slowly adjust to the darkness of the dance club.

Spotting a coat rack to the left of the doors she stiffly takes off her expensive black leather coat to hang upon one of the hangers. Nervously, she places her hands into the pockets of her her tight fitting faded blue jeans, as she momentarily thinks of the last time she had been in Atlanta. The last she had been in Atlanta had been a year and a few months ago, on escaping from her ex-husband.

'Damn it' she sighs angrily at herself at allowing herself to think of the past, of the last time she had ventured to Atlanta. Tonight was suppose to be about fun and fun was what she planned on doing. Yanking her hands out of her pockets she straightens out her tight red t-shirt before she slowly moves past the entry way and into the dance area. The music roars from speakers of an up-beat music that quickly makes her lose the thought of her nightmarish past. Feeling the music while she walks past tables and past people dancing with one another or seperate, she scans the area looking for her friends from Hazzard that she was suppose to meet here.

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"Min, you getting the feeling we opened a Pandora's box here?" Chance said, grinning broadly. She had to raise her voice slightly to be heard above the music. Bending her knees and rocking her shoulders, she shimmied down low and then up. "You know, we ought to try this one night at the Boar's Nest. We would probably see a few eyes pop out of their sockets. Could you imagine the look on their faces?" Chance couldn't resist a chuckle at the thought.

"Oh it's be priceless and as for the Pandora's Box...Maybe we have Chance or maybe we just showed these girls how much fun it can be to cut loose once in a while.. I mean we can't all be peaches and cream every minute of the day." Min closed her eyes, letting her body move to the music; her long hair swinging as she moved from side to side.

"I'm not sure I'm EVER the peaches and creme type." Chance then spotted Kristy through an opening in the crowd and waved, knowing her voice wouldn't carry over the music.

Min too saw Kristy and raised her hand to her before answering the doctor's question. "Chance, that's what we basically are most of the time. But not right now and certainly not tonight."

"Damn straight."

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Min too saw Kristy and raised her hand to her before answering the doctor's question. "Chance, that's what we basically are most of the time. But not right now and certainly not tonight."

"Damn straight."

Val shot a look over to Chance, "Damn right, I am!"

She then chuckled and continued to dance, "Chance, I don't think the guys at the Nest would know what to do with themsevles if they seen us like this."

She continued to hum the Journey tune that was playing then spoke up again, "Hey, anyone know if MA or Daisy is gonna drop by? I would think Daisy wouldn't want to miss a night like this. Plus, I would love to do some Kareeko with MaryAnne."

(cue anyone! Strut it Gals! LOL)

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Meanwhile, Vicki was standing near the front end of the dance floor, talking to the DJ who was playing the dance music.

Just then, Daisy Duke walked in to join the crowd.

"Hi, Daisy. It's nice to see you again," said Vicki as she smiled at Daisy.

"Vicki, what did you do to yourself? You look different," said Daisy in shock as she looked at the redhead.

"I just made a few adjustments to myself since we were going for a nite on the town in Atlanta," said Vicki, inspecting herself in a compact mirror that she had in her purse then added, "Everyone else is on the dance floor dancing if ya want to join them."

Daisy laughed as she walked away from Vicki. "You better not let any males from Hazzard see you like that, you're liable to make them go crazy!"

"Probably, Daisy. Honey, do you have any country music that I can dance to?" Vicki asked Eric, the DJ.

Eric eyed Vicki down, from her long slightly curled red hair down to the tight black leather pants and matching black boots that she had on. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her.

"Honey, are you all right?" Vicki asked as she giggled, moving a loose trendrill away from her face.

Eric's mouth dropped wide open he spoke in his baritone voice. "Sure,doll. What song do you want me to play? I have all types of country music here from the Oak Ridge Boys to Faith Hill."

"Do you have 'Girls Nite Out' by the Judds?" Vicki asked sweetly to Eric. "I want to dedicate it to my friends that are here with me tonight."

"Sure, I'll put it on right now, after I get your telephone number," said Eric smiling at Vicki as he was putting the music in then added into the microphone, "For all you ladies out there that are having a good time tonight, Vicki wants to dedicate this song to ya."

**CUE: Anyone who is ready!** 8) 8)

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While all this was happening, in a nearby parkinglot, a Cherry Red 1970 Buick Skylark was sitting, it's occupants getting ready for the party.

"Now Remember Eag, you promised no getting drunk," the cars owner told her buddy in the passenger seat.

"I know, I know," Eagle grinned. "But I'm sure there will be some nice lookin' girls for me to bug."

Lex laughed. "That's just like you Eagle." Although Lex and Eagle were best friends, they had never dated. "I know you're gonna knock some of those girls dead with your looks," she joked.

