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Ok im going to start this game. I will list 10 characters from the show and the number 10 beside them.What you do is name two characters that are in the list one that you want to give a point to and one that you want to take a point away from( example plus 1 bo duke, minus 1 rosco). Then when a characters score gets to 0 there eliminated. Last person standing wins. You can only vote once per day.

Bo Duke 11

Luke Duke 10

Daisy Duke 10

Uncle Jesse 10

Cooter 10

Boss Hogg 10

Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane 10

Enos 10

Cletus 10

Coy and Vance Duke 9

Ill start plus 1 Bo Duke, Minus 1 Coy and Vance Duke.

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Why the heck did Rosco get eliminated already? I guess the Coltrane clan takes their eyes off this place for one second and blammo! LOL.

Bo 30 Luke 23 Jesse 31 Cooter 13 Enos 3 Daisy's history. Sorry. She gave her last point to Jesse.

Bo 30 Luke 24 Jesse 30 Cooter 13 Enos 3 Jesse have the point he cruelly took from Daisy to elimate her and gave it to Luke. I now officially start a campaign to eliminate Jesse just because Roger neve

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