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Hazzard County Welcomes Jeff Gordon

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Seeing how the Duke kitchen was too small and there was a lot of people involved, the Dukes and their company all packed into the barn. "We got about fifteen minutes before they get here," Jesse calls out as he looks at his old pocket watch. "We all trust Mr. Aussler will do what is best for Mr. Jeff Gordon with Commissioner Hogg and his sheriff. We appreciate all the help we recieved from Sheriff Little," he nods at Little who gives a small smile, "and the agents. Thanks for coming to help Mr. Aussler."

"Thank me? I'm doing my job. I am doing what I get paid to do," Aussler states, "Gordon and I are the ones that are thankful for you Dukes stepping up in a big way to help us out in our time of need. Without you...well who knows what or where we would be. I told your commissioner that it would just be him, his sheriff, Gordon, and I at our little meeting. We will be appreciative if you all would respect and honor that. Know this is your house and all and I appreciate you letting us borrow it. Figured it would be best than the sheriff's station. If I had my way, Jeff here, won't ever step foot in that nightmarish building."

Jesse silently nods at the lawyer before glancing over at his boys to find Luke silently taking it all in while sitting on an over turned bucket while Bo nervously and anxiously moves from foot to foot. Turning back to Aussler, "The house is all your's for however long you two need it. Me and my boys have plenty of chores to get caught up on. Daisy needs to get to work and well your agents will have to figure out what they can do to buy some time. Perhaps Little can give 'em all a tour of Chickasaw."

The agents begin grumbling amongst themselves about Jesse's idea. "I really think we can think of better things to do than take damn tour of Chickadee," Earl boldly states, look at Aussler for him to turn the offer down.

Aussler smiles at Earl and turns to Sheriff Little. "You know what Sheriff Little," he pauses momentarily, "I think Jesse has a great idea. My agents would love a tour of your nice little town. Be a good taste of small town living. They all live in a big ol' city and know very little about small town livin'...they may find they might even like it."

His agents angrily look at their leader before caving in and nodding at him. Knowing better than to argue with him. "A tour of CHICKASAW," Little corrects Earl, "would be a great idea. Though we all won't fit in my car. Someone can follow me. Let's go."

The population of the barn steadily decrease before they all pile out. "Good luck Jeff and Thom," Daisy smiles at both of them and waves at her family before climbing into her car to take off.

"Guess that is our cue," Jesse smiles walking to the entrance of the barn, "good luck you two. We'll be close enough to see when Hogg and Coltrane leaves and will make our way back when they leave. Otherwise, if you need help, just run outside and yell. One of us ought to see or hear ya. Good luck." Jesse waits a moment before eying Bo and Luke who stay in place. "C'mon boys we got work to do as do they."

Bo and Luke reluctantly nod at their uncle before glancing over at Aussler and Jeff on their way by.


Jeff Gordon and Thom Aussler watch as everyone leaves them to do their own thing to create a still silence in the barn. "Well guess we should get in the kitchen and get prepared to meet with the Hazzard law," Thom breaks the silence as he leads the way from the barn and into the kitchen. "OK Jeff. I want you to sit right here," he points to the head of the table, "I will sit here and those two will sit across the table from me. That way I can talk to them easier. We will stay seated until the meeting is over. You are not to say a word to them unless I nod my approval for it. Understand?"

Gordon breathes out heavily. "I understand," he slowly states, "I hope you got a good case to support me, Thom. I am not going back with them clowns. Or racing them either. I will race Bo or Luke or any other honest citizen of this town, but I am NOT going to race someone I don't trust. And those two, Thom, are not to be trusted. Worth anything!"

Thom nods at Jeff as he lays the papers down on the table that he had laid on the kitchen counter. "Look I got it all wrote up right here. The deal that is," Thom points at it, "I know what we are dealing with. In order for me to do my job you need to trust me...just like you do your crew cheif. Understand?"

Jeff nods as a car becomes audible, a car that is steadily growing closer. "I think they are here," Jeff states, "let's get this started and over with. I need to see my family. Need to go talk to my crew. Need to get back on track."

"I understand that. But first thing is first," Thom pats Gordon on the shoulder, "and we have to worry about this before we even start to think about all that other stuff. Let me do the talking, remember what I said, and we should do fine. This is an open and shut case."

"Good," Jeff states forcing himself to relax in the old chair before he looks away from his lawyer and around the farm kitchen. Silently taking it all in while his thoughts wonder away from his situation and to the Dukes. Of the lives they live. Of what all goes on in this house and out of this house. And despite their crooked law, can't help but think that with the family they have, that they love the life that they live. Depsite the chaotic mess the law puts them in and the very limited income they recieve, they are happy with what they have and where they live. That they make things work with what they have and are happy with what they have.

"Now then," Thom once again breaks the silence as a car is heard outside and he looks at his expensive watch, "sounds like they are here. Just in time."

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Rosco skidded the Cougar to a stop in front of the Duke farm. The cloud of dust didn't stop so quickly. It continued on past the car toward a nearby pile of hay.

Rosco and Boss got out and looked around. From his moonshining days Boss always made a habit of looking around to see if there was any trouble to be found. He looked toward the barn and saw Jesse looking out with only his shoulders and head visible while he leaned over to get a view. Jesse sneered with disgust at Boss and then turned around and went out of sight back into the barn.

Boss took a puff of his long fat cigar, exhaled and walked over to Rosco instructing him on what to do.

"Nothing! Do you hear that Rosco?! You say absolutely nothing in this here meeting. Not a sentence, not a word, letter, peep, sneeze, cough or sniffle. Nothing!"

Rosco shook his head yes in compliance and Boss walked in first with his sheriff close behind. Boss took his hat off, hung it on a hook beside Jesse's red hat and Bo's Jeff Gordon hat. He then took another puff, looked at Gordon then Thom Aussler. Boss stuck his bottom lip out and nodded. "Gentlemen. I certainly hope we can settle this matter once and for all to everybody's satisfaction."

He and Rosco sat down at the negotiating table.

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Thom nods as he sits down after he had stood up to greet the sheriff and the commissoner. "As do I, Commissioner," he slowly nods as he glances at his paper work in front of him, "so let's get started. I have spent the past few hours working with the Dukes and well, looking over this weak case you have against my client. Jeff Gordon.

"Now before you go and argue against my claim let me let you know that I do have a witness that has stepped forth with new evidence. Including this here picture," he puts the picture Little had given to him on the table, "as well as these," he puts the pictures that Earl and his investigators had taken of the beat up vehicles down at the police garage. "My witness' picture clearly puts your sheriff there at fault. If that is not enough, my investigators' pictures clearly state that your sheriff hit Jeff Gordon's SUV."

Thom goes silent as he comfortably leans back in the old wooden kitchen chair, letting what he had just said to sink in for Hogg and Coltrane, giving them time to look at his pictures. After a moment he sits back up and continues, "Now look. Jeff here is a highly acclaimed NASCAR driver. Best there is. Four championships. Eighty-seven Cup wins. Twenty years in the highest level of NASCAR. If anyone knows that accidents happen, it is ol' Gordon himself. So we understand that accidents happen. Perhaps your sheriff got distracted. Perhaps he had a twitch. Perhaps his breaks went out," Aussler shrugs, as if to say it was no big deal, "My point being is, that accidents happen and that is fine. What is not fine is how you treated my client. How you used your accident to frame my client. How you had him in jail for something your sheriff had done. How you tried black mailing him to earn you money. No, that's not OK. That is why I am here..."

