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Gilligan's Island(1964-1967)

Skipper Duke

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(Season 3 High Man on the Totempole)

Gilligan:"There's Such Thing as Heardity. The Skipper:"That's Heredity You Look Like Him because of Heredity." Gilligan:"See Even You're Convinced." The Skipper:"Will You Go to Sleep?!?"  Gilligan:"Ok But if You Wake Up Without Your Head ? Don't Say I Didn't Warn You..."

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Dusty's Trail Theme Song lyrics:

Let's follow the path of Dusty's Trail Oh Dusty's Trail Dusty's Trail A stage and a wagon a headed West Part of a wagon train Lost from the rest Dusty's the reason for their plight Thanks to Dusty Nothing's right Only the Wagonmaster's hand keeps 'em a rollin' thru the promised land Awe the goin' gets mighty rough But they don't seem to mind Cuz it's Califor nia That's the place they must find Deserts and rocks are in their way But they won't stop Come what may Mountains and hills that they must scale But they know they'll make it Cuz they just can't fail on Dusty's Trail

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