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Luke's funniest quotes

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A lot of Luke's funny quotes are him making fun of Bo. It was rarely the other way around. Here's another one. It's from "Treasure of Hazzard"

After Bo had just rescued a girl from being eaten by an alligator he asked her if she was alright and she responded that she'd never been so scared in her life.

To that, Luke responded to her "I don't blame ya, after that cute little critter in the water it must have been plumb frightening to run into Bo here."

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I love in "The Ghost of General Lee" when the drifters stole the General and the boys clothes. As they are leaving Becky Mae's house, whose mom had just run them off. This is my favorite:

Luke: A man ain't truly been insulted till he's stood buck naked infront of a woman and she didn't even notice.

Bo: (disbelievingly): Nor care.

I laugh every time!

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I just got done watching "Duke of Duke".

At the beginning of the episode Bo decides to race the new feller in town.

That new feller is an imposter named Roger Blevins pretending to be Duke Gaylord Duke.

(just my luck, the only Roger to ever be on the show is a bad guy)

Anyway, Bo was shocked when Roger's little imported car pulled away from the General like it was standing still. Bo's reaction was "I sure hope we don't run into him at the race Sunday."

Luke responded "Ya can't hardy run into what ya can't catch."


Of course at the end of the episode when Daisy was driving the General Lee she easily caught that little car. Either Roger was having car trouble or Daisy's a better driver than her cousin!

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Luke: Personally, I'd like to win that race on Saturday, so A. we need that Richard Petty car to B. get the parts to C. rebuild the General so he can D. and E. enter and win... F.... [points at Bo]...am I gettin' through to you?


Jesse: You boys got any idea on how we’re gonna get outta this mess?

Luke: The only way I can see is do a little square dancing. I’ll do the calling.

(Bo gives him a puzzled look)

Jesse: Square Dancing?

Luke: Hold your partner close and tight, Do-si-do with all your might.

(Bo and Jesse laugh)

Jesse: And I’ll swing left, you swing right.

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