Once again Thom pauses for dramatic affect as he glances over at Jeff for a long moment who silently watches, sitting tense in his chair. Looking back at the man dressed in white and his sheriff Thom inhales and rests his hands over his papers. "But let me tell you what a great guy Mr. Jeff Gordon is here," Thom finally breaks his silence before Hogg could interrupt his speil, "if you drop these here false charges you have against him, we too will drop our charges of framing him and all the other charges I can come up with against you.

"But not only that, you drop these false charges he will agree to race against Bo Duke in the General Lee. You pick the track or location of the race. Three fourths of the proceeds that comes from this here race will go to the Hazzard County Orphanage. The rest goes to you and your sheriff...evenly."

Once again, Thom goes silent. Letting all he has said to sink in before he finishes what he has come to say. "You decline our offer, the offer will be off the table and I will make official charges against you and your sheriff for the whole ordeal you had put upon my client. I got a good stable witness that put Coltrane at fault, we got the pictures, and we got Gordon's rock solid background to back him up. I have a pretty strong case and if I was anyone else, I wouldn't be making this here offer...I'd just go and press my charges. But Gordon and I have agreed that it would be best for us all if we all can agree with the offer we just made the two of you," Thom pauses to look through his paper work before he comes forth with his written offer and an black ink pen, "You two discuss what I just said. You agree with it you both will need to sign and date on the line there...then we can discuss where this race will be located at and when. Understand?"

With his offer on the table, Thom leans back with his hands behind his head, glances at Jeff before giving Hogg and Coltrane his full attention.

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Boss had his poker face on. The entire time Aussler was talked he sat expressionless and taking occasional puffs on his cigar. Smoke was starting to settle near the ceiling and slowly work its way out the top of the screen door.

He spoke with confidence and authority. "Now see here Mr. Aussler, I don't give a pitooootuutee about these here silly pictures. I've already explained to the attempted murder suspect....and now suspect on about a dozen other charges after today....that the law works different in Hazzard County.

You see court trials have juries. Juries are made up of people. Those people, by law have to be from around these here parts. We don't import them from the big city. People around these here parts live in houses with mortgages....mortgages gotten at the only bank around...and that bank's president, vice-president, CEO and supreme financial executive officer is ME...JD Hogg.

You can't possibly think they're going to give up their house because they want to see your client run around in circles with a bunch of other cars trying to catch him, now do ya?

But on the other hand, I'm a reasonable man."

Boss paused to look over the paperwork a second time. Rosco tried to look over his shoulder but Boss backed him away by pushing his forehead.

Minutes passed that seemed much longer.

Boss continued, "I gotta tell you Mr Aussler, eveything seems to be in order. I'm hungry and not in the mood for negotiating. I just want this to be over with. But there is one more thing. I want this to be a three car race. No, not me, my sheriff in his patrol car....well, I suppose he's going to have to use his duputy's car since his is temporarily unavailable."

Rosco couldn't hold back his excitement "Khee, Khee, my mama's gonna see me race Jeff Gordon. I love it. I love it!"

Boss growled at Rosco "Hush!"

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Thom Aussler watches Hogg throughout his whole speech before nodding slightly when Hogg is done. Leaning over he quietly whispers into Gordon's ear, "What you say about that?"

Gordon eyes Hogg and Coltrane for a long moment. "You thinkin' of caving into them after all that they have done? All that they are doing? They are threatening the very same people the govern every day!" Gordon pauses for a short moment, "It's up to you Aussler. I can beat him with my eyes closed. Easily."

Thom nods at him before sitting up in his chair and forces a cold smile. "First off, Hogg, I'd appreciate it if you would stop polluting my lungs with that awful cigar smoke. Bet Jesse would appreciate it too if you'd stop polluting his nice little farm house. You want to smoke, take it outside. And this meeting is over and the deal is off the table," Aussler goes quiet as he watches Hogg for a moment who stares angrily back at him with dark angry eyes. After a moment Hogg hands the cigar to Coltrane who reluctantly stands up and smashes it out in the tin emtpy garbage can. As the sheriff slowly sits back down, Aussler continues, "Thank you.

"Second of all, I don't get bullied around by others. Or controlled. I don't normally take offers from the people I am handing out the offer to. But," he inhales heavily as he takes the papers back and quickly writes down something on them, "luckily for you Gordon and I don't have time to waste over petty little details like this. Gordon will find himself his own car, Bo will drive The General, and your sheriff can drive his car. That's it.

"And oh yeah. If Coltrane there is driving in the race, well then," Aussler gives them a cool smile, "the moeny I had mentioned that will be going out to you two will be given to Coltrane. If he wishes to share with you, that is his business and his business alone. That is our deal. Take it or leave it."

He shoves the papers back towards them. "As I said, please sign and date on the lines. Both of you," he nods as he sets the pen on top of the papers.

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Boss closed one eye and twisted his face in deep thought.

He looked up at the ceiling at the remaining smoke that was still swirling around and sighed.

He knew he would eventually be able to scam Rosco out of anything he might make. He knew he would be able to make money from concessions and selling souveniers. He knew he could charge folks at the Boar's Nest to sit in the same chair Jeff Gordon sat in. He also knew he just wanted Jeff Gordon out of Hazzard County. It bothered him that he had underestimated him and he was tired of worrying about getting upstaged by the hot shot driver. In a way though he admired Gordon.....maybe even enough to become a fan himself. But for now he was just plain tired and hungry.

His head quickly snapped down from looking up and then he looked down at the table.

"All right. Where do I sign?"

After he signed and dotted the i in Davis he handed the pen to Rosco who signed and crossed the t in Coltrane.

"Done!" shouted Boss.

"Khee Khee" snickered Rosco. Mama and Lulu are going to be so proud when I beat Jeff Gordon in a race."

Boss interjected, "Are you serious? They're going to want Jeff to win!"

Rosco frowned.

"Well, who are you rooting for Boss?"

"Hush up Rosco. I thought you'd be smart enough to know I want all three of you to lose. I only included you in this race because Lulu said she'd max out three more credit cards if I didn't"

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Jeff Gordon watches Hogg and Coltrane sign Aussler's papers while arguing amongst themselves before Aussler takes the papers from the sheriff.

"Now wait a minute," Gordon breaks his silence to recieve a dirty look from Aussler, "how in the world you expect all three of us to lose? I don't know what kind of race you watch or know about...but every race I have ever watched, raced, or heard about...they all had a WINNER to them. No way you can have everyone lose in a race...there will have to be a first place, a second place, and a third place. End of story."

Aussler gives him another look before sighing in defeat and eyes the paper that has been signed. Placing them in his folder that was on his lap, he glances up, "Well it sounds like my client has an legitimate question, Commissioner. What is it that you mean that all three of them is suppose to lose?"

With that he leans back in his chair and watches the commissioner and his side kick, watching their reactions while waiting for a response.

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Boss shook his head in disgust. "You lawyers only hear what you want to hear and you NASCAR drivers must have hearing problems because of your loud engines. What I said was "I want all three of you to lose". I never said all three of you were going to lose. That would have only happened if I was allowed to race but apparently Mr Gordon here doesn't have the guts to let me in.

