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  1. I'd like to go to the DukesFest. I hope I make it.
  2. BoDuke'sGirl


    Which episode was this picture from? I don't remember
  3. There could be a car called the "Mason" just like the "Dixie", get i? Like Mason-Dixon
  4. I love Bo mostly in his sky blue t-shirt, he looks so good in it!
  5. I like the girl in "Diamonds In The Rough" Linda Hart. I noticed that when she was at the Boar's Nest and her and Daisy met, then she told her that her name was "Della Dawn" and lied, her name was Lisa. she was so pretty, but evil. And also there was the girl played by Simone Griffith who was a villian, in one episode. I don't know which one.
  6. I like when he thinks Luke is Enos in that one vehicle in "Route 7-11. Roscoe:"Enos, would you quit making those weird sounds and talk regular english?"
  7. I hope I can make it to the Dukesfest. I'll see what my mom and I can do. I live in Michigan and it's far from the place it's going to be
  8. I like this one. especially with his light blue shirt
  9. I like alot of the 70's music and early 80's
  10. But I like that brown coat that Bo wore. It was nice on him
  11. I kind of remember that episode. Wasn't the baby's name Jamie? It was a little boy right?
  12. Anoer catch phrase from him: Alllllright you! I'll cuff you and stuff you! kew kew kew kew!
  13. the one that Bo wore in the "On Armed Bandits" episode
  14. It said this somewhere, That John Schneider was filming "Dream House" when "Baa Baa White Sheep" was on. That's why he wasn't on there.
  15. A girl named Courtney drives her truck (bright yellow colored)and travels around and comes through Hazzard county to live. She goes right to the Boar's Nest to sit and relax, has a beer. And Bo & Luke are there, they get a beer too. They sit right down at the same table Courtney's sitting at. She says Hi:)!" then Luke says "Hi I'm Luke and this is my cousin Bo" Courtney: "Hi I'm Courtney" Bo: " Hi! nice to meet you ma'm *Bo Smiles*" *Courtney smiles back at him* says "It's nice to meet you too" Bo:Weren't you the lady who was driving the yellow truck down the road?" Courtney: "Yep I am. Do you like fast cars?" Bo: Well yeah m'aam I do!" Courtney: "Cool!" Hey, Didn't we used to go to Hazzard High together?! Bo:Oh yeah! We did! Nice to see you again, Courtney! Courtney: Nice to see you again too! She talks to them for a while & then she rides in the General Lee with them. They head to the Hazzard county farm and indroduce her to Uncle Jesse & Daisy Bo: Hi Uncle Jesse, I want you to meet this pretty girl, Courtney" Uncle Jesse: "Well howdy, Courtney! It's a pleasure to meet a beautiful gal like you" Courtney: "Hi nice to meet you too." Then they show Courtney around town of Hazzard. They walk around town, Bo walks next to her and they talk. Courtney says: Hazzard is a cool town!
  16. I agree. I liked him in that sky blue short sleeved shirt! It looked good on him!
  17. I have alot of John Schneider photo, some are autographed & a Bo Duke doll. And the General Lee, it's on a little stand
  18. I could be Daisy. I kind of look like her. If I were Roscoe, I could be the female version of him, named "Rosalyn P. Coltrane!
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