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Hello all

Boss Hogg 2

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(looks at ticket, grins and talks to the sheriff over the CB)

Hey Sheriff, I dont' suppose you'd like to write another one of them tickets for litterin', would ya? If I was to tell you who littered, would you let me off the hook for this ticket?

(looks at Lori and grins)

That is for gettin' me a ticket!

General Grant

*Picks up his CB and responds* I might be able to do this. In fact I think I will. So who is our little ticket ripper, upper?

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*climbs in midnight rider pulling out, picking up the CB*

Now, unless you'd like for me and my cousin to get you out of the ditch...again... I suggest you let a sleeping dog lie.

I ain't going in no ditch! No matter what I got a copy of tickets I write and if the fine isn't payed, you go to jail. I ain't got time to tail chase you, so im gone!

*Puts his CB away and changes the channel to Boss's*

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