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  1. As I rewatch, I'm noticing a lot of inconsistencies.
  2. In "Return of the Ridge Runners", Jesse tells Bo and Luke to go to Aunt Lavinia's place. Luke then mentions that the two haven't spoken in 20 years. But I thought that Aunt Lavinia was Jesse's late wife. This confuses me.
  3. And how did his cousins take over the garage in season 2 during Ben Jones's absence?
  4. I ask this bc he didn't have the garage in the Georgia episodes.
  5. So was Cooter's Garage built between "High Octane" and "Swamp Molly" or did he buy it between those episodes?
  6. Before I saw Cooter's farm, I just thought he lived up above the garage. Not sure about in the Georgia episodes.
  7. I have never noticed anyone watching TV on Dukes. Were there any episodes with TVs?
  8. They should have shown more of Rosco's personal life. Like a scene of him and Flash at home and just let James Best improvise the scene. It would have been hilarious.
  9. This website keeps getting better and better! Kew-kew! I love it! I love it!!!!
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