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    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in The Long Goodbye   
    6th season's Play It Again, Luke.
  2. Haha
    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Good guy or Bad guy?   
    I hope the two of you had fun teaching each other stuff.
  3. Haha
    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Dukes Christmas Party   
    Maybe he'll be the last one left and have to clean up?
  4. Haha
    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Hazzard County Wild Turkey Shoot - November 18 2007   
    *smile* Alex, you'll make a great turkey! How nice of you to volunteer yourself.
  5. Sad
    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Folger, Frykowski, Parent, Sebring, Tate and LaBianca Murders   
    Rumors still persist. With the invention of the internet, uncensored crime scene and autopsy photos can now be viewed.
    Family members of the victims attend parole hearings every few years for the convicted parties. Nothing will ever change the events of…
    August 9th
    Abigail Folger “Gibby†- the heiress who choose to be as a social worker.
    Thomas John Kummer, better known as Jay Sebring – Celebrity Hairstylist
    Wojciech “Wojtek†pronounced “Voytek†Frykowski – writer, Gibby’s companion and Roman’s friend.
    Sharon Tate – actress and wife of director Roman Polanski
    Paul Richard Polanski – he would have been born around August 22nd 1969
    Steven Parent – Working 2 jobs to save for first year of college. Had only stopped by that night to visit with the estate’s caretaker.
    August 10th
    Leno LaBianca – sucessful grocery store owner
    Rosemary LaBianca – sucecessful businesswoman
    Eight lives lost to senseless violence, 38 years ago.
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    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in ConAgra Banquet & generic brand pot pies advisory   
    ConAgra Foods Offers Consumer Advisory Regarding Banquet Pot Pies
    OMAHA, Neb.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 2007--ConAgra Foods today announced that it was contacted by state health officials regarding Banquet Turkey and Chicken Pot Pies. In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), ConAgra Foods is advising consumers to not eat these products while the USDA and ConAgra Foods look into these concerns. This advisory pertains to Banquet brand frozen chicken or turkey pot pie products or generic store brand not-ready-to-eat pot pie products bearing the number "P-9" printed on the side of the package. The company believes the issue is likely related to consumer undercooking of the product.
    If they wish, consumers may return these products to ConAgra Foods for a refund by sending the side panel of the package that contains the code "P-9" to ConAgra Foods, Dept. BQPP, P.O. Box 3768, Omaha, NE 68103-0768. If consumers prefer, they may return the product to the store from which it was purchased for a refund; consumers should discard the product prior to returning the entire package to their retail store.
    ©ConAgra Foods, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in dukes are back   
  8. Care
    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Congratulations Ray Kohn!   
    Roger, you mean this thread-
    Congratulations Ray! One of the most down to earth DOH fans ever!
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    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Skipper Duke in New Year's Resolutions   
    Happy early New Year's greetings to everyone!
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    DaneyDuke got a reaction from Hobie Hartkins in Sorrell Booke as Boss on Alice..   
    http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6682&highlight=Alice - ION aired that ep back in 2008. It was a nice episode. Hmmm, wonder if its on a vhs tape somewhere?
    Maybe we could petition WB for it?
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    DaneyDuke reacted to dukefan in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    Hi Brian, I seen the movie, and even though the story was good, I did not care for the movie much, was kinda boring....
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    DaneyDuke reacted to Laura Duke in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    Oh, okay. Thanks for the info. It sounds really good. I will have to go to Best Buy and pick it up. Really, anything with the original Dukes of Hazzard cast will more than likely be great to watch!
    Laura Duke
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    DaneyDuke reacted to Bo's Crush in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    Collier and Co is about Jr collier who use to be a racecar driver and now races at night pink slip for pink slip for his previously loved vehilcle car service with his mechanic and friend billy. in a shelby series one car he buys, a bad guy, Mr. Fanning has a pagake in that car that he needs to get back by six on Sat. his wife and daughter finds out and his wife wants a divorce. but in the end Mr. Fanning doesnt get the pagake, his wife doesnt get a divorce, and he still has his business. it sort of like the Dukes of hazzard. You can find in Best Buy. and its defientily worth watching. its a family movie!
