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Carnival of Thrills General Lee Pictures

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I found out from kcowley that there were some other pictures from 'Carnival of Thrills' that were used on toy packages etc., and I said I'd keep an eye out for them. I searched the internet and found some pictures on 1980 Donruss trading cards. The jump was done twice and film from both jumps was then cut together. The pictures above show the second car landing, which is what appeared on the show. The pictures on the cards are from unused footage of the first jump and show what actually happens when you jump a '69 Charger. You can see in card #56 that The General actually lands on the white car at the end of the row - I'm not sure if this was intentional. A different white car replaces it for the second jump. Sorry that the quality isn't great - they were the best I could find.


I did find a larger picture of card #24. It gives a (slightly) clearer view of what looks like fluid leaking out of the front and some equipment on the door. I checked ebay and found that these cards currently sell for around $2 each or $40-45 for a complete set of 66 cards.


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