I said I want everybody to lose because the General Lee isn't exactly my favorite car, Jeff Gordon isn't exactly my favorite driver and if Rosco is in last place that means he has less of a chance of running into somebody and ruining another car that will cost the county money. He's only racing because his sister and Mama...my wife and mother in law....want him to race.....and Rosco in the race will draw even more people in.....and more people mean more money...um, for charity that is.

It's just ashame that all three of you drivers are afraid of the greatest driver in the history of Hazzard County, namely Hotter than Heat Hogg, the nickname I had back in the Ridge Runner days. You NASCAR fellers have forgotten the roots of your sport by ignoring legends like me."

Rosco interjected "Uh Boss, you weren't.." He then let out a yelp when Boss kicked his shin underneath the table.

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Jeff shakes his head as he slowly stands up. "I've been in the Sprint Cup Series for twenty years Commissioner Hogg. Be hard to be in something for that long and not know or appreciate the history behind it all. I know where NASCAR has came from. The history behind it. Trust me, I know. And never before had I heard of that...that name just said," he pauses as he begins to walk towards the door, "So no, that is not why I race you. To be honest with you, I refuse to race someone I don't trust. Too dangerous to be racing someone as fast as I drive with someone you can't trust. Have a nice afternoon gentlemen."

With that Jeff slowly steps back outside, glad to get some fresh air after being trapped inside with those two.

"Well looks like our meeting is over, Commissioner. I am glad we have come to an agreement or a settlement with all of this," Aussler states as he stands up, his folder of the papers tightly in his hands, "you let us know where your sheriff wants to race and we'll make sure to be there. If you don't mind, I need to go check on my client."

He nods and slowly walks out to find Gordon sitting on the porch swing. "So Thom," Gordon states looking up at him, "that was a nice settlement you made and all, but I do believe you are missing one thing."

"And that is?" Thom states, raising an eye brow.

"You have just volunteered Bo Duke into this big ol' mess...as if they all haven't been brought into my mess as it is," Jeff pauses, "you sure he'll want to enter his car into this race? To race me and that sheriff in there?"

Aussler nods. "Sure he will. According to folks around here he's the best driver around these here parts. Any local race car driver would love to prove his talents against someone who everyone knows excels at the sport," Ausslers states confidently, "but if for some dumb reason he's not ok with it, it's up to you make it OK with him. I did my part. The rest is on you."

Gordon nods. "Sounds fair enough."

"Dang right it is fair enough! If you didn't go off on your own all of this wouldn't be happening right now, now would it?!" Aussler throws back at him as he steps off the porch, "Wait til you get back and see the zoo you created with the media, NASCAR, your sponsors. Your team. Your family. You'll have a lot of explaining to do."

Gordon sighs and nods. "Well if I knew this woulda happened, I wouldn't have done it. Just thought it would be nice to go for a drive," Jeff defends himself before reluctantly joining Aussler. "But for now I do believe we should go talk to the Dukes. See about them being OK with this deal of your's and perhaps finding a car for me to race."

Aussler nods as they look up to find Jesse and the boys slowly walking their way.

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Noticing the Dukes walking toward Jeff and Thom, Boss decides to go out the only other exit door in the farmhouse. Rosco followed behind.

"Don't even look at them Rosco" ordered Boss as they walked around the corner and got in the Cougar.

Rosco started the car and put it in gear and the pair headed back to the Boar's Nest.

"Uh, hey Boss do you think we should go pick up Hughie and his friends?"

"Are you kidding me Rosco? They can find their own way hiome."

"Uh Boss, what about Clem Smethfield? This is his car after all."

"Hush Rosco. I need to think. Clem has two feet. Now be quiet and take me to the Boar's Nest."

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Jesse watches as Sheriff Coltrane and Commissioner Hogg quickly leave before nodding at Bo and Luke. "Shall we?" he breaks the silence as they begin to walk towards Jeff Gordon and Thom Aussler who stand on the porch. After a brief moment of walking in silence they climb the few steps to join Gordon and Aussler. "Well," Jesse starts off, "either Hogg wasn't too happy with your deal or he liked the deal too much and wanted to leave quickly before you all changed your mind."

"Nah Jesse. You know Boss," Bo states sarcastically as he steals a glance at Jeff Gordon, "he probably got hungry and we didn't have enough food to satisfy his appetite."

"Nah he didn't say anything about food," Aussler states naively as he glances at the Duke family before Gordon slowly walks off the steps to catch his attention. Looking back at Jesse Aussler states, "I apologize. I have Jeff my phone to call his family and let them know he is OK. He will join us whenever he is done."

Jesse nods. "That is understandable. They've got to be worried crazy about him," Jesse goes silent for a moment as he glances at Jeff who leans against Thom's vehicle with a black cell phone to his ear. Looking back at Thom, he asks, "Perhaps this is none of my business, so tell me so, if it is. But, how did your meeting go?"

Thom forces a confident smile at Jesse before his attention falls on Bo who now is a step back from everyone, leaning against the house and silently taking everything in. Sighing heavily he forces his attention back at Jesse. "Well it went as well as to be expected," he pauses for a short moment, his attention once again falling upon Bo then to Luke and Jesse, "we at least got ourselves a deal."

"Well that's good," Luke states with a smile, "isn't it? You don't seem so happy about it."

Thom sighs heavily and takes the Dukes in for a long moment once more, letting his thoughts sink in while attempting to think of how to respond. "No it's great news and I am happy about it. We definately would not be here right now if it wasn't for all of you and all that you have done for Mr. Jeff Gordon. If not for you," he pauses for a long moment, "Gordon probably be at the State Pen right now and his name muddied in all the big papers in America. We owe everything to you Dukes."

Jesse shakes his head. "You don't owe us anything. That is what us Dukes are here for. Helping the innocent escape Hogg's greasy dirty greedy hands. Us Hazzardites have the advantage to know what to look for and what to escape...you city folk come in blind and unexpectant. Besides," Jesse pauses to point back at Bo, "Bo here would never let us get by without helping...he's one of Jeff's biggest fans. We are here to help any way we can."

Thom nods as he glances at Bo once more and back at Jesse and Luke. "Thank you. All of you," Thom states and nods at them all, "both of us are very appreciative for what you all did."

"That is great and everything," Bo states to break his silence, irritation and impatience thick in his voice, "but if you don't mind me asking, what deal did you make? Is Hogg dropping the charges?"

Thom flashes Bo a quick smile before turning serious, his dark eyes going from Bo to Luke and Jesse and back to Bo. Slowly he nods. "We made a deal. But in order for me to make a deal with him, I had to give him something he wants. When Jeff was in jail or held hostage by your law Hogg kept badgering him to race him. Hogg wanted a big race...Gordon against Hogg. Gordon refused racing him, saying he refuse to race someone he don't trust," Thom slowly explains, "So I made a deal that if he dropped his charges I wouldn't be pressing my own charges. That Gordon would race but three fourths of the money that comes from this race will be going to the Hazzard Orphanage. The remaining money will be going to Sheriff Coltrane -"

"Sheriff Coltrane?!" Bo interrupts pushing himself away from the house and back up by Jesse and Luke, "How you manage that one past Hogg?"