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    DaneyDuke reacted to lost_sheep3 in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    I have to say, I agree with everything Brian said, and more...
    Yes, this is a good movie to have in your Dukes collection, and I also give John credit for making it...but it is not what I would call a good movie. It doesn't even really feel like a home movie...
    It rides the line between professional movie and home movie a little too much, it doesn't really feel like one or the other.
    And unfortunately technically it lacks as well...the audio doesn't always match the video...which happens occasionally with even the best shows, but this was pretty off in some places...I would have liked the movie better even just if the audio and video mixed a bit better.
    But I do give John credit, he worked hard to get this out there, in the public...the Dukes references are many...and it's fun to watch it just for that. It takes a lot to put so much of yourself out there, and I applaud John for doing it.
    As for the sequel, I will likely own that - again, because it is a piece of Dukes of Hazzard.
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    DaneyDuke reacted to morgan in Collier & Company - John Schneider's Movie   
    I don't think John had the intention to do a sad film or put in it danger scene: even the reason why the "bad guy" wanted his car back was to have the ashes of his wife's cat, if I didn't understand bad.
    So, it's a commedy, and he tried to put it to be funny, as in Hazzard: they had problems, troubles, etc, but always with a smile on their faces.
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    DaneyDuke reacted to TimDuke in Sonny appearance in Canton,Ohio   
    Only 3 hours and 46 minutes to Maryland the state? I did a google map from Canton to Baltimore and it's 6 hours and 45 minutes. Where in Maryland are you? Not that it matters you can't go anyway. I know it's over 6 hours to Washington,D.C. easy.
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    DaneyDuke reacted to dukefan1 in My thanksgiving   
    Me and my wife and kids went to florida for thanksgiving on the way back decided to visit the dukes sites in conyers and covington and got some pictures not as many pics as i would like but we plan on going back next year. I will post some pics.

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    DaneyDuke reacted to RogerDuke in Fels like the site died   
    Welcome to Hazzard County traster67. Buckle up for safety.
    Hey everybody, Brian's sleeping. I think we should do that subliminal message thing on him...you know like the Dukes did on Boss when he was napping on the Christmas episode. If we post messages when he's sleeping, we could change his whole personality *whispers* Who wants to go first?
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    DaneyDuke reacted to Sheriff_Rosco_P_Coltrane in Dog Collar Challenge   
    I think that image blinded me.
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    DaneyDuke reacted to Val Strate in Attention Enos fanfic writers out there: Question are we just all hopeless romantics?   
    This post sparks the question for all Enos writers out there; are we just hopeless romantics?
    I was browsing the forums and seen another Enos fanfic writer had posted a story about Enos's undying love for Daisy. It was a good short fic and I really got into it. However after reading the story, this question came to mind, especially after seeing the topic about Enos and Daisy. Are Enos fans hopeless romantics?
    I mean, lets face it... Our fanfic hero is a hopeless romantic. He has an undying love for a woman, that it's often debated on whether or not she returns his affections. Yet he loves her. He feels that she is the one to complete his very existence.
    I then look at most of the fiction I've written and I plan to write and I think, oh my god, I have a writing style that is often classified as romantic. It's not that I plan to write that way, it just comes out that way. I like reading and writing romance, especially romance that doesn't always go exactly how you want it or shows human flaw or reason as to why people fall in love or out of love.
    I mean I can write other fiction, not just romance but romance is a familiar ground for me. I also look at other Enos writers and find they have very similar styles and tastes as to how the write their fiction. So I ask all you Enos writers out there, what do you think guys? I'm using the noun 'guys' loosely here, and in most cases I've known fanfic writers are usually women. On top of that, Enos Strate fanfic writers the odds of being female are even higher.
    Also, let’s face it; love is like finding used chewing gum at the mall. You know sometime when you visit a mall you're going to find a lump of it. You just don't know when, were or how it's going to happen. You could step in a glob, or put your hand in it; sit in it by accident could be another way. You may not make physical contact with it at all; you may just see a wad of it. At any rate, you will find some used chewing gum at a shopping mall at some point or another.
