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Alan Jackson

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We're off to an Alan Jackson concert tonight and have 5th row seats on the floor in front of the stage. I'm not a huge fan but my wife is. I just became a bigger fan a few minutes ago when I checked wickapedia and found out he was raised dirt poor in Georgia. I'm wearing my 01 hat and orange Dukes shirt just in case he notices....they are bright colors after all....and the hat was signed by another Georgia boy, Sonny Shroyer. I'll just bet ya that 'ole Alan is a Dukes fan. 

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He lives in my hometown ( Williamson Co.) and my mechanic back  then showed me  this classic 1957 Corvette convertible and told me to look at the registration in the glove compartment. I saw 57 Music Square on the address and knew it must be somebody famous in music...and .....YESS!! It was Alan Jackson's 'Vette!

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That's a cool story Hobie. He put on an awesome concert here in Erie Pennsylvania. He sure is a great entertainer. I don't think he noticed my 01 hat but if he did he didn't acknowledge it. Even though we had fifth row seats there was a standing room section in front of us so we weren't as close as I thought we'd be. 

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