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  1. Doing good. Proms coming up already. WoW. What does ur dress look like?

  2. Hello, welcome to hazzardnet!!!!
  3. Here's something about Daisy.... always carrying a frying pan.
  4. whogg(I think that was boss radio station letters)
  5. I got my Dukesfest dvd today:p. Has anyone else got there's. If so have you watched and what are your thoughts on it.
  6. I just wanted to wish all my hazzardnet family a "Happy Easter!!".
  7. I know I'm a day late but still Happy Birthday John!!!! I hope your birthday was a blast.
  8. I kind agree with Jami. It has nothing to do with the mods. There's only so much you guys can do. I agree that every member has to find there place in the family. But for one group to sit there and tell another that they shouldn't act that way and them basicly make them feel like crap then in that same breathe do what they just put the others down for is wrong. I just don't understand how it's ok for one to do it and someone else it not.
  9. I was wondering has anyone gotten there dukesfest dvd's yet. I know they where suppose to be shipped last week or this week. So does anyone know if they have been shipped yet?
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