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  1. Any time is fine. Right now if convienent. 

    1. RogerDuke


      Shucks. I guess I only know how to send a PM on a computer and not a tablet. Can this and the last one be deleted? In case you folks were wondering I was just giving Susan instructions on the Role Play. 

  2. I'm pretty bad with technology so it will take me awhile to figure this thing out. Let me test it here to see if I'm working this thing right. 

  3. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  4. I was also thinking about our fierce rivalry when I saw Pittsburgh was facing Chicago on opening day. Not only that but Pittsburgh and Chicago have the best records in the NHL as well. Go Pirates and Penguins!

  5. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  6. It's hard to believe our RP is over. *sobs* It sure was a blast though. Thanks for all the fun.

  7. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  8. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  9. Welcome to the HazardNet!

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic race between Bo Duke and Jeff Gordon on the RP. You literally had me on the edge of my seat because I had no idea who would win. Amazing writing!

  11. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  12. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  13. Hi BL We haven't chatted for awhile. I hope you're doing well.

  14. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  15. Not only that but I see you're approaching your ninth anniversary on HazzardNet!

  16. We're approaching our 100th post on the RP!

  17. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  18. Do you want to go to flash chat right now?

  19. Welcome to the HazzardNet! I can't believe you're the first one to come up with that screen name!

  20. I don't plan on going to Canton. You know me. I don't like to travel. I expect pictures on the HN though. I hope you're doing well.

  21. Welcome to the HazzardNet

  22. It sure was nice to see you log in again!

  23. I logged into our league tonight and the "sign out" thing is missing. Have you ever had that problem? It's a first for me.

  24. I could use a little help on this trivia question. Go check it out. Thanks

  25. Congratulations on the Seahawks win. If they were playing any of the other six remaining playoff teams next week I'd be rooting for them but I'm going for the Falcons.

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