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How often did non-dukes drive the general?

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Good shout Hobie!

So we have:

  • Rosco in ?
  • Cooter in 'Cooter's Girl' (Pretty sure he jumped it to get to an airfield in a later episode too?)
  • Neil Bishop illegally in 'The Big Heist'
  • Andy Slocum illegally in 'Big Brothers, Duke'
  • Ernie and Phil illegally in 'The Ghost of General Lee'

First one that came to my mind was

  • Tom Colt illegally in 'Double Sting'
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That is interesting. I would love to see a complete list. Welcome to the HazzardNet Blk95ta. Tell us more about your love of Dukes. Favorite character?. Favorite episode? Favorite season? Have you ever met any of the stars? Do you have Dukes toys or DVDs? 

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