    So any thoughts on this issue? Enos fans especially what do you guys think?
    Plus, other duke writers out there, you guys have any thoughts about this idea?
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    DaneyDuke reacted to pendragon1980 in Hannibal Rising.   
    I will going to see this Friday. Hannibal Lector is probably top of my list of movie villians. I'm going to be interesting to see how such a brillant mind became so twisted.
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    DaneyDuke reacted to Brian Coltrane in Official Dukes Fan Club site back up   
    HazzardNet is independent of all other Dukes clubs and websites, and always has been, and unless MeadowMufn gets her brain reprogrammed by aliens I doubt that will ever change.
    Tho' over the years, we've been good neighbors with the Confederate General Lee Fan Club. We recognize that several people on HNet hail from there, and that's cool. You're always welcome. As are members of whatever other sites and clubs.
    I'm going to break from HazzardNet's officially neutral stance on all the fandom politics and tell you exactly what I think of the "official" DOH fan club as run by Aneesh. I used to be a dues-paying member of it. The opinions expressed from here on out are my own, and not necessarily those of HNet, or Mufn, or MaryAnne.
    Aneesh, by his own admission, is a kid who never wanted to work for a living. So he came up with a fan club and suckered people into paying $15 to join. I was one of the morons who fell for his ad in a trade publication back in the mid-90's.
    What I got for fifteen dollars was diddly-squat. Aneesh would send out a poorly photocopied "newsletter" about three times a year, that was barely legible.
    His partner in slime, Michael Streit, helped him a lot. Michael had an impressive Dukes collection. The purpose of the first Dukesfest that he and Aneesh put on in Covington, GA, was more or less an opportunity to pimp Michael's Dukes collection. Aneesh also sold bootleg copies of photographs along with items that had been donated to the "club." Michael had told me back then that he was getting ready to get out and that's why he was letting go of all the stuff he could. In short he was cashing in now that he had an opportunity.
    One of the things Michael cashed in on, was an autographed photo he'd received free from Jimmy. Michael turned around and sold it to a fan for $35.00. The fan took it to Jimmy at a later appearance, and asked if he could personalize it. Jimmy recognized it, found out what the fan paid for it, and was very upset. This was just one example of many.
    This happened with many materials that the "official" club got for free from cast members and WB. I'd like to say that the proceeds went to the club to "cover expenses" but that'd be baloney. Isn't that why they charged a membership fee - and still do? These are the same guys who can barely send a newsletter or keep a website running.
    I do give them credit for organizing a fan event of any kind, and in getting Ben and Sonny and Jerry Rushing and Don Pedro to hang out for awhile. Tho' Aneesh charged $25 to fan club members for advance tickets. Yet if you walked in off the streets of Covington, as whoever, you got in for $10. ( It was a tiny set up in an empty retail store in a strip mall. )
    There were a handful of Chargers there, but they couldn't stay put long enough for fans to see them. They were busy running around town and showing off. There was supposedly a "guided tour" of filming sites, and cars were supposed to follow a GL. The GL went so fast that many people got lost.
    There was no schedule of events. There was a party at the original Boar's Nest, a half-assed affair that required more money to attend. I think I paid $20 more to get into that. Other people later showed up at the door and got in free. I realized fast that there was no altruism in this "fan club" and members were not treated equally.
    I could tell ya'll a lot of dirt. But what speaks louder than anything I could say, is the fact that Ben himself banned the "official" DOH club from representation at DukesFest. Wanna know why? Aneesh/Marky B. had bought a bunch of photos from Cooter's Place, back when this was at Sperryville, and then marked them up to sell at their "club" table. There were other issues, but out of respect to the parties concerned and our usual neutrality, I won't detail them.
    I realize that there's very few saints in the fandom, and the cast members themselves are very dollar-driven. This is a fandom, this is a family, but it's also a business and means of income to many people and I'm keenly aware of that.
    When it comes to the "official" fan club, my advice is, save your money.
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