"Yeah, just like you're a knock out with the guys anytime we go clubbin'." He retorted.

Lex was wearing a pair of red pants that were a little too tight, and a white spegetti strap shirt that was a few sizes too small. She also had on a metal chain belt. Eagle had on a white sleeveless shirt and black pants.

"True. I like the attention sometimes, though, sometimes I don't. And if any guys get too friendly, I'll slap them," She mumbled, finishing with her makeup.

"Just be careful that our buddy over there don't toss ya out. You know he got a job as a bouncer there."

"True. Now let's get going," she replied to Eagle's warning. "and same goes for you." Lex shifted Rose Bud into drive and took off toward the valet parking.

When they pulled up, the ballet standing there looked overjoyed. "Lex, Eagle, great to see you two! May I park Rose Bud for you?" He said as they climbed out.

"Of course, someone's gotta do it!" Lex laughed as he climbed in.

"Nice to see you too," Eagle said in greeting and shook his hand.

As they walked by the bouncer, they nodded in greeting beings he was very busy keeping out the rift raft. He was an old friend who had also worked as a bouncer with Lex back at the bar that Eagle had once run.

"how about we hit the bar before we have a little fun?" Lex suggested.

"Sounds good. I promise not to get too drunk, like i said earlier," he laughed.

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A smile reaches Kristy's face as she waves back at the young doctor on the dance floor with Min, before waving to Val as she makes her way to the table where Val sits.

"I can't believe I am doing this," Kristy smiles as she sits down besides Val before a young cute waiter comes to ask for her order.

Kristy glances up at the tall thin dark brown haired man with piercing green eyes that holds a thin dark shadow of a beard and mustach. "I'll have a Smernoff Ice."

"It's on it's way," he grins a large bright white smile at her before he slowly walks away to attrieve her drink.

Kristy watches with a little interest as the waiter disappears behind the bar before turning to everyone. "I didn't mean to be so late...had a hard time talking myself to come back to Atlanta. But here I am, what I miss?"

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(Author’s note: Wow! I had no idea upon submitting this RR that it would snowball like it did. I just we all needed a night off. Thanks guys! And just for the record, if anyone wants to join this RR, regardless of them being part of Chance’s hen party invite list, they are more than welcome. )

Chance rolled her eyes playfully when the country music hit the speakers. The young doctor’s musical preferences leaned more towards Aerosmith and Van Halen the the Judds and Waylon Jennings, a source of much teasing in Hazzard where country reigned supreme. She laughed and told Min she was sitting this one out. Min nodded and joined her, country wasn’t her style either. The two women made their way through the crowd of dancers back to the bar where Kristy and Val were sitting.

Chance just caught Kristy’s question as she settled down in a chair beside them.

“Glad you could make it, Kris. You haven’t missed much, just me and Min here showing these city guys what they are missing in Hazzard.†She grinned impishly.

"That’s right, just because we're from a small town doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun." Min winked at her friend, the two women exchanging high fives and laughing.

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Meanwhile out on the dance floor, Vicki was having a ball two-stepping with her new friend Jack.

"So what's it like back in Hazzard?" Jack asked, as he held Vicki close.

Vicki smiled at her friend. "Probably like it is here. Everything's about the same, except that we have a lot of farms across the county."

"But you're working in Chickasaw County, and going to school at the college. Do you have family in Hazzard?" Jack asked as he grinned at the redhead.

"Most of my family lives in Oklahoma on a horse ranch. All I have left around here are my friends, and my God-Father Rosco and my God-Mother Lulu," said Vicki as she glances towards the back of the bar at her friends.

"So you're friends are keeping you here. What would happen if you would try to relocate?" asked Jack. *Maybe with me...* he thought to himself.

"I don't know what they would do..." said Vicki as she looked at her friends as they continued to dance close together.

**CUE: Whoever is Ready! LOL! :D**

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Val sat back again at her seat next to Kristy. She had ordered her second Seabreaze. Her legs were crossed as she sat at the bar with her friends.

"Ladies, I propose a toast..." The female Game Warden replied in a loud enough voice so all the women around her could hear. She raised her glass and spoke again, "To the women in Hazzard County.... and all the men who can't seem to tame us!"

A roar of laughter came from the women as they all toasted to their friendship and this wild night.

(cue anyone)

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Lex and Eagle heard the laughter while they sat at the bar. Lex and Eagle were drinking beers. They turned slighly and seen a few of Lex's friends from Hazzard.

"I think after we finish our drinks, we aughta go over and hang out. Who knows, maybe you'll pick up one of them," Lex winked. Eagle took and swatted at her playfully.

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