Thom shrugs. "We didn't give Hogg or Coltrane much of a choice on that matter," Thom shrugs before turning to Bo, "Now Bo. Correct me if I am wrong, but I'v heard you know a thing or two about racing."

Bo eyes him skeptically before glancing at Jesse and Luke who only shrugs at him. Glancing back at the lawyer Bo flashes a smile and states, "I guess you can say that."

Thom laughs. "You guess I can say that? Of what I am told you are the best talent behind the wheel around this here area. . .I would suspect that you know more than a thing or two about racing if that is accurate. In fact, I was told that you were an expert behind the wheel and great under the hood as well," Thom confidently states.

"And the biggest NASCAR fan around this here area as well," Jesse states proudly.

Thom nods at him and looks back at Bo. "Good to hear. Knowing all that, I am about to give you a chance in a lifetime," Thom pauses as everyone's attention focuses upon Bo just as Jeff climbs the steps to join them, "I'll let Jeff tell you." With that, Thom leans over and whispers something into Jeff's ear who listens for a long moment before shrugging and nodding his head at him.

"Look, all of you, I appreciate all of your help. Who knows where I'd be right now if you didn't show up when you had. If you didn't do all that you did to help me out of this mess I got myself into. Thank you," he pauses for a moment. "Thom just told me that he was about to fill you in on our deal with Commissioner J. D. Hogg," he goes silent as he shoves his hands into his pockets of his jeans and looks over at Bo. "Look Bo, I hope that you don't mind racing against I and Sheriff Coltrane in this race that Hogg and Aussler has agreed to."

Bo eyes Jeff questionably and then glances over at Thom and then at his family. Looking back at Jeff he questions, "Race against you and Coltrane?"

"Well it was originally suppose to be me against you. Or you against me," Jeff shrugs, "but Hogg had to put Coltrane in the mix. So Hogg is suppose to come up with the time and place for the race...and then it will be you, Coltrane, and I racing against each other."

"A chance in a life time," Thom states with a smile, "I had to think on Hogg's level and I couldn't think of anything else he could possibly agree to outside of racing himself. What you think?"

Bo eyes everyone around him, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the shift of attention upon him. "That would be great," he hears himself say.

"Great," Thom states, "we should have a car arriving within a few hours."

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with pre-race festivities in full swing.

Boss and Rosco had the hood of Enos's patrol car up in the air. People were scurrying around all over the place but most of the spectators had settled into their seats in the grandstands.

Rosco "It's too bad I don't have my own car. I don't know why Cooter couldn't have fixed it in time."

Boss snapped at him "That car's totaled Rosco. Besides, with this here new engine I had Cooter put in, this thing'll fly!"

Rosco looked inquisitive "Boss, how did you convince Cooter to do this in just two days."

Boss gave him a frustrated look "Rosco, you should know how I git things done in this county. I threatened to foreclose on Cooter's garage."

Rosco smiled "Khee Khee! I'm gonna beat that Jeff Gordon feller and I'll be famous. And I'm going beat that Bo Duke and his orange clunker car too. You'll see Boss. I'm gonna make you and Mama and Lulu proud."

Rosco looked over at the grandstands and waved to his two favorite fans. Lulu and Mama were munching on cotton candy. Lulu noticed him first and smiled and waved back. She then nudged Mama who did the same while a little piece of pink cotton candy stuck to her lower lip.

Boss "Just look at that Jeff Gordon over there with his mechanic. I wonder what in the world they're talking about. Oh, lookie there Rosco, that dang blasted Bo Duke's heading over there to talk to him. I wonder what they're up to. Probably figuring out some way to cheat you out of your glorious win."

Boss blew out a puff of cigar smoke and looked disgusted at the trio.

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Walking over to where Jeff Gordon and his mechanic are located at, Bo Duke slowly takes in the crowd that is patiently waiting for the race to begin. Looking ahead at where Jeff Gordon and his mechanic looks under the hood of his custom race car that he has had delivered here from North Carolina, Bo sighs in disbelief. Being stuck in Hazzard Georgia, Bo never thought once he would ever have the chance to meet his heroic Jeff Gordon. Sure there is a big NASCAR race track an hour away from Atlanta, but with how the Dukes are financially, there is never a chance to go see a race in person. And yet here he is, Jeff Gordon, in Hazzard Georgia. All because he took a drive by himself and got caught by Sheriff Rosco's dangerous driving skills. If it wasn't for Rosco, Gordon would probably have driven right through Hazzard and Bo wouldn't have had a chance to meet him. Still Bo hates it that Rosco is making Gordon pay for something he did. That Boss and Rosco are putting him through all this.

"Ah looks like we got company," the thin mechanic states standing up and Gordon slowly does the same with a smile. "You must be Bo Duke. I'm Alan Gustafon. Jeff -"

"Gordon's crew cheif," Bo finishes his statement with a confident smile, "and yes, I am Bo Duke." They both confidently shake hands. "Wow...I never thought I'd ever have the chance to meet both of you...and this beauty here." He points down at that burgandy AARP Chevy Impala. "I'm just sorry that it is under these conditions."

Alan nods. "Yeah well it is what it is. If my driver didn't run off as he did, none of this would have happened, huh Jeff?" he glances over at Jeff who shakes his heands and nods, "We all just appreciate all that you and your family have done to help Jeff out of this situation." Alan pauses as he looks up over at The General where Luke and Cooter are going over it. "Talking of beautys...look at your's over there. If you drive half as good as you build cars, Jeff here may be in some trouble today."

"Looks like we are about to find out. Luke and Cooter have been going over it end over end off and on for the past day or so. Should run perfect as well," Bo states before going quiet for a moment. "Just thought I would give you a heads up. Sheriff Coltrane does not have the best driving skills...if you haven't figured that out already...though he seems to think he does. This race is only going to boost his ego so hopefully we can use that against him. But Cooter just got done telling us how he was blackmailed into putting a brand new top of the notch engine in the patrol car he is driving."

Jeff and Alan look at each other and shrugs. "Well I guess we all have to have an advantage somewhere in this race. Though to be honest we got ourselves a new engine under our hood too...top of the notch kind of NASCAR engines," Alan proudly states, "and am sure your car has nothing to worry about either.. Just as long as the law plays fair, this should be a fun race."

"Which is what we are trying to make it," Jeff adds, "just for fun. Don't get us wrong, we're going for the win, but I'm not going to wreck my car just for him either."

Bo nods with a smile. "Just thought I'd warn you," Bo says nodding at them as he begins to walk away.

"Thanks. And Bo," Jeff calls out to bring Bo to a halt, "give me all you got. I want to see what you're made of."

Bo flashes them a large smile. "Of course. I don't race any other way," Bo responds before turning back around and returning to The General Lee where Daisy and Uncle Jesse are crowded around the orange car with Luke and Cooter. "He up to racing conditions yet?" Bo asks as he glances under the hood.

"Perfect racing conditions," Cooter states with a smile as he shuts the hood. "Look y'all, I'm sorry about Rosco's car. I. . .I -"

"Stop apologizing Cooter. You did what you had to do," Luke pats him on the shoulder, "Besides it don't matter what you got under that hood of Rosco's car, he could be driving Gordon's perfect car over there and still manage to wreck it. Not only that...but we got the best race car driver around driving The General and one of the best NASCAR drivers racing against Sheriff Coltrane. Have some faith...Coltrane don't stand a chance against these two."

