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Gilligan's Island Alan Hale Jr.(Captain/Skipper Jonas Grumby)Tribute Artist

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This set of tributes comes from the Season 2 episode Gilligan's Mother-in-law.  


I am Alan Hale Jr.(Skipper's)Tribute Artist. I do lookalike/recreation/reenactment/pose/tribute scenes of him and myself together on Facebook.

Posted (edited)

Folks there are some haters on Facebook who refuse tribute artists, remakes etc. But I don't let it deter me. I understand they are entitled to their opinion as it is their right, as much as it is my right to be a tribute artist. One recent hater said "Looks nothing alike." About my color episodes 37-98 Seasons 2-3(1965-1966/1966-1967)theme song tribute scenes. I did "The Skipper brave and sure" lyric scene from those color years. Anywho... Here is what I told him:

Michael Andrysco Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I am a tribute artist just doing what I do for fun and to carry the torch in honor of Alan's memory. I am not trying to replace him. Because I know already that he is irreplaceable.

Edited by Skipper Duke
Forgot the word opinion.
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1 hour ago, Kait_Tucker said:

I love that quote about space.  My other favorite line is when the Skipper yells at Gilligan and says, "Gilligan, did you hear me?" and Gilligan says, "I can hear you if I was in Hawaii!"

Kait Tucker... To which comes the reply "Very funny!"

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