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  1. Roth Potter

    NASCAR news

    Wasn't able to watch the whole thing. Just too late. Harvick won so I enjoyed that coming out of bed Monday morning though. Was amazed at the amount of tyre failures. That was more than anyone bargained for I bet. I have to say that I'm very surprised since really starting to watch nascar since late last year at the amount of tyre failures that actually come with oval racing. I heard its just the continued stress a tyre has to indure in the banks but I'm just surprised by this. If This would have happened as much in F1 the manufacturer would have changed the tyre structures 3 times already. I watched some races of the NASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing championship where I heard commentary from Mike joy and Jeff Gordon. This was before Everything revolving around BLM kicked off. It was very insightful commentary I must say. The only 'unprofessionalism' I guess that you'd call it which I found quite funny everytime is when Gordon was trying to communicate with someone who was driving and he couldn't 'get through' on the radio. Was cool to see North Wilkesboro on there! Usually we have Rick Winkelman doing commentary for us here in Dutch. Which is also very insightful. But there is no co-commentator, so there is no storytelling/jokes or what you'd call it between commentators which I slightly miss. It's is very funny though when you guys in the USA go to commercials. Cause we hear your intro and outro music as its the world feed NASCAR is sending out. But we have no commercials! It just cuts to random onboard cameras and static trackside cameras till You guys are back from the break and the music fades back in. It's almost as if the whole of the NASCAR production team goes on break everytime. Our commentator often uses this time to catch up on what happened and to answer twitter questions. Have had my questions answered a few times which was cool.
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  2. Wow Yahoo has two story's about this on their main page https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/the-dukes-of-hazard-car-confederate-flag-remain-display-illinois-auto-museum-174630054.html Why do I get the feeling Volo is now going to be either protested or vandalized.
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