"Yeah," Jesse states shrugging with a smile on his face, "I kinda feel sorry for the guy." Everyone looks at him and he shrugs. "Relax guys. I'm on your side...I said kinda feel sorry for him."

Cooter slowly nods. "I know. Just feel like a trader doing that," he adds as he glances over at Jeff Gordon and his crew cheif. Looking back at Bo he changes the subject with a serious tone to his voice. "Lookie here Bo. I know how you feel about that other driver over there. I know you know just as much about him as his crew cheif over there does. I know you have followed him for a long time. Look up to him. But I am telling you right now, once you step foot in the General Lee, I want you to put all those Jeff Gordon stats you know by heart, your thoughts on the guy...all of it behind. I want you to race him as if you were racing Luke there. I want you to race him just as hard as you race Rosco." He pauses for a moment before poking his index finger into Bo's thin chest and raising his eye brows, he states, "Understand?"

"Uh yes sir," Bo states and nods at the same time before stepping away from Cooter's finger, "but what is it with everyone telling me to race Gordon hard...as if I would race him any other way. I race to win. End of story."

"Good," Jesse states giving him a hug. "I am proud of you...now go win."

"Yes sir," Bo states as he climbs behind the wheel and puts on his driver's helmet and waits for Luke to climb in. "Is it time?"

Luke shrugs as he places his helmet on and glances over at Jeff Gordon who is doing the same while Gustafson is talking to him through the window. "I don't know...looks like Rosco is in his car," he answers looking over at Rosco and looks back at Bo. "Hogg is suppose to tell us to line up over the loud speaker."

(Well this is a fictional story with mostly fictional characters...Jeff Gordon is real as his crew cheif Alan Gustafson...;) )

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After lining up the cars and with the crowd set in place Daisy sang the National anthem and handed the remote microphone to Boss.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Hazzard County Fairgrounds for this historic race between three of the finest drivers to ever get behind a wheel.

In the AARP Chevy Impala we have the most famous race car driver in the history of the world, Mr. Jeff Gordon!

In the Hazzard County Plymouth Fury patrol car we have the baddest, meanest, most intimidating lawman in all the South, Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane."

Then Boss's voice turned softer and not as enthusiastic. "And there's Bo Duke in the orange 01 Dodge Charger."

Boss cleared his throat. "This race is going down State Route 7 and then turning off onto Mill Pond Road and taking the left fork through Old Swamp Road. From there it's the home stretch on Peach Tree Lane all the way back here to the finish line.

From your high vantage point here at the Fairgrounds you'll be able to see much of the race right on the bleachers. Uh, it's a good thing lots of you folks brought your binoculars. We do have checkpoints at a few of the places that aren't so visible and our spotters there will be updating us through their CBs that will be wired up to these here loudspeakers.

Gentlemen, start your engines!"

Moments later Daisy waved the green flag and the competitors were off!

Boss wandered over to his CB in the Cadillac. "Are you where you're supposed to be?"

"Sure am" responded the sinister sounding deep voice.

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Jeff Gordon instantly speeds ahead of the clumsy sheriff and followed by Jeff Gordon who glances in his rear view mirror at the trailing sheriff. "You know Luke," he states, barely heard over the powerful engine, "I'm not liking this too much."

"Liking what? Cooter and I got the car working perfectly, the engine sounds healthier than it has ever sounded, you got your hero before us," Luke scolds him in return, "we are sitting second right at the start. What's not to like?"

Bo exhales heavily as he blocks Rosco and forces the General to go faster to move closer to Gordon's Chevy Impala. "Rosco. That's what," Bo slowly informas as he steals a glance in the rearview back at the sheriff, "Boss may be greedy and dirty, but he's not dumb. He knows Jeff Gordon is a pro at racing. He knows I win more races around here than anyone. He also knows that Rosco has absolutely no driving skills what so ever. Or should I say that he wrecks every car he gets behind the wheel of."

"Yeah so," Luke states as Bo pauses for a long moment, "you should be happy with those odds you just stated."

Bo shakes his head in disbelief. Disbelief that Luke is so calm about it. Disbelief that Luke of all people hasn't stopped to think all this through. After all Luke is the thinker of the family. The smart one of the family who sees stuff coming way before it happens. And yet he seems oblivious to the obvious.

"Look Luke. If Boss knows what he is up against, then why volunteer Rosco to drive against the two of us? Why volunteer a guy who wrecks everything he drives to drive against a NASCAR driver and us?" Bo finally asks.

Despite knowing what Bo is getting at, Luke only shrugs. "Jeff refused to race Boss," Luke finally responds fighting off the same nagging feeling that Bo is talking about, "so he threw out his next option. Perhaps desperate."

Bo shakes his head. "Not a chance. There are other top notch drivers around Hazzard that Hogg could have blackmailed into racing for him. Like Cooter. Or Dobro. Or Brody. Or one of those crooked people he had working as deputies the other day," Bo goes silent, "No, ol' Boss is up to something. And it's not gonna be good either."

Luke stares at Bo. "Will you stop your thinking and worry about the damn race? You race and let me do the thinking...as we always have done before," Luke snaps at Bo as he watches Rosco in the passenger side mirror, "I'll keep an eye on Rosco. You keep an eye ahead of you...your goal is to pass Gordon. My goal is to worry about Rosco. Understand?"

"If you say so," Bo finally states, shoving the accelerator to the floor to watch the General get to Gordon's bumper.

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The cloud of dust ahead of him got further ahead moments later.

Rosco was frustrated.

He got on the CB "Uh, Boss things aren't going so well. Did you bring your binoculars?"

Lucky for Boss he had just finished the conversation with the mysterious person on CB channel 19 and had switched to channel 22 just in time.

Boss responded "Of course I brought them....but I'm afraid to look. I reckon by your voice things aren't going so well."

"Well, Boss, not exactly. Did you talk to the secret weapon yet?"

Boss was furious "Rosco you idiot! You don't know who is listening to what channel. I think you must be smelling too many exhaust fumes from being in last place. I reckon those fumes are making you a little squirrely."

Rosco sounded confused "Um, I'm so far back I'm not smelling any fumes and I'm not feeling squirrely. I was just asking about the Beaudrys....you know Pa, Milo and Sledge."

Boss yelled so loud into the CB microphone people in the grandstands could hear him "ROSCO!"

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Bo feels his heart come to an a halt as Rosco's blabbering jabber on the CB comes to a halt and Boss screams over the CB at him. "Hear that Luke?" he asks Luke, stealing a sideways look at his cousin, "Just what I was fearin'!"

"I heard him just as all them city folk in Atlanta has heard him...without a CB," Luke shakes his head in disgust as he looks at Gordon's car that is now almost besides The General. "And I will remind you...you worry about passing Jeff Gordon and I will worry about what we just heard. Understand?"

"I spose," Bo states grudgingly, "but it would be nice if Boss would play fair...at least once."

"Wouldn't hold my breath on that if I were you," Luke quickly responds before he picks up the CB and says, "don't you think some country music would be great for this race?"

With that he switches the channel. "Lost Sheep, Crazy Cooter, Little Bo Peep."

