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With the dawning of 2012 upon us there was one song that sprang to my mind (well two actually, but

is three words long, so I couldn't use it in this thread :)). From 37 years ago:

This song spent three weeks at the #1 spot in the UK charts in, you guessed it, February 1975!.

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I can't believe I haven't posted this before:

Cars - Gary Numan

This track seems to make its way onto '80s compilations despite coming out in 1979. I was too young then, but did eventually see Gary Numan play live in the mid '90s. The distinctive opening has been sampled many times, in songs like

(which also fits this thread :)).
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Another song off of their first album...sung by the youngest member Joe McIntyre - the video is performed after they reunited so Joe is older than 13. HA HA. As I said, brings back memories- probably listened to that album a hundred times or something like that.

I apologize for all the NKOTB music, just been in the mood the last couple of days for NKOTB music so that is what comes to mind I guess. Please don't kill me for it. :escape: Besides, I can't help that I have great taste in music, right Hoss? ;)

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From their seventh studio album 'Savage':

Shame -Eurythmics

Apparently this album didn't do too well in the US, and although this song was the second single in the UK, it was never released as a single in the US - shame!.

- Oingo Boingo

I guess the UK/US thing works both ways. I don't think Oingo Boingo had much or even any chart success in the UK. I'm familiar with their theme for Weird Science (although I didn't know who it was by), and Danny Elfman's later work, but that's about it.

There's something about the backing of this track that really reminds me of the intro to

. That's Stress the UK neo-psychedelic rock band (Wikipedia's description) from the late '80s/early '90s, and not to be confused with other bands of the same name. Despite supporting Lenny Kravitz on tour they never had great success and only released one album.
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