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Davenport Family Reunion.


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Luke had to agree and Lori wasn't helping him cool off either! "Ah, ..... Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. You know it's going to be a long thirty days right?" She could take it either way he meant it, but he had set here for thirty days before though it was years ago. He was pretty sure she hadn't ever been in jail before -- well not for long any ways.


Cooter turned to see his favorite boy cousins, but he couldn't say he was totally happy to see them.

"Hey, hey Crazy C!!!" Said LB with energy!

BB had to ask, "Say, where's the girls? I thought you said Dixie and Lori were here the other night when we talked."

Cooter rolled his eyes. He couldn't even get a few minutes to calm down before he'd have to tell the whole story! "They're in town."

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Lori sighed and winked at Luke,"I can handle, can you?" Lori began humming again thinking about last night and what happened, she knew she shouldnt have but she couldnt stop, She did love Luke, whether he felt that way or not.


B.B looked to cooter,:Yea we knows theys in town, cuz We wanna know were at, Last time i talked to lil lori she was spose to race me.

L.B. looked to B.B and agreed with him Cooter flying mad,"ALRIGHT YOU WANNA KNOW WERE THEY ARE..............."

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Luke cleared his throat, "Yeah, I can handle it. I have a few times years ago, remember?" He wasn't sure that she remembered his racing, fighting, moonshining days. Back then, he had told Rosco's helper, Peggy that she should probably just keep a cell....... He looked around, it was the same cell...... open for him. He had spent so much time either waiting for the judge or serving time, on and off, for about a year of his life. Right after Robin had broken up with him. He was even in that phase when he and Dixie had gotten together back then. He continued out loud, pushing past thoughts of Dixie out of his mind, "When I was in Nam, I would have loved to had accomidations this good."


Cooter continued, "I'll tell you exactly where they are! Remember the history between Luke and Dixie?"

They both nodded 'yes'. LB asked, "She back with Luke again? It's about time!"

Cooter shook his head 'no', "I don't know what's up between them. Not sure she does either, but she's with Daisy and Beth at the Duke farm."

Before Cooter could continue BB laughed and said, "Well, with Luke there it shouldn't take them long to get back together."

Cooter replied, "Luke ain't there."

LB asked, "Well, where's Lori?"

Cooter replied frankly, "Jail."

LB repeated in surprise, "Jail? What's she in jail for?"

"Breaking Luke out of jail," replied Cooter.

"So where's Luke?" aske BB.

Cooter replied, "Jail."

This time it was BB who asked, "Should I ask why?"

"Probably not!" replied Cooter, "But, the way he's telling it, is, he got into a fight with Ernie Ledbetter, member him?"

They both shook their heads 'yes'.

Cooter continued, "The fight was over Dixie. Lori broke him out and was arrested. Luke then broke her out AND got caught!" He said in disbelief.

LB said, "Well, we can bond them out."

BB added, "Yeah, or get them away from ol' Rosco! That's easy!"

Cooter shook his head 'no', "Can't bond them. Already been to court. They were sentenced to 30 days. Old Hardcastle put it in the record that if they so much as tried it he'd give them the original sentence of 2 years. He was pissed that the whole incident had involved three escapes."


At the jail, Luke said to Sheriff Little, "Say, we've been in and outta here for the last couple days. Any chance in getting a shower?"

Little looked around at his surrondings.

Luke added, "A long time ago the shower to the right of you desk worked. They always locked the gate there at the bottom of the steps and would give ya a few minutes. Don't know if it still works. I haven't been here THAT long in years."

Little got up, went behind the desk and stepped into the closet like shower. He turned the water on. Water came out. that was good anyway. "Well, there's water running. Drain appears to work. Don't suppose you all have any clothes to change into?"

Luke shook his head 'no' and replied, "Can't say we do. Hadn't planned on being here long enough to bring clothes."

Rosco had gotten Little a phone to plug in downstairs. He checked the cord. It was long enough to reach to the cells. He asked Luke for the number which he then dialed and handed Luke the receiver.

Luke was glad to hear Bo's voice on the other end, "Bo?"

"Luke?" Bo asked in surprise, "Where are you?"

"I'm still in Rosco's Iron Bar Hotel. Think you can bring me a couple changes of clothes. Cool and comfortable. Nothing fancy and not a lot." Luke explained.

Bo replied, "Yeah. No problem. Be there soon. Beth, Dixie and Daisy are trying ta get rid of me anyway."

Beth glared at him.

Luke sighed. Dixie was at the farm. Maybe that was good -- maybe it wasn't. "Thanks Bo."


Next was Lori's turn to call. She gave Little the number and waited. Cooter answered, "Hazzard Garage."

"Cooter?" Lori wished anyone else would have answered. "Can you or someone go to the farm and get me a couple changes of clothes? Just something to change into after a showers good. It's hotter than the pits of he-- down here. Hasn't this county heard of air conditioning? Hey have you got my car back there yet? It's got radiator problems." She said quickly as Little would get impatient real quick.

