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Good guy or Bad guy?

Brian Coltrane

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Take this fun quiz and see where you stand with the law!

1) During the school year, how frequently were you truant?

a. Never

b. Rarely

c. A few times

d. Every possible chance

2) Have you ever been in detention?

a. Heck no

b. Only once, not my fault

c. Here and there

d. Not only was I in detention, I was in solitary

3) Most of your childhood friends are, or were, from:

a. Church

b. Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

c. All over town

d. Detention

4) Pick yer crime! What common no-no have you committed?

a. How can you suggest such a thing?

b. Jaywalking

c. Shoplifting

d. I plead the 5th

5) An old lady is waiting to cross the street, and you're walking up to her. Do you:

a. Offer to help her across

b. Wait to see if someone else helps her

c. Calculate her odds in this traffic

d. Lift her purse

6) Now you've done it, you're busted! A cop is interrogating you. Do you:

a. Confidently and truthfully answer all questions, no fear

b. Think about your answers, but cooperate

c. Demand a lawyer

d. Hope you don't share a cell with a restless lumberjack

7) You witness a theft committed by a friend:

a. Turn him in for his own good

b. Confront him, telling him to put it back

c. Congratulate him

d. Where's my cut, man?

8 ) There's a patrol car parked along the highway, and you're driving through the speed trap:

a. No worries, you're doing exactly the speed limit

b. Hardly a glance spared, you're not going that fast

c. Hit the brakes and hope he didn't clock you

d. Oh, #%&*!!

9) You only fight when:

a. Fight? Eeek, I can't fight!

b. It's self-defense

c. It's better odds than running

d. You get paid for it

10) Your taste in clothes tends to follow:

a. Perky fashion trends - I'm so cuuuuute!!

b. Simple, practical clothing

c. Mostly dark colors

d. Dark-colored stuff with hidden pockets


Mostly a: You're an uncommonly good egg and a rare human being. You'd better avoid meeting any C's and D's, though, 'cause those types will kick your butt just for sport.

Mostly b: You're definately one of the good guys, though you're human. You've known people from all walks of life.

Mostly c: You've been hanging around the wrong crowd, but it's not too late to repent!

Mostly d: You are a genuine baddie. Beware the lumberjack.

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Okay, okay, okay, here's my answers with of course, some comments :lol: :

1. B. Only when the bus don't pick me up and i can't get a ride (literally)

2. B. but believe it or not folks, i found a way out.

3. C.

4. B. The danged cross walks don't work in this town!

5. C. Unless it's a friend of grammoms .... There aren't a whole lot of 'em round here to help. Crossing guards usually do it, it's only at those times their out lol.

6. B sorry, but i got a dense memory sometimes

7. B. Yeah, sure it don't always work, but oh well, and yeah, i knwo, i'll get my butt kicked.

8. D. very unfortunate ... but i'm a teenager and their tougher on teens

9. B. Fighting can be bad... sides, you probably haven't heard about those girls who pulled knives out in school and cut a bunch of other kids up really bad... very true, very recent.

10. B. Clothes are clothes

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Don't feel bad about mostly getting all A's. 8) You're in a cagtergory all of your own... like me!

I got mostly B's, some C's, 1 A and 1 D.

Let me leave y'all with a couple of lines from John Cougar Mellencamp's "Small Town" to think about.

'No, I cannot forget where it is that I come from. I cannot forget the people who love me. Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town

And people let me be just what I want to be.'

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Essy, I had no idea you were such a trouble-prone Tizdale!

MaryAnne, I had no doubt you were somewhere right up at the top. But yer right. Nobody would want to kick yer butt for sport. You kick back pretty hard. Khee!

The rest of ya'll scored about what I figured. Riddick, man...yer bad and yer glad, but don't tell me you'd rob a little ol' lady who was about to cross the street. That's low, even for you.

And the answers for yers truly? Well, considerin' I came up with the questions, I think enuff's been said right there.

But hey, it's good to have friends on both sides of the tracks. :wink:

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LOL! Good Quiz!

I'm not very honest either at times. All my answers were a mix of everything...

I have skipped school a few times on numerous occasions. One time was to see Clint Black at a Wal-Mart in Tulsa right after he became popular(May 1990).

Here are my answers:

1) C 2) C-but I have stayed after school helping teachers grade papers.

3) A & C 4) B 5) A 6) B 7) B 8) B & C-Depends on what kind of mood I'm in at the time. 9) B-I don't fight, just talk my way out of it. 10) B

I'm a good person most of the time, but I do have my moody days!

Take Care!


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  • 11 months later...

Here are my E answers:

1. E : What was Homeroom for ? I never went.

2. E : The Detention Teacher and I used our 1st names....

I bought the coffee and him the donuts.

3. E : Your Friends are either Rednecks or Are Car Friends.

4. E : Shoplifting is for theives.......I'd never do that. A theif can

never live an honest life. But hey, when it comes to Jaywalkin

and raceing fast cars.......Man, I pleed more then the 5th.

5. E : (You must live in the City). The Old Lady's here don't walk

they drive. Some even faster then us.

6. E : Call your best friend to get you a Bondsman and get your

car outa impound. You been speeding again.

7. E : A theif is only as good as his name. He ain't much of a friend

if he's steeling for a liveing.....Time to turn him in and walk away.

8. E : Just blend your car in with the rest.......Hey Man, it works.

Swear later.

9. E : You know when to walk away, you know when to stay.

Man, you know when to run when you hear the cop's comein'.

10. E : It's Jeans and T-shirts........it's comfy. Why change a good thing!

So, where does that put those of us that are E's ?

We'd like to know,

Thanks, Sky

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I think you rated "Lumberjack" on this quiz, Sky. Kheehaha.

This multiple choice thang generally means that ya pick an answer from what's available.

Otherwise, it's kinda like bringin' a brown-bag lunch to a buffet. You could do it, but what's the point?

So ah'd have to say that your answers of "E" stand for "Evasive." Heh heh.

But seein' as how most of your answers fit into given scenarios, I reckon that puts you smack-dab in the middle of the road in the badguy department. "C", with a couple of "A" and "B" tendancies.

It ain't too late to repent.


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REPENT?..........Who me?

Who are you kidding?

I am who I am.

We are all different, but yet the same....

In all of us there's a bit of outlaw. (In some of us more than others.)

In all of us there's a bit of goodness....

in some of us, we show it more than others.

We just all want to be something....even if we can't....

We just all want to fit in...even if we don't.

So, for those of us that are "Lumberjack's"

(and don't eat at Buffets).....

E IS FOR: Answers Not Available.

Thanks for letting those of us that fit "E" know,

:wink: Sky


As for an honest theif.......

Not many good theives are going

to come forward and Admit. For those that would....so be them honest ones then.

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Skyler, you silly cuss....if yer answers ain't available, why'd you write 'em out in such e-laborate detail?

But hell, if you wanna be known as "Bit o' Outlaw" it ain't no nevahmind to me. I'll call ya "Bit" for short. Welcome to the wrong side of the tracks, Bit.

Oh, an' about that honest thief thang....ah suppose I'll come out and admit that I am the Lord of the Outlaws in these parts. There, now that's out in the open. And it's about as honest as I'm gonna git with ya.



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