"We're here," Jesse's voice states, speaking for everyone, "and before you ask, we all heard loud and clear what Rosco had said. Ol' Boss wasn't too happy about his mystery man being revealed, now was he?"

"Well we aren't too happy to hear what he has in planned or should I say who he is working with," Luke states shortly, "we need to find a way to side track them all. Keep them off the track. All them folks paid good earned money to watch a fun, clean, competitive race. Hogg is planning on ruining that."

"We hear ya," Daisy responds, "what you have in mind?"

"Dunno yet. Keep your eyes out for any or all of them," Luke pauses as he watches the race for a moment, "I'll let you know if I think of anything. Stay on this channel."

"Will do," Jesse states, "I'll send Cooter and Daisy out to mill through the crowd. Perhaps they will see something out of the ordinary."

"That'll be a start. We're out," Luke states throwing the handle down. "C'mon Bo...pass him! I didn't ride along just to watch you lose to him!"

"What's it look like I'm trying to do?" Bo asks sarcastically as he glances outside of his driver's window that is almost aligned with Gordon's passenger side door - if there was a door there. "And I don't plan on losing either."

"Good. Now go win the race," Luke states before going silent in thought.

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Half way through the race the three cars were speeding down Old Swamp Road. The trees and underbrush were so think they darkened the blue sky. This was the only part of the race where there were no official race obsevers reporting results to the grandstand speakers. Not only that but folks didn't have a chance to see the race with their binoculars due to the thick swamp vegetation.

And this is where the Beaudrys struck.

Milo pulled both triggers of the double barrel 12 gauge shotgun, blowing out the right front tire of the General Lee, causing it to slide out of control.

Sledge aimed at Jeff Gordon's tire but Pa Beaudry grabbed the front of the gun and pushed it high into the sky just before it went off.

"What are you doing Pa?!" yelled Sledge.

Pa responded "That's Jeff Gordon. Boss didnt tell me that he was in this race. He's been my favorite driver ever since Cale Yarborough retired."

But Jeff didn't get away without damage. When the General slid it forced Gordon to brake and his car ended up with one tire in the ditch. The situation didn't look too terrible. The car wasn't stuck bad and wasn't damaged at all. It just looked like it needed a pull from a tow chain or a push from two strong men.

Pa Beaudry came running over to Jeff. "Uh, I'm really sorry Mr. Gordon. This seems to be a case of mistaken identity. Um, is there any chance I can get your autograph?" Milo and Sledge looked dumbfounded as they lowered their shotguns. They had never seen anybody famous before.

Moments later Rosco came flying by. He laughed as he saw Luke pull out a spare tire from the General Lee's trunk and Bo pull out the jack. He chuckled "Khee Khee" when he saw Jeff's car partially stuck.

Little did Rosco know that another mysterious visitor awaited just at the other end of the swamp.

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"Well that low down good for nothing -"

"Cool it Bo," Luke calmly interrupts his cousin as they work on fixing their blown out tire, "getting mad and losing your temper now will only make matters worse. You want to get back at 'em you'll help me fix this here tire and go beat Rosco and Jeff."

Bo shakes his head as he glances over his shoulder where the Beundry's are talking to Jeff Gordon. "Yeah and while we are fixing this here tire, Rosco is getting away. You forget that?" Bo asks back as he puts the lugnuts back on the new tire. "And while Rosco is winning them Beundry's are asking for Gordon's autograph."

Luke lets out a laugh. "Seriously? They just go and wreck 'em and they are asking for his autograph?" he questions stealing a look at Gordon's car and let out a sigh, "Damn they're bold."

"Well perhaps we should go scare them away so we can help push Gordon out of the mud," Bo states with a smile.


"Seriously?" Gordon asks sarcastically in disbelief, "You just shot out The General's tire and then wrecked me! And now you are asking for my autograph! You got to be crazy!"

"They are definately crazy," Bo's voice comes from behind Gordon and Gordon has to turn in his seat to see Bo and Luke approaching his car and as he looks at the Beundrys he sees fear enter their crazy eyes, "and if they don't run off as of now they'll be beggin Luke 'n I for mercy."

Bo stares fearlessly at the Beaundrys who look at one another and then at Gordon and over at Luke before turning around to run away only to run into each other and fall to the muddy ground.

"Better listen to my cousin," Luke chimes in, "he don't take it too kindly when someone wrecks Gordon on the race track. He gets all crazy yelling at the TV and all. During the race Bo can't do nothing about what happens or let the other driver know what he thinks of him for wrecking Gordon. But now," Luke shrugs giving them a sympathetic look, "now the people who wrecked Gordon are right in front of Bo. And does he look happy?"

"Um," they all begin to stutter as Bo walks towards them kicking mud at them with each step.

"And seeing how you just shot out our tire to help Rosco win the race," Luke shrugs, "I'm of mind to let Bo do to you whatever he wants to do. So if I were you," Luke shrugs again as if to say the choice is their's, "I'd run off while he gave you that option."

"Um yes sir," they state before running away, this time in the same direction.

"That took care of 'em," Luke states with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah well I was wishing they'd be brave enough to stay and see what I had in mind," Bo mutters angrily. "We're here to push you of this mud, Jeff. We'll push and you hit the accelerator."

"Thanks guys," Jeff nods at them as he watches them get to the bumper and start pushing before shoving on the accelerator and after a moment of shoving on the accelerator and kicking mud up at the Dukes, the car lurches forward. Causing both Bo and Luke to fall to their hands and knees in the mud. "Dang it! Hey I'm real sorry about that Bo and Luke."

They both shake it off. "Well let's not give up now...knowing Rosco he probably gone and ran into a tree or something," Luke states, "with his lack of driving talent we still have a good chance of winning."

Bo and Jeff slowly nod, not feeling Luke's optimism.

Jeff watches Bo and Luke run back to thier car and waits for the orange muscle car to race up to his car before he shoves on the accelerator and they are back to racing each other.

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Rosco was delighted as he turned off Old Swamp Road onto Peach Tree Lane and headed into the home stretch. Finally he and Boss would have the last laugh with that troublesome Jeff Gordon. Gordon would be forced to leave Hazzard County as the laughing stock of NASCAR after being beat by a small town sheriff. He smiled and thought that this may be the best day of his life. Then Rosco keyed up his CB to the station that was wired into the loudspeakers at the grandstand so all of Hazzard could hear him brag about beating local legend Bo Duke and world famous NASCAR sensation Jeff Gordon.

"Good afternoon good folks of Hazzard County. This is your sherifff, Rosco P. Coltrane with a race update. Due to the superior driving skills of your local sheriff, the county of Hazzard will have a lot to celebrate today because their favorite lawman is just a couple miles away from becoming the greatest driver in the history of all of Georgia. In a moment you will witness a hysterical...um, I mean...historical moment when I crosss that finish line.

As far as my competition goes, they're way back in the swamp off the road due to their greatly inferior driving skills. Khee Khee! In fact they may be hurt so maybe an ambulance should go out and check on them. Khee Khee."

A split second later an ambulance came out of nowhere and T-boned the back of Rosco's car causing it to spin off the road. The car then flipped in the ditch and ended on its roof.

Thankfully Rosco was unhurt and crawled out and ran over to the ambulance with the smashed up front end. The driver was Hughie Hogg.