Cooter replied, "I have been too mad ta get your car, but I will or LB or BB will. It'll be awhile on the clothes but I'll do that for ya."

"Thanks, Coot. Got to go." she replied.


Luke told Sheriff Little, "Thanks. I was sure she'd like a shower and I can't say I'd mind one myself." Luke was thinking about a very cold shower and hoped that it helped, though Bo had put 'ice water' on him telling him that Dixie was at the farm with the other girls. That was likely trouble!

Little grunted. He didn't want anyone to think he was soft, but it had been a reasonable request.

Lori was setting on the bunk with her arms around her legs she'd pulled up to her chest. When Luke set back down on his bunk she asked. "Learn anything?"

He nodded, "Dixie's at the farm. Girls are wanting rid of Bo,"

"Why" asked Lori.

Luke replied, "You're the girl. Tell me. How about Midnight?"

"Cooter said he'd been too 'mad' to get him but that either him or LB, or BB would get him." She replied.

Luke replied, "Great. I needed a few more Davenports in town! He thinks he knows 'something'. I'm pretty sure Jesse knows that I'm not telling him something."

Lori replied, "Hey, I'm a Davenport!"

Luke replied, "See what I mean!" he said laughing just a bit. "Remember I've dealt with Cooter and Luther (his dad) when they were really peeved at me over, ...... ah, ............ Dixie" He said the last part almost a whisper.

Lori replied, "Luke I ain't 16."

"No, you're not. You da-- sure ain't, but I don't think that will matter to those three" he got real quiet thinking about their friendship and what being with or with out either Lori or Dixie would mean. He had almost went to prison over Dixie then. No one wanted them together then. Now that he, in their mind MAY be with Lori, it seemed they were opposed to that too!

Lori just ........................

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Lori just shrugged and looked at him,"Don't you worry bout them three Luke, honey, they aint gonna do nothing, ive got soo much a stuff on them it iant even funny." Lori laughed as whenver L.B. AND B.B would come to visit them she'd always get them into trouble and managed to get them out.

Bo same as B.B brung the clothes.

Bo"B.B Davenport what' re doin here?

B.B "Bringing lil Lori some clothes.

Bo:nodded, bringing Luke some too, Uncle Jesse wanted me to talk to him, see whata going on. Says something went o between them and they aint sayin.

B.B nodded, they walked in and down the cells.

Lori:B.B!!!!! Howdy Bo.

Bo nodded walking over to Lukes cell, "Thanks cousin."

Bo"no problem mind tellin ME what happened??

Luke shook his head,"D--- Bo, NO! Uncle Jesse already tried to get me i knew you would, it aint none of your business!

Bo winced,"Alright cousin!"

B.B walked over to Lori's cell and hugged her through the bars.

Lori"Im sorry B.B, I won't be able to make it *whispers* thank god.

B.B: hey I heard that!

Lori:Well, im sorry, but some of ya'lls just too crazy!!

B.B ignored the comment handing her her clothes, it was the yellow sundress and a pair of highheels "B.B DAVENPORT!!! YOU KNEW BETTER THN THAT!!!!"

B.B:It wasn't me, Cooter picked em out!

Lori:tell him, hahaha glad he thinks this is sooo d--- funny to him!!!

Luke looked over and went,"Ohh gog, I really do need a cold shower now!! amybe teo if sheriff little will let me, be like ole Enos.*luke whispered*

he thought of Enos taking two cold showers a day and couldnt help but laugh hysterically.

Lori looked over to him,"Luke, you alright?

B.B looked to him funny too.

Luke:Ohh Im fine!

Bo:shook his head, well cousin I best be goin, you tak care of yerself now, Ill see ya in thirty days.

Bo slightly smiled patting hid cousin on the back,"You too brother, you too"

Lori almost vried when she saw it, B.B looked to Lori and smiled,"Same fer me lil Lori, Love ya sweetheart.

Lori looked and smiled with a tear in her eye,"Love ya too B.B tell cooter and L.B the same.


Lori looked to Luke who, as they watched them reach the top said,"Liittle? ha you definently aint little!

Lori blushed as sheriff little rolled his eyes."alright Miss you first.

Lori stepped out and strutted over. *takes a shower, sings in the shower*

walks out drying off, Lori put her clothes on and winked at Luke,"Its allll yours Lukas."

Lori winked at him. Luke shuddered and watched her, the short dress wasnt helping none either. Luke loved Cooter, he absolutley loved him fer picking out that outfit. But he was kicking himself mentally though, righ tthere next to her and she was jsut ornery enough to make him go crazy, and she knew it too. and Luke couldnt ignore, lord no he couldnt.

Luke stepped out and Lori watched him as he went...

*Steps in* the cold water hitting him made him jump at first, but he got use to it REAL quick. when he got out he put on his clothes and walked back over looking to Lori and winking. Lori stretched out on the bed crossed her legs, winking back. Luke...........


