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Pets are family...

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*sigh* It's been a rough year. First, we had my cancer to deal with. I'm back at work and stress at work is not helping with my recovery. Now, our dog's liver isn't working right and we have to schedule a liver biopsy and possibly an ultrasound. He's anywhere from 9 to 12 years old, our vet guesses closer to 12. We can't have kids, so our dog is our baby. I'm super stressed out.

I would like a long stretch of good news for a change.

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I'm sure you've heard me say this before but if you have a bunch of bad luck that means that you are due for a bunch of good luck. I hope it starts coming your way soon. And if I'm wrong and you don't get good luck soon think about Hobie's words because you sure have a lot of love....here on the HazzardNet. 

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Well, it's liver cancer. Normally, surgery could give him a few more years, but that's for one tumor. He has two, on two different lobes, and the rest of the liver is abnormal so the cancer may be diffuse. That means he's not a good candidate for surgery. At the recommendation of both the oncologist and our vet, we're going to start him on a liver supplement and make however long he has as happy and comfortable as possible. Fortunately, he's relatively healthy and isn't having symptoms yet. This was caught during routine annual exam blood work which led to the ultrasound and cytology that diagnosed the cancer. The cancer he has is a slow growing cancer, so I'm hoping he has at least one more good year left.

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