"What's the matter Rosco? Didn't you know I owned two of these here fake ambulances? You of all people should know I always have a back up plan."

Rosco was furious, "Why'd you wreck me you idiot? I can't beat Jeff Gordon and the General Lee with an upside down car."

Hughie laughed. "After the way you and Boss treated me, did you really think I wouldn't find some way to get you back?"

Then, as quickly as he struck, Hughie was gone, leaving Rosco to run for safety behind a tree as the two powerful cars with the two skilled drivers behind the wheels passed up Rosco's overturned vehicle.

Rosco shook his head in disgust then shrugged his shoulders and ran up onto a small hill to get a view of who would win the big race.

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Bo Duke couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a figure standing in front of them before running off into the trees. Even more disbelief when he saw the sheriff's car upside down along the track.

"You know cuz?" he asks Luke as he struggles for position with Gordon, "I love it when you are right. Well, most of the time."

Luke shakes his head with a smile. "Good. You should be use to it by now because I am never wrong," he forces a laugh as he nervously keeps an eye on Jeff Gordon's AARP car that is an inch in front of The General Lee, "But if you don't put your foot on it, you are going to force me to be wrong. For the first time."

Bo glares over at him. "Wrong? By what?" he slowly glances shoving the accelerator down farther to speed up the car, "And my foot is on it, by the way."

"Well Bo I hate to say it to you and feed your oversized ego," Luke continues in on Bo, "but I gone and tol' everyone I know that you were going to win this race against Jeff Gordon. But you are looking to be satisified with second and last place."

Bo rolls his eyes and glances over at Luke before taking another look at Gordon. "I am never satisfied with second place and finishing last place is a nightmare," Bo states as he continues to work against Gordon, "I still got another mile to go. Wasn't it you who said not to give up?"

"Yeah well then, prove it and pass Jeff Gordon. Show him who the better driver is," Luke pressures him jokingly.


Jeff Gordon steals a glance through the passenger window and is surprised to see the orange car almost aligned up to his car perfectly. Everyone he talked to in Hazzard had spoke highly of Bo's driving ability. Of how he is the greatest driver around Hazzard. How he wins nearly every race.

And Jeff had believed them to a point. After all they would know better than he would. But Jeff has twenty years of NASCAR experience under his belt, Bo has none. And yet Bo remains at his side through the whole race. Has avoided his attempt to block him. He has raced him like a pro and Bo raced him back like a pro even though he is just a local boy at a small town.

Well if Jeff was to lose to anyone, there isn't anyone better he would rather lose to to the two guys who had saved his life. Rescued him from the local crooked law. The ones that went out of their way to help him out.

Not that he would allow Bo to win due to all that he has done for him. That is not in Gordon at all to let someone win, no matter what.

Looking up ahead he sees Daisy with the white and black checkered flag up ahead a half a mile away. Sighing heavily he steps on the accelerator to speed up only for Bo to match his speed and location on the track.


Standing next to Cooter Jesse Duke catches himself holding his breath as the beloved orange race car comes into view right next to the AARP car driven by Jeff Gordon. He had been discouraged when Rosco came over the loudspeakers smuggly stating that he was going to win and that an ambulance was needed. Though discouraged, he knew Rosco well enough and his boys well enough not to give up hope and believe the sheriff completely.

And now his hope and belief in his boys has paid off as the loud engines explodes as they get closer and closer to them. "Look at 'em Cooter!" Jesse states in excitement, "They are right next to each other."

"You say that as if you doubted Bo could keep up with Jeff Gordon," Cooter states casually as he eats at a bag of pop corn.

"I have never doubted Bo or Luke," Jesse states defensively, "you on the other hand is a different story."

"Hey," Cooter starts to complain before his attention goes to the two cars coming closer and closer to Daisy. With his hand frozen in the bag, he holds his breath as the two cars go by Daisy to send the flag flying with the momentum of the cars. The cars going by Daisy with The General Lee's hood crossing the finish line a half of an inch before Gordon's burgandy AAPR Impala. "Bo wins! Bo wins!" Cooter yells in excitement as the cars come to a halt and Daisy beats them to the cars.


"Congrats cuz," Luke pats Bo's tense shoulder as The General Lee comes to a halt, "you went and beat your hero. Damn Bo you just gone and beat Jeff Gordon, a pro NASCAR driver, at a race!"

Bo slightly nods as he takes his helmet off and Daisy is at his door a moment before Jesse and Cooter stand between the two cars. "Hey Bo...you won sugar," Daisy pulls him into a hug as he climbs out of the car and Jeff slowly walks around his car to join in on the celebration.

"Congrats Bo. I'm proud of you," Jesse says in his hear as he gives his nephew a hug, "I'm always proud of you."

"Thanks," Bo states nodding at everyone before Jeff walks up to him.

"Wow Bo. Yeah wow," he states with a smile, "you are one heck of a driver to race me like that. I was giving you everything I had and you went and yet you still went on to win. Congrats kid."

"Yeah congrats," an unknown voice comes from behind and they turn around as Alan Gustafson approaches them, "either you got NASCAR talent behind you or ol' Jeff here has lost his touch."

"Speak for yourself Alan," Jeff states jokingly, "I didn't lose anything. The kid just got talent."

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Rosco was furious as he stood on the hill. He grumbled to himself "I couldn't see who won."

Just then a beat up old brown Ford pick-up truck showed up with three scruffy guys in it...the Beaudrys!

"Hop in the back" yelled Milo.

Moments later they had pulled up to the crowded celebration and all got out of the truck. Milo and Sledge pointed their shotguns in the air and had a menacing look on their face until Pa spoke up. "Now, put those shotguns away boys. We don't want no trouble. We just want to apologize and say we's sorry fer what we did. Truth be known Boss Hogg put us up to it. We're just thankful nobody got hurt."

Milo and Sledge put the guns in the bed of the pick-up.

The crowd looked angrily at Boss and he had to act fast.

"Uh, listen here folks...you ain't gonna believe these low life Beaudrys are you?"

Milo and Sledge reached for the guns but stopped when Boss continued speaking "Well, folks maybe there is a teenie tiny bit of truth to what Mr. Beaudry is saying but I didn't mean no harm. I was just having a little old fashioned fun. And to make it up to you folks I'd like to donate a one hundred thousand dollar pledge to the Hazzard County Orphanage in the name of our good friend and NASCAR superstar Mr. Gordon Jeff....uh hum, I mean Mr. Jeff Gordon!"

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Jeff Gordon looks over at the commissioner in shock and disbelief at hearing how much he has volunteered to give the orphanage. "Wow Comissioner," he says with a smile as he steps up to him, "those kids in the orphanage will be very grateful for your donation and blessed. Thank you Commissioner Hogg."

Gordon gives him a thin smile as he shakes Hogg's hand before turning to Rosco. "Thanks for a good race, Sheriff," he says shaking his hand, "just wish we all had met on different terms."

Gordon gives the two and the Beaundrys another look before turning around to walk towards Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jesse, Cooter, Alan, and Thom. As he gets there, Alan asks, "Are you ready to get goin'? The team is ready to get the car back on track and you behind the wheel."

Jeff shakes his head for a moment. "Sorry Alan. Thom," he says with a smile and for the first time in the past few days, the feel of freedom sinks in, "I got some autographs to sign first, then Bo here says he'll let me drive The General if I let him drive my car, and afterwards Jesse there has invited us over for some some supper. The boys can wait til tomorrow."