B.B got to the garage,"Next time L. you go I cant stand to see her in there like that.


B.B:ohh by the wat cousin she said she loved you.

Cooter looked up and over to the jail house, truth was he wasnt all that mad at Lori, she'd gotten into worser situations before, but he knew something was up.


Bo returned, I couldnt get nothing Uncle Jesse he got mad and started yellin at me.

Unlce Jesse looked down,"Yep, something happened between them two."

As Dixie and Beth and Daisy walked in Dixie looked to Uncle Jesse,"Between who two?"

Uncle Jesse looked to Bo then to Dixie..........

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Luke told Sheriff Little as he opened the cell door for Luke, "Thanks for the shower, Sheriff."

Little just nodded, "Doin' my job, Duke, just my job." He waited until Luke stepped into the cell then he shut and lock the door. Little made the effort to pull on the door to check and make sure it locked. Then, also checked the door to Lori's cell before returning to the small desk across the room.

The 'clang' of the cell door always managed to send a cold shiver down Luke's back and the sound of the lock locking didn't help either. He guessed the day it stopped bothering him then he'd worry. He couldn't help but comment on Lori's outfit, "Ah, ...... nice pajamas there Lori."

She looked at him standing just a couple feet away in jeans, a white T-shirt, bare feet and hair still damp from the shower.

Sheriff Little had taken the opportunity while they showered to search their clothes to make sure Bo and BB hadn't snuk them anything he felt they shouldn't have. Luke hadn't missed the fact that Little took his belt, knife and case along with his boots. Something the Hazzard police never done. Luke knew Little had received the same training he had from the Marine Corps. so he was a little less trusting than Rosco.

Lori gave Luke a question look.

Luke waved her question away with a nod of his head.

So, Lori decided to pick back with him, "Those jeans don't look like they'd be too comfortable to sleep in either."

Luke grinned, "Bo's been here before too. I have no intention of sleeping in jeans."

"Just what do you plan on sleeping in?" she wiggled her eyes.

At first Luke thought about making her just wonder but as he took a seat on the bunk with his back against the outside wall where he could see what Little was doing. It was again habit. He didn't want anyone behind him still. Besides, that and Lori were the only things to occupy this time. Luke finally said with a grin, "The swimming trunk I have on under the jeans."

Lori just said, "Oh, OK."

Later, Luke explained about his boots. "Rosco and them never have taken even my belt. Little plays by the rules and follows his training. He unlike Rosco noticed that I not only had a belt but a knife and knife case on it. In the Marines we were trained to take anything that a 'prisoner' could hurt themselves or someone else with, so he took my boots, belt and of course the knife."

"I was wondering what was up with the boots. I hadn't noticed that he took the belt. Why would he take it?" Lori asked, not seeing any danger in a belt.

Luke replied as he stretched out on the cot, "Guess maybe he thought I'd hang myself. Do I look suicidal to you?" He said as a joke but hadn't inculded the humor in the question. It was said more with sarcasism.

"Anything but, Honey. You look anything but suicidal." She said still laing on the bunk looking through the bars at Luke as he stretched, then put his hands behind his head.

About the time they were beinging to relax Enos came bouncing downstairs and put a foam container and a cup of coffee in the newly added slot in the cell door so the door wouldn't have to be opened to put food in. "Here's supper." he said joyfully.

Luke never moved as Lori began to set up. He said, "It's chipped beef over toast."

Enos looked surprised at Luke's statement.

Finally Luke set up to get his supper. It wasn't Jesse's cooking but it was food and he knew better than to wste food. Opening the container, he said, "I knew it was chipped beef. The diner still giving ya'll a good deal on this stuff huh?"

Enos just smiled.


Uncle Jesse looked to Bo then to Dixie and said, "Bo was just telling me what went on between him and Luke. He wasn't in a very good mood is all."

Dixie replied with a bit of attitude, "He's only been taking these 'vacations' since I was fifiteen. You'd think he'd be used to them now."

Daisy knew that Jesse had maybe not told Dixie the entire truth, though he didn't lie. Daisy suggested, "I'll get us a pitcher of lemonade and we can all go to the porch."

Beth replied, "That's a good idea."

Dixie looked at Beth and finally opened up a bit. She could be just as stubborn and hard headed as Lori and Cooter and Luke for that matter, but tonight she wasn't trying to hide her feelings from Beth and Daisy. She'd been talking to them about her feelings for Luke since she was fifteen so why stop now. She said as she looked at the sky, "I was sure the night I came back that whatever me and Luke had was still there and stronger than ever. We didn't do anything, but it didn't mean we didn't want to. We were talking and getting to know each other again. Then, Lori shows up and all of a sudden feels the need to tell him she's had a crush on him........." Dixie bit her lip a little trying to get her emotions under control. "I'm the stupid one I guess. Figured Luke may take her for a roll in the hay, but that what we had was stronger than, .............. well, ......" She stopped that train of thought and started another, "So, then I decide to make him jealous with who but Ernie Ledbetter. I should have know they'd get into it! He-- , maybe I did know it! Just didn't see Lori thinking that Luke 'needed' resqued. It wouldn't have been the first time he spent the night in jail for a fight......"

