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Congratulations Ray Kohn!


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It's been awhile since the HazzardNet has had a Fan of the Month who doesn't post on a regular basis but Ray Kohn of Northeast Ohio Dukes sure deserves the honor and that's exactly what he's getting for the month of September.

We'll soon start to see the temperatures cool off after Labor Day passes but Ray's love of the Dukes of Hazzard will always be as hot as the General Lee's exhaust pipes. In fact, he's going to be taking his love of the show to a high level to start the month off....literally. Once again, he's going to be flying the orange 01 Charger in his Dukes of Hazzard Stunt Show on September 4th. Go to the "Sept 4th Dukes Stunt Show" thread for more information and go to Ray's website www.Northeastohiodukes.com for even more details. While you're there check out the videos of some of his previous adventures in the General Lee.

It's hard to say what seperates a fan from a superfan but there's no doubt that Ray is about as much of a superfan as a person can get. His love of the show runs deeper than the bottomless quicksand in the Hazzard Swamp and his accomplishments in promoting the greatest television show in history are legendary.

Some people DO and some people WATCH and Ray most definitely fits into the first catagory. While most of us are content to slip our DVDs in and express our love of Hazzard County on the HazzardNet, Ray lives it. His three top priorites in life are family, friends and fun and Ray manages to weave all three of them into his love of the TV show, his stunt show and his club, the Northeast Ohio Dukes.

Ray plays Bo Duke in the stunt shows and for good reasons...he loves action, he's not afraid to take a chance, he shows respect to everybody around him, he's friendly and polite, he cares about his family and community, his energy level is sky high and he'll be the first one there if someone needs help.

If you check out his website, you'll see that he became a Dukes fan on the day he was born. The love of the show runs in his family. In fact, CMT did a television special that featured them in 2007. If ever there was a family that reminded you of the Dukes, it's the Kohns and it all started with Ray's father who is the Uncle Jesse of the family. Mr Kohn even owns a 1973 white Ford F-150 that's identical to the Dukes patriarch's.

Ray's favorite episode is "The Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough." He wore out the part of the DVD on that episode where three General Lees are driving beside each other. He has all 7 seasons on DVD and they're all wore out from overuse too.

He's been to seven DukesFests and has met all the surviving stars multiple times and knows some of them very well.

Here's a shocker. He might play Bo on his stunt show but his favorite character is.....Luke! Yep, that's not a misprint.

Ray's experiences with the Dukes of Hazzard are truly the stuff of legends.

If there was ever a contest to see who the greatest Dukes of Hazzard fan of all time was, a lot of folks here on the HazzardNet would certainly be in the running. While we were all standing around arguing who's the biggest, Ray would just jump over the whole group of us with his Dixie horn blaring. That might not answer the question of who the biggest fan is, but it would sure get our attention....and getting attention for the greatest television show ever, is what Ray Kohn does best.

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