"Jeff," Alan starts in, "I don't think you understand how important this is. You championships are now over. You missed yesterday's race. You know, the real race? You left your fans looking for you on the track. Disappointed. Your sponsors, Mr. H...everyone disappointed by your disappearance. And why? Because you wanted to go off on your own. And oh yeah, do I have to remind you that you are married? Have two kids? All of whom have been scared to death for you...and you want to wait til morning to go back?"

Jeff slowly shrugs it off. "Relax Alan. I called Ingrid. Talked to Ella and Leo. They know where I am at and know I will be home tomorrow. I talked to Mr. H and told him the same. I already missed yesterday's race due to those two clowns back there...nothing I can do to fix that or to change that. We won't have to be to Chicago for a couple of days," Jeff pauses and pats Bo on the shoulder, "so we will spend the night and leave after breakfast. Be back to North Carolina by noon and I will do a team conference before doing a press conference to explain my disapperance. Try to settle things out as best that I can. But for now, I think I owe it to the Dukes and those people in the stands to sign some autographs. Plus I am dying to drive The General Lee. Did you look at it?"

Alan lets go a breathe in defeat at all the points Jeff has just stated. "Guess I don't have much of a case. Am I invited?" he states with a smile.

"Of course you and Thom are invited," Jesse states with a smile


After a couple of hours of signing autographs that had started with Bo and the Dukes and ended with signing Hogg's white Stetson hat and Rosco's uniform shirt, people slowly make their way to their seats. Including Boss and Rosco and the Beaundry's who also got an autograph. Everyone getting in their seats at the prompting of Alan Gustafson who had taken then microphone from Hogg to announce a surprise second race.

"Damn this is unbelieveable!" Bo yells in excitement as he glares down at the AARP Chevy Impala that sits in front of him. Only to recieve a disapproving look from Jesse. "Well look at it! I get to drive an actual NASCAR car...the car Gordon won at Atlanta with!"

Jesse pats him on the shoulder and gives him an understanding look. "Yeah well," he states, "you better not wreck it. Gordon may not be so understanding."

"Me wreck it? Never!" Bo states with a smile as he places on Jeff's official NASCAR helmet.

"You look like you are ready to go to the moon in that thing," Luke states with a proud smile, "though don't you think that it would be best to get the helmet on once you get in the car?"

Bo pulls it off. "Yeah maybe so," his smile disappears momentarily, "I just hate that there is no passenger seat. Perhaps you should drive it, Luke."

Jesse gives Bo a proud smile.

"Me?" Luke asks with a smile and shakes his head, "No way. Jeff has already said he wants me in the passenger seat of The General Lee. Besides, he says he wants YOU to race his car. Not me."

They both look over to their beloved General Lee where both Alan and Jeff are looking under the hood. "And Alan?" Bo asks.

"Him and Alan will be in the back seat," Luke states with a smile, "so in other words, Bo, don't go wrecking us, either."

"Of course not," Bo states as gives Luke a tight hug before Jesse hugs him, "I wouldn't want to hurt Jeff, Alan, or the General, would I?"

"Get in there," Luke says with a laugh and Bo shrugs and pulls himself into the driver's seat of the famous 24 Impala, fitting comfortably inside the well protected driver seat that almost resembles a baby car seat. The seat and HANS device tightly hugging his body to ensure that his body and neck will not be able to move in case of an accident. "We will see you at the finish line."

"That's a ten four," Bo states as they both disappear. Jesse meets up with Daisy at the start finish line as she holds the flag, while Luke runs over to the General and climbs into the passenger seat.

"You all ready? Bo's ready?" Jeff asks wearing Bo's orange helmet, a huge kid like smile on his face.

"We're ready," Cooter laughs crazily in the backseat.

"I'm ready and Bo's more than ready," Luke states and Jeff fires up the engine and drives the General to the start line where Bo is already at, "I think he thinks he has died and went to heaven in your car, Jeff."

"Well you can tell him...if he is ever interested in becoming a NASCAR driver to let me know and I can see about getting him connected. But damn that would mean I'd have to race him every week. That just may limit my chances at the championship next year," Jeff laughs.

"Not a chance. Your drive for five is on next year...no matter who your competition is," Alan states confidently in the back seat, "no disrespect to Bo or you Luke. Sorry."

"Bo and I wouldn't want it any other way, Alan. Bo gets all loud and crazy when you win," Luke states as he steals a look into Bo's window who is looking over at them, "but I will let him know. That will only feed into his oversized ego...but sadly he and I are both needed to keep the farm up and going as it is. Still he will appreciate the offer."

"I mean it. He has great talent and I bet you do too, Luke," Jeff states, "both of you would bring great talent into NASCAR."

"We appreciate that. I do pretty good behind the wheel," Luke slowly states and for a moment lets himself imagine him and Bo in NASCAR before the reality behind the farm pops him out of it, "but Bo is way better than I am behind the wheel."

"You boys ready?" Daisy asks in their window to pull their attention to her.

"Sure are, Daisy," Jeff nods at her.

"OK then," she smiles at him before she walks over to Bo's window to say something before she walks back over to where Jesse stands. After a few words with Jesse she pulls her attention back at them and starts waving the flag.

"Go, go, go," Alan yells from the backseat as Bo gets a half an inch lead start and Jeff pulls out with great control over The General.


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Thank you so much for writing this fun RP with me Garrett. It's truly sad to see it end. It's like old Waylon said "In Hazzard we tend to have happy endings"

This one sure ended happy. Although I have to admit those Beaudry's shooting up the place had me a little nervous there at the end. It's been an amazing experience to share this with you. I'm glad your hero Jeff Gordon survived his ordeal in Hazzard County. Who knows, maybe his NASCAR season will have a happy ending too.

Thanks to eveyone who followed this fun story.

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Thank you so much for writing this fun RP with me Garrett. It's truly sad to see it end. It's like old Waylon said "In Hazzard we tend to have happy endings"

This one sure ended happy. Although I have to admit those Beaudry's shooting up the place had me a little nervous there at the end. It's been an amazing experience to share this with you. I'm glad your hero Jeff Gordon survived his ordeal in Hazzard County. Who knows, maybe his NASCAR season will have a happy ending too.

Thanks to eveyone who followed this fun story.

Thank you Roger for writing this RP with me. I hope you had as much fun writing this story as I did (though I can't imagine how that could even be remotely possible! ;) ). It was great writing about two of my favorite things...Dukes of Hazzard and Jeff Gordon (NASCAR).

Am so glad that Hazzard likes happy endings and that it ended happy for everyone...including Jeff Gordon. :) I really hope that you are right, Roger, that Gordon's NASCAR season will have an happy ending as well. Have read a couple of articles lately of Gordon's career advice for others and ideas of what he may have in store after he gets done with NASCAR (personally hope that is in another hundred years if not more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be the saddest NASCAR fan when he does retire :-o:cry: ) and I really want him to win one, two...or perhaps ten more championships before he calls it an end. ;) Is that too much to ask? I believe not! LOL

Thanks to all who has followed our story and read it all...hope you had enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing the story.

Thanks again Roger...it has been fun! :popcorn:

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