Beth added, "And, likely won't be his last."

Dixie had to smile just a bit, "You're probaby right. So, her 'resque mission' now has them BOTH in jail for the next thirty days. How can I go talk to Luke about 'anything important' with her right there?" She was getting a bit louder as she voiced her frustrations.

Daisy had been on the porch for most of the conversation and asked, "I seem to remember someone writing him when he was in jail before."

Smiling, Dixie replied, "Yeah, I did...........That's an idea. Thanks Daisy!"

Daisy was glad to have cheer Dixie up a bit, "I'll write him a note tonight and leave the envelope open if you want to put yours in mine." Daisy knew Dixie may not want everyone to know she'd written him.

"Yeah! That could work really well." Dixie said.

Beth said, "I'll put a little something in there too. I know I won't get Bo to write anything."


At the garage LB and BB had watched Cooter work on a dented fender. Cooter had beat the dent out and continued to beat until he had to turn it over and beat out the dent he'd just put into it. This had happened three times since BB had gotten back from the jail.

LB asked, "Cooter I know you're disappointed that Lori won't be here with us this weekend and I can understand you being mad at her for getting arrested, but we all have here in Hazzard. It'd be different if she was arrested somewheres else. Ya, know it'd be serious. But, you've redented that fender three times. Cooter why are you so mad at Lori?"

Cooter looked at the fender in question. He hadn't realized he'd been beating it to death. "I ain't zackly mad at Loir, LB. I'm more mad at Luke."

Together LB and BB exclaimed, "Luke!"

BB asked, "Why are you mad at Luke? He tried to get her out of jail, right?"


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Cooter replied,"L.B, B.B, something happened between them two, something verrry serious thats caused Lori and Dixie to go at each other's throats and its Luke, now I aint one to take too kindly to NO man tearing y family apart.

L.b. and B.B nodded knowing what he meant.


Lori looked at the pplate of food and instantly puked everywhere. Her stomach hurt her like h---, but she wasn't going to tell them. She got her ponytail and Pulled her hair back to sleep in. She knew she couldtn sleep in a dress, specially with two men right there with her.

Luke looked over at Lori holding to her stomach." Lor, honey ya'll right?"

Lori nodded with a tear in her eye,"Im fine."

Lori coughed a few times..

Enos came back with a mop leaving the cell door open, Lori didnt tempt to move. Enos looked at Lori,"I can go and get you something else Miss Lori?

Lori shook her head,"No, Enos i'll be fine, really."

Lori laid down on the bunk staring at the floor intently. She rubbed her head, her cheeks turning rosey red. Enos walked out and went back up stairs. Luke looked back to Lori with a concerned look.

"Ya aint alright, darlin, yer getting sick."

Lori tried to pull the covers over here, it was too short to cover her legs though, "Im fine Luke really I am.

Luke .......


Dixie wrote Luke the letter and it had said,

dear Luke,

this is for your eyes only, please do not let Lori read this, Luke I still love you and I always have. I only went with Ernie to make you jealous and I think I pushed it a little too far. Im sorry Luke, Im sorry we even have these dumb reunions. None of this would've ever happened, if it hadn't been for me or Lori either one to come back. Luke, I just needed to tell you how I felt without my older cousin peeping over ym back all the time. guess Ill see ya around..



Dixie gave it to Daisy who had wrote him a letter as well and Daisy put it in the envelope sending it on its way........

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Cooter explained to LB and BB, Luke and Lori's appearance the morning after she broke Luke out of jail. Then added, "Fellas Luke had been drinking quiet a bit before getting arrested and you know what's in the hunting cabin."

They had both seen Luke when he had been fighting and arrested. If their was alcohol around they knew he'd likely continued to drink at the cabin.

LB suggested, "Maybe they just got drunk together."

Cooter looked at him hard and ...................

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Cooter looked at him hard and retorted,"Your just plain dumb L.B. you aint crazy,hes a male and shes a female they both gots ragin' hormoes and they were ALONE!!, and ya'll know yer lil cousins reputation round here."

B.B and L.b nodded not wanting to remeber the rumors spread about her.

"So, you think........t.they uh......"

Cooter nodded,"Yea I do, and have you ever known Luke to carry protection,least i havent, OR to turn down something like that specially whne hes drunk and trying to clear his mind??"

L.B and B.B swallowed,"Cooter, if he got our lil Lori in THAT particular situation.....

Cooter stopped him,"Yea, everyone will be high pissed at him BUT........ it was her fault too, she could stopped him at any moment, she'd been waiting fer that particular moment, h---, if it wasnt Luke, it couldve been anyone.


Luke looked at Lori and watched her, she was getting sick but wouldnt say nothing, If she continued on like this he'd tell Little himself, and get Doc here to check her out.

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Luke was keeping an eye on Lori. She had finally dozed off. With the heat of summer and way it had cooled down before dawn last night he hoped she wasn't coming down with 'walking pnemonia'. She seemed to be brething OK though and she hadn't coughed since right after the last time she got sick. Maybe it was just her nerves at being locked up. He still remembered his first night in jail after turning 18 for racing out by the lake.


Cooter thought more as he worked, "Ya'll know what's going to happen when Dixie finds out if I'm right? But, I sure ain't tellin' her!"

BB said, "Those two could hurt each other if they had a mind to. Remember they survived by learning to fight with all of us and the Duke boys." He realized maybe he shouldn't have mentioned the Duke boys right then as Cooter made another dent in the fender.

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Lori peeped one eye open to find Luke sund asleep on the cot, she woke up again a little nervous and a little scare at the same time. Little looked in at her,"Ya'll right there miss?"

Lori a little startled,"Yes. sir im fine thanks."


Cooter looked to B.B "son, Im gonna put adnet in yer fender if ya dont keep quiet, I go tall that food to prepare, and Lori and Dixe are both good chefs, I aint got neither one of em around to help me!!!" L.B looked,"Hey youve got us."

Cooter shook his head,"Lord help us if you get in the kitchen."


that next morning........

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The next morning Luke heard Rosco come downstairs carrying breakfast. Luke was still setting up on the cot where he'd finally fell asleep watching Lori sleep. Three nights with with next to NO sleep had caught up to him. Now he knew he'd pay for setting up on the hard steel bunk all night. He opened his eyes and said to Rosco, "Please tell me you have coffee with you."

Rosco giggled, "Yep sure do! What you don't like our first class accomodations?"

Luke groaned more at Rosco's attempt at humor than the pain in his back, "First Class, hah! Hey, don't wake her up just yet. She was sick for some reason last night.

Rosco looked concerned, "Really?"

Luke nodded, "Yeah. I'd know maybe it's just being here. Maybe it was where she was in the cool night air the other night. Not sure."

Lori never moved but said, "Maybe it's the noise!"

Luke gladly sipped his coffee and grinned at the remark.

Rosco relieved Sheriff Little for a few hours. He glared at Little as he locked the gate at the bottom of the steps on his way out. "Precaution!" Coltrane.


Dixie hadn't sleep well sinc being back in Hazzard. She was awake at the first smell of coffee. She slipped her jeans and tank top on and headed to the kitchen with the letter she'd wrote Luke. It was more of a note, but she hoped it would do.

Jesse was pouring coffee when she entered and automatically poured two.

"Mornin' Uncle Jesse." she offered taking the coffee, "Thanks. Uncle Jesse, ........."

Jesse knew when a Davenport called him Uncle there was usually trouble brewing.

Dixie continued, "With everything that went on with Luke and me years ago. How did he really feel about me"

Jesse smiled at the young lady he'd seen grow up in his house as much as hers. He looked down at her hand then reached across the table and picked up her left hand. "Dixie, I know this here ring. It's been in this family since I helped my brothre pick it out for Luke's Mother. Honey, he's never asked you for it back and he's never given another one to anyone else."

Tears were falling as she looked at Jesse. "I love him every bit as much today as I did then, but there has been so much muddy water. I think my dad is still mad over all that!"

"You are his daughter, you were sixiteen. I know Luke didn't know that and you didn't know the laws, but Honey, how would you feel getting called to the courthouse to pick up your sixteen year old daughter who was caught in the back seat of the General Lee with Luke?" Jesse didn't mince words.

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Lori woke up again, sick to her stomach and vomitted everywhere again. Rosco looked over there and went to get the mop.

Luke looked to her,"Lori, honey ya aint alright, thats the second time you've doen that!"

tears fell from Lori's eyes as she continued Rosco getting sicker by the minute. Luke began to wonder a bit now. "Uhh Rosco, I think you bes call Doc and get him over here to check her out."

Lori shot Luke a look,"No... Im fine Luke,really just cold and a little upset to the stomach's all.


Dixie shook her head,"Gues I wouldn't be too thrilled myself Uncle Jesse, Hey im gonna get daisy and beth and go to the garage sos i can talk to cooter alright?

Uncle Jesse nodded..........

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Luke reached through the bars and felt Lori's head. "Rosco she's chillin' and has a bit of fever." He reached his blanket to her through the bars.

"Thanks." Lori said covering up with both blankets. "Rosco, I'll be OK. If I'm running a fever, I'll cover up, get really warm, the fever will break and I'll feel better." She hated the chills she got when she ran a fever. I usually get strep throat twice a year when the seasons change. This time is just a little early or late since it's still summer."

Luke never got sick but if he did it was also with strep so her assessment of the situation was close to what he'd often done. He felt better thinking that it could be strep rather than pnemonia. "Maybe some more sleep wouldn't hurt either. The last four nights has been a little rough." The first they had agrued with Dixie, the next they'd stayed at the cabin, the last two she'd been in jail.


Dixie drove to the garage to see Cooter. As she drove she tried to decide if she'd go see Luke this afternoon, which meant she'd have to see Lori. Visiting hours were only from 1-3 ever other day. So she'd either have to go today or wait until day after tomorrow. "Cooter?" she called as she entered the garage not seeing anyone.

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Lori went over to thebed and laid down on th ebunk, falling asleep. Luke watched her, sippping hid coffee, he knew itd be along day.


Cooter jolted up, "Dix? that you?

L.B. AND B.B looked to her,"Dixie!!! little cousin!!! howa re ya!!!!

Dixie looked to he two surprised to see them."Howdy fellas!!"

"Look we heard bout Lori and well......"

Dixie:ehh lets not ruin the day fellas.

B.B"ya alright cousin??

Dixie sighing:Im fine!

Dixie"Look Cooter im going to the jail to give this note to Luke, any of ya'll wanna come. The cousins shook their headm Cooter paind no mind to it.


Dixie walked down and spoke:Luke?

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Dixie handed the note from 'Daisy' to Sheriff Little to give to Luke.

Luke was glad to see Dixie and even gladder that Lori was asleep. He smiled as she walked over taking the seat Little had given her. He had purposely placed it about four feet from the bars. "Hey, Dixie." he said quietly. He hoped not to wake Lori. "What's with the envelope for Little?"

Dixie replied, "A note from Daisy. Guess he'll give it to ya after I leave. What's with Lori asleep in the middle of the day?"

Luke replied, "She hasn't felt to well. Thinks she might be coming down with strep throat." he signed, "As if it's not enjoyable enough here being sick on top of it would be a pain in the, ....... well you know." He noticed something that he hadn't since she had been back in town. He looked at her hand and saw the ring he'd given her years ago." The problem was he remember the talk he had with her right here in the same room. It was after her father had refused to let her marry Luke then. Luke had given Jesse specific instructions to get the ring and give it to Dixie. He told her that the ring and everything it stood for went with it and one day she'd look up to find him on her doorstep. This had been when Luther Davenport, her father, was wanting the law to throw the book at Luke for being with his 16 YO daughter when he was over 20. The Judge refused to set bond for until it went to court for Luke's safety from her father and Cooter. Luke said in a soft tone, "Still wearing that?"

Dixie looked at him in surprise, "You know you're the second Duke today to notice that. There's not a day that I haven't worn it since you had Jesse give it to me. I do wear it on a chain sometimes, but I wear it." She had tears in her eyes, "Kinda strange you notice it HERE, like THIS."

"Ironic as he--, ain't it?" Luke said. He was kicking himself really hard right in the tail for the other night and all those like it since he'd given he that ring.

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Lori peeped through the covers at Dixie, she knew shed arrive sometime she wasnt prepared fer it to be soo sudden though. Lori turned over away from them. She had forgotten bout the ring and never though about it. Lori had wanted soo much for Luke to like her, she knew itd never worked out between them though, ti was going to be a loooong cruel 29 days now. Sh ecould hear them through the thin covers and squeezed her eyes shut, from the tears that were falling like raindrops.


Cooter kept an eye on the jailhouse.

L.B."Ya know cousin, keep on starin and youll burn down the jailhouse with that look on yer face."

Cooter grunted at him, he didnt know what would happen now, H eonly hoped Lori wouldnt start, Dixie neither fer that fact.

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Cooter could just see them getting into it at the jail. he knew Little was back on duty. So help him if he got a call saying they'd locked Dixie up too he'd strangle them both.


"Luke I'm sorry about you and Ernie getting into it, which started this whole mess." Dixie said.

"Dixie ya know that it doesn't take much of anything to get Ernie and me into a fight." Luke said honestly.

Dixie knew he was right, "I know, but feel like this was my fault."

Sheriff Little spoke up from behind them, "Ok, folks, time is about up."

Dixie stood up, "Alright. Well, Luke I got to get. Cooter is acting strange. I got to go see what's up with him."

Luke said, "Ok. Hey, go easy on Cooter." Luke paused, "He's planned this get together for a long while." Luke was thinking totally different. He was thinking about the look on Cooter's face the other morning.

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Dixie smiled and Nodded. she headed back up looking down. Luke smiled at her, H ewas surprised to see that Dixie still wore the ring. Luke looked to Little who handed him the note, as Luke read it, he looked out the window to see Dixie pulling away. Luke rolled his eyes,"Ya can get up now Lori, shes gone.

Lori never moved she laid there ignoring Luke.

Luke looked to Lori,"Lori??


Cooter saw Dixie come back, "OHH thank goodness you didnt get yerself thrown in there."

Dixie humphed him and looked back to the jailhouse.

L.B. And B.B looked to Cooter, "We'll stay here at the garage ya'll go make the food, every'one'll be floodin in soon and askin question, specially uncle luther.

Cooter groaned at the sound of Luthers name, He wasnt ready to talk to his father just yet.

Cooter looked to Dixie,"C'mon cousin, come home and help me prepare."

Dixie sighed,"Alrighty then I will."

they pulled out and sped away going to their farm.


Back in the jailhouse Lori still hadn't answered Luke back.

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Once they were at Cooter's Dixie asked, "Cooter is something wrong? I know ya wanted us all to be together but you know how Lori is. She's always go to do her own thing at the wrong time."



Luke wasn't having any better luck getting through to Lori, "Lori, I know you are awake. I also know you are sick so if you don't answer me I'm going to think it's because you're sick and I'll have Little get Doc over here. So it's talk to me or the doctor."

Lori hated doctors on good days and this wasn't a good day. She felt like the fever had broken but still felt lousy. She didn't want to see the doctor or talk to Luke but talking to Luke may be the lesser of the two evils. She turned over and said hoarsely, "Ok, what?"

Luke could see she had been or was about to cry. Jumping to the conclussion that it was because she was sick. "Hey, what wrong? Are you crying cause your sick?"

Lori closed her eyes and thought, 'Men!', but said quietly, "No, Luke I'm not crying cause I'm sick. I actually feel better. I think the fever is gone."

Luke saw the 'change the subject act'. "Lori tell me why then? Is it Dixie's being here?"

Lori shook her head 'no', but didn't speak. She had a knot in her throat and didn't think she could without breaking down into a full cry.

Seeing the tears now threatening to fall, Luke thought back to his conversation with Dixie. He thought, 'The ring. That damned ring!' He was thankful that only a few people (most of who likely forgot it) knew of the conversation between him and Dixie when Jesse had given it to her. Part of his agreement to leave Hazzard and go into the Marines had been to get to talk to Dixie before hand. The conversation had indeed taken place with him locked in the same cell. Lori wasn't around much in those days but he wasn't sure how much she knew about what had happened, so he wasn't sure what was a safe topic. "You heard the whole conversation. I'm sorry. I didn't know that she............."

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Cooter snapped at Dixie,"Now ive bout had enough of this fuedin; goin on between ya'll!!!! Its tearing this family apart day by day, my lord Dixie, you make mistakes too, Lori aint the only one here who does. Dixie..........


Didnt know what Luke hmm?!," Lori said interrupting him,"I dont wanna talk about it no more, Im tired and i feel bad, You had the nerve to............never mind forget it, It aint important now. I was soo stupid........

Lori let a couple tears fall and turned to look to luke who had his head in his hands.

Lori shook her head and turned over covering up her face with the cover,"humpph!" She said layign back down, keeping her ears open.

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Luke almost thought it was a low blow Dixie wearing the ring for him to notice, but he had to remember the night she arrived in town he had led her to belief he was willing to see if they still had the same feelings for each other. He-- he thought he did have those feelings for her then Lori showed up. He had let himself be with her without thinking it through. He figured she thinks he had used her. Had he? Probably. He could still picture himself marrying Dixie. He'd lived with those pictures in his mind now for years. Could he truely see himself marry Lori? Sure she had been great. Sure they had fun, but marry Lori? Those thoughts had never entered his mind before. He couldn't form the pictures. Wait just a Da--- minute, he reminded himself, Who said I was marrying anybody? I ain't ready to marry anybody. Lord knows if I can't control myself in situations like the other night I sure ain't ready ta get married.

Sheriff Little interupted his thoughts, "Here's that not for ya."

Luke took the envlope and opened it. He pulled out the first piece of paper from Daisy:


I don't know what you're gonna do about Lori and Dixie. I know finding out Lori likes ya can be flattering, but Sugar, trust me Dixie is still very much in love with you. Either way someone's gonna get hurt, cousin do what's right for you.



Then he opened the second piece of paper from Beth:


You know I can't get Bo to write his name let alone you a letter. Just wanted ya to know we're thinking about you and miss you. Bo's acting weird since he saw you the morning after Loi got you out of jail. Is something wrong between you two?

I think we have a love sick Davenport on our hands tonight. Think she'd almost be willing to do that thirty days for Lori.


Then he saw another piece of paper,

Dear Luke,

This is for your eyes only, please do not let Lori read this, Luke I still love you and I always have. I only went with Ernie to make you jealous and I think I pushed it a little too far. Im sorry Luke, Im sorry we even have these dumb reunions. None of this would've ever happened, if it hadn't been for me or Lori either one to come back. Luke, I just needed to tell you how I felt without my older cousin peeping over ym back all the time. guess Ill see ya around..



Luke swore, "Da-- it" and wondered now what do I do? I'd love to talk to Jesse right now or even Bo but he knew Lori would hear his every word.

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Lori got up and stretched,"How you expect someone to sleep, when she can hear every curse word you have to say?!" Lori snapped at Luke without even thinking, "Ya know something Luke, you were right, I was too love blinded to see it though, you are a dog. I never thought Id ever say that about you, but I realized, you used me, I thought I knew you better than that, He-- Luke, Ive wanted to d that fer years and since I did, I regret it now. Lori saw red and slammed her fist up side the walls kicking the bar doors.

Little looked to her,"Keep it down will you."

Lori grumbled in under her breath,"Why dotn you keep yer mouth shut!"

Lori went and set back down on the bed, she coughed throwing her hands in the air,"GREAT!!!!! STUCK IN HERE NOW AND SICK!!! BOY MY LIFE KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER DOESNT IT!!!!

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Dixie knew Cooter was right, "I don't want to fued with her. I don't want Luke to come between us, that's why I backed off to give her a chance to see that he loves me and that way I'll know for sure that he does."

Dixie had told Cooter that Lori wasn't feeling well when she had been there. "Just work it out without hurting each other, huh, sis? I'm gonna run down and see her a second before visiting is over and I'll get a couple things from the store." He said as he walked out the door.


Luke looked up in surprise at Lori's outburst. When she that he was right and was a dog, Luke almost laughed. He didn't figure it was in his best interest to do so and hoped he hid it, but the way she said it, it had struck him a funny. Yeah, he'd been in the Marines and the Smokejumpers too long. He had a strange sence of humor. But, she had managed to say to him exactly what he was thinking. He gave Little a 'you wouldn't understand' look when Little had wondered what was Lori's problem. After giving Lori a few minutes to calm down he turned on the bunk to face her and said, "I didn't use you. I can see you thinking that, but I really wanted to be with you......"

Lori shot back rather loudly, "You wanted a piece of a----!"

Luke put his head in his hand, closed his eyes, took in a deep breath before trying to reason with her. That was going to be hard to do because in hind site she was absolutely right, "Yeah, ...... I did........" Luke behind him as he heard footsteps.

It was then that Cooter made his way down the steps, he had heard Lori's comment and

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Lori's mouth dropped 10 inches to the ground as she saw cooter running down the stairs,"holy s---!!!!!!!" Lori looked to Cooter and stood in the far back of the cell avoiding him.

Cooter:YOU WANTED WHAT LUKAS?!!!!!!!!"


Cooter was trying so hard to kill Luke at this momnet funny thing, he couldnt reach him. Cooter looked at Luke and said,"You wait, boy your times comin, you get outta this cell and so help me god youll want right back in!!!!"


Lori looked down at the ground and then back to Cooter and replied firmly,"No sir Im not."

Cooter replied:sure have a funny way of showing it then cousin!" ya'll take care now.

cooter walked out and back up slamming his door.

Lori looked to Luke......

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Cooter slammed the truck door. He had only been THAT mad once before. The thought came to him of when. It was when his FRIEND Luke was caught with HIS 16 year old SISTER!!! Now, that he could FINALLY make something with HER he sleeps with HIS COUSIN!! He beat his hands on the streering wheel in frustration!


Sheriff Little saw the whole thing, though he had no idea of Luke and Dixie's past history or what had happened with Lori. He was about to put Cooter on the road when he had left.


Luke let out a long, low whistle, "I've only seen him THAT mad before -- and it was at me then too!"

Little looked at him, "I don't think he's the type you want mad at ya Duke."

"He ain't at that! Trust me on that." Luke replied.

Lori looked at them both, "Yeah, but I got to live with him and he ain't a bit happy with me either."

For the moment Luke and Lori's discussion was forgotten, well maybe not forgotten just put on hold.

It was then that work boots boomed down the stairs again. Cooter had come back, "Luke Duke I only remember being this mad once before," he paused, "IT WAS WHEN MY SIXTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER WAS CAUGHT WITH YOU IN THE BACKSEAT OF THE GENERAL LEE!!!!! AND THE TROOPERS WERE DA-- SURE WHAT YOU TWO WERE DOING!!!! What are you trying to do make it with all my family? I thought we were friends! NO we WERE more than friends WE WERE FAMILY!!! Let me tell you one thing Luke your stay in the Marines was long enough for me to calm down. You better plan to re-up if you don't want to deal with me!"

He turned to Lori, "I came to tell ya something, but it may just interest Luke more. MY DAD called he is coming in this week after all. He'll love THIS! Luke he wanted to kill you last time, Jesse talked him into letting you agree to go into the Marines. I won't give you that chance. I can't wait til your little vacation here is up. I'll be waiting!!! Then I might be back in here for Murder!" He turned to leave.

Big Ed Little had moved in behind Cooter and was waiting. As Cooter turned around, he promptly placed the cuffs on Cooter. "That's a threat son and ou've disturbed my peace one time too many today!" Little took him upstairs to the cell.

He could be heard by Luke and Lori, "See Luke what happens when you push people too far? I'll get even with you!"

Luke looked at Lori, "Sh---!!!!"

Lori was still standing aginst the back wall.

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