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Brand New to HazzardNet!


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Glad to be here folks, hope I'll find a lot of great information here!

Just a little about myself: I grew up in a small town similar to Hazzard from the series: my town was about 550 people, and surrounded by dirt/gravel roads; and I grew up in a muscle-car loving family--so naturally, as a kid--that country lifestyle was all I knew. It was only natural I should fall in love with the show and the General Lee.

Unfortunately, I was forced to move to Utah when I joined the military some years ago--but there are still a few little towns here that remind me of home.

As an occupation, I am part-time Air Force Reserve (I load bombs and maintain weapons systems) as a Staff Sergeant, and I work in security (licensed in UT, taking Criminal Justice and Anti-Terrorism courses) for an undisclosed military contractor. Pay is excellent--so I hope in a few years to have saved enough to get my own General Lee (real or replica).

It's great being here, hope to get to know you all well!

Lost Sheep out.

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Welcome... to Hazzard County! Y'all just sit back and enjoy the ride!!

Seriously, though, I am so glad that you decided to join HazzardNet. We're all just a bunch of fun-loving, fast driving, Duke Fans!! Although sometimes it gets a little crazy around here (just like in Hazzard!!) it is a blast to be a part of! I always get excited when a newcomer joins, esspecially people who grew up watching the Dukes!

I, too, am a small town person, so it was cool to hear about that.

I hope that you enjoy the stay, and you'll be around for a good long while!

General Grant

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Welcome to Hazzard County Jeremy....thanks for serving your country....

Air Force huh?...well I'm not surprised that you want your own General Lee since he spends a lot of time up in that wild blue yonder.

You really sound like the kinda guy who belongs on the Hazzardnet so we're all looking foward to talking Dukes with ya. Just remember one thing, ya better buckle up for safety on this high flying website. I'm gone.

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Welcome Jeremy_Duke!

I'm so glad that you found this place! If you want to come and learn more about the Dukes of Hazzard, this is the place to be! There are so many people here who have a wealth of knowledge and are excited to share it, plus, it's a wonderful group of people! If you are looking to share some Duke related things that you've learned, everyone is so excited to learn new things from people!

So, stick around and enjoy! I know that you will meet a ton of great people! And, if there's anything you need help with, I know that just about everyone will go out of their way to make you feel welcome-just as they did with me when I first started out!


Laura Duke:D

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Welcome to HazzardNet, Jeremy! Thank you for serving our country.

I, too, work for an undisclosed military contractor. :wink:

Sounds like you'll fit in just fine here!


Theres a Mufn that leads a life of danger...To everyone she meets, she stays a stranger...With every move she makes, another chance she takes,

odds are she wont live to see tomorrow...

Secret agent...Mufn!

Secret agent...Mufn!!

;) Just teasing